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RFA Fort Grange entering Sydney, NSW, Australia 2 October 1986 © Kingsley Barr


Lower image RFA Fort Grange during the Falklands War © Brian Bilverstone



Subsequent name:                                Fort Rosalie

Official Number:                                    377648

Class:                                                  FORT CLASS Ammunition, Food, Explosive Stores Ship

Pennant No:                                         A385

Laid down:                                           9 November 1973
Builder:                                                Scott's SB, Greenock
Launched:                                            9 December 1976
Into Service:                                         6 April 1978
Out of service:


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  An order for two new Fleet Replenishment Ships was announced in November 1971 and the ships in this Class provided up to date replenishment facilities for both ammunition and general naval and victual ling stores. Both were fitted with extensive aviation facilities with a single spot flight deck and full hangar facilities. The roof of the hangar was also strengthened for use as an emergency landing spot which enabled them to operate up to four Sea King helicopters



November 1971 ordered

9 November 1973 laid down as AEFS 03

9 December 1976 launched by Scotts Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Cartsburn Yard, Greenock as Yard Nr: 737 named FORT GRANGE. The Lady Sponsor was Mrs E.M. Glue, wife of Mr G.T. Glue, DGST (N). Named after a Palmerston fort which is currently with the grounds of HMS SULTAN, Gosport, Hampshire

6 April 1978 completed and accepted into service. Was provided with the first Sea King Flight of 706 Squadron NAS to be permanently embarked aboard an RFA

15 April 1978 first arrival at Plymouth

17 June 1978 off Port Everglades received three Sea King Helicopters from HMS ARK ROYAL to assist with flying trials

7 August 1978 at Greenock

15 September 1978 at Greenock

16 July 1979 to October 1979 along with RFA BACCHUS(3) she supported Operation Culex which was conducted following an influx of illegal immigrants in Hong Kong and delivered one Sea King helicopter

7 October 1979 her Ship’s Badge was officially presented to her

16 December 1979 at Plymouth

17 January 1980 along with RFA GREY ROVER she was part of the RN Task Force which was sent to the Mediterranean to co-operate with the USN due to the Iranian crisis

15 March 1980 at Istanbul

10 April 1980 at Plymouth

19 May 1980 at Southampton

22 July 1980 at Southampton

31 August 1980 berthed at Devonport

5 October 1980 at Portland Dockyard

3 March 1981 at Plymouth

8 December 1981 at Plymouth

1 April 1982 at North Shields in refit

21 April 1982 Captain D Avrill CBE RFA appointed in command

23 April 1982 floated out of dry dock

25 April 1982 suffered a fire in the engine room during the refit - extinguished with the assistance of the local civil fire brigade

28 April 1982 suffered a second fire in the engine room - extinguished with the assistance of the local civil fire brigade

2 May 1982 sailed the River Tyne to Plymouth

4 May 1982 berthed at No 1 berth, Devonport loading AVCAT

7 May 1982 NAV Thorsk secured alongside

8 May 1982 NAV Thorsk cleared away

9 May 1982 sailed Devonport for Glen Douglas

10 May 1982 arrived at Glen Douglas and berthed on Glen Mallen Jetty to load cargo

14 May 1982 sailed Glen Doulas for service during Operation Corporate- the Falklands Conflict - with 824 NAS C Flight embarked - 3 x Sea King HAS2 helicopters

22 May 1982 arrived Ascension Island

24 May 1982 sailed Ascension Island

25 May 1982 while on passage from Ascension to the TEZ (Total Exclusion Zone) ship stopped from 1815 to 1826 for main engine repairs

26 May 1982 main engine stopped again for further repairs between 1859 and 1929 - entered the TEZ (Total Exclusion Zone) around the Falkland Islands

31 May 1982 attacked by an Argentinian C-130 on its way to join the Carrier Battle Group

3 June 1982 joined the Carrier Battle Group to relieve RFA FORT AUSTIN

5 June 1982 commenced transferring stores from RFA FORT AUSTIN

6 June 1982 completed transfer of stores

9 June 1982 arrived San Carlos anchorage along with the ferry NORDIC FERRY

17 June 1982 in San Carlos Water with RFA SIR PERCIVALE berthed alongside transfering stores

18 June 1982 in San Carlos Water with RFA BLUE ROVER berthed alongside supplying 300 tons of fuel oil

19 June 1982 sailed San Carlos to Port Fitzroy

23 June 1982 anchored in San Carlos water with RFA RESOURCE moored alongside

24 June 1982 tug Irishman secured alongside. RFA RESOURCE cast off 

30 June 1982 Quartermaster William Frazer discharged dead - he suffered from an accute myocardial infraction. He was buried at sea at 52.02.6S 54.18.6W

3 July 1982 RASed (Vertrep) with HMS BRISTOL

11 July 1982 the ships crash boat capsized throwing the 6 members of the crew into the sea. They were recovered

28 July 1982 Captain Barry H Rutterford RFA appointed as Master

Barry Rutterford

Captain Barry H Rutterford RFA

31 July 1982 RASed (Vertrep) with HMS BRISTOL

23 August 1982 at San Carlos Water alongside RFA REGENT

3 October 1982 arrived back U.K. on completion of Operation Corporate duties

11 April 1983 off the Falkland Islands with HMS ACTIVE and HMS CARDIFF

15 April 1983 at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

9 May 1983 at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

25 July 1983 at Newcastle on Tyne

1 September 1983 Captain Rex A Cooper RFA appointed as Master. The ship was still at Newcastle on Tyne

7 October 1983 at Plymouth

11 April 1985 was presented with her Falkland Islands 1982 Battle Honour at Plymouth by Captain C.G. Butterworth CMS

16 April 1984 at Plymouth

12 May 1984 at Plymouth

7 July 1985 at Plymouth

21 October 1985 on the River Tyne

16 December 1985 on the River Tyne

23 February 1986 at Glen Mallen

14 April 1986 sailed Portsmouth as part of Task Group 318.4 - the Global 86 Deployment led by the carrier HMS ILLUSTRIOUS - along with RFA’s BAYLEAF(3) and OLMEDA

18 July 1986 at anchor in Hong Kong

4 October 1986 TG 318.4 participated in the Australian Fleet Review in Sydney

16 December 1986 at Plymouth

15 January 1987 at Glen Douglas

16 April 1987 at Portland

20 September 1987 at Plymouth

13 June 1988 sailed Portsmouth as part of Task Group 318.1 - the Outback 88 Deployment led by the carrier HMS ARK ROYAL - along with RFA’s ORANGELEAF (3) and OLWEN (2)

6 August 1990 at Plymouth

8 August 1990 decision taken to deploy her, along with RFA’s OLNA (3) and DILIGENCE to the Gulf following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

17 August 1990 at Plymouth

22 August 1990 sailed Devonport for service during Operation Granby - the Gulf War - with 2 x Sea King helicopters from 846 NAS embarked

24 August 1990 along with RFA OLNA(3) she r/v off Gibraltar with HNMS’s WITTE DE WITH and PIETER FLORIS

9 September 1990 arrived in the Gulf Area

2 October 1990 berthed at Dubai

2 January 1991 berthed at Jebel Ali

11 April 1991 official Cease Fire comes into force

13 April 1991 berthed at Jebel Ali

1991 was awarded the Kuwait 1991 Battle Honour,along with 10 other RFA’s

23 April 1991 to 3 June 1991 Humanitarian relief - was in Operation Manna - the relief operations in Bangladesh following major damage and flooding in the wake of a cyclone

28 June 1991 Chief Petty Officer (Deck) Michael Caley awarded the British Empire Medal (Military Division) details in the London Gazette of this date on page 30

BEM Military

24 November 1991 at Devonport

23 April 1992 was at RNAD Crombie, River Forth

3 November 1992 Captain (E) Edward M Quigley RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

24 April 1994 start of Operation Grapple at Split and she was based there to act as an accommodation and storage ship for food and ammunition for the British Forces operating in Croatia

12 December 1994 was relieved at Split by RFA RESOURCE

6 July 1996 Captain David Gerrard RFA appointed as Commanding Officer



Captain David Gerrard RFA


14 December 1996 berthed at Malaga, Spain

5 April 1997 again arrived Split, Croatia

14 April 1997 replaced RFA RESOURCE on Operation Grapple duties

9 June 1998 Captain (E) E M Quigley RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

October 1998 Captain Steven Hodgson RFA in command

6 October 1998 at Split

14 February 1999 while berthed alongside at Split, Croatia Staff Sergeant Jacqueline O'Rourke and Petty Officer John Walker were married

April 1999 Captain Jeremy R J Carew OBE RFA in command

17 April 1999 at Split

December 1999 Captain John Stones RFA in command

14 December 1999 at Split

6 January 2000 sailed Split for the UK on the termination of Operation Grapple duties there

1 June 2000 renamed Fort Rosalie (2) to obviate confusion with RFA FORT GEORGE during a refit period on the Tyne

Fort Rosalie 2 Ships Bell2

11 June 2000 undocked from Camel Lairds, Tyneside

FROS2 11 6 2000 CamLaid

14 June 2000 sailed from the Tyne after official renaming

20 June 2000 arrived Gibraltar to act as an accommodation ship for the crew of the submarine  HMS/m TIRELESS during the submarine’s lengthy repairs





6 October 2000 berthed at Gibraltar

10 November 2000 at Gibraltar and Captain Pat Thompson OBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

24 November 2000 berthed at Gibraltar

30 March 2001 to 30 April 2001 berthed at Gibraltar

7 May 2001 sailed Gibraltar after supporting HMS/m Tireless

10 July 2001 berthed at Glen Mallan - Captain David Pitt RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Captain David Pitt

Captain David Pitt RFA

3 September 2001 sailed on the Argonaut 2001 deployment together with HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, fourteen other Royal Naval Warships and RFA's FORT VICTORIA, BAYLEAF (3), SIR TRISTRAM, SIR BEDIVERE, SIR PERCIVALE, SIR GALAHAD (2), FORT AUSTIN, OAKLEAF (2) and DILIGENCE

25 Novermber 2001 VERTREP with RFA FORT VICTORIA

29 November 2001 Captain (E) E M Quigley RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

20 April 2002 to 24 April 2002 berthed at Malaga, Spain

2 September 2002 to 5 September 2002 berthed at Cadiz, Spain

24 October 2002 in refit at Hebburn on Tyne, Captain Pat Thompson OBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

15 January 2003 sailed UK for service during Operation Telic - the 2nd Gulf War - along with 13 other RFA’s

9 February 2003 to 28 May 2003 deployed on Operation Telic

28 May 2003 arrived Plymouth Sound on completion of Operation Telic duties

1 September 2004 with RFA Sir Bedivere berthed at Tema Harbour, Accra, Ghana to off load supporting logistics and supplies for a bilateral military training exercise. The six-week exercise code-named "Ex-Western Rhumba 2004" is a joint military exercise aimed at practicing tactics, techniques and procedures required to operate in the jungle

9 November 2004 Temporary Acting Captain (X) Paul B Minter RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Capt Paul Minter

Captain (X) Paul Minter RFA

12 January 2005 arrived Loch striven and later sailed to anchor off Tail of Bank

16 January 2005 returned to Loch Striven from Tail of Bank

4 March 2005 berthed at Gibraltar

27 May 2005 sailed Gibraltar

31 May 2005 anchored off the Isle of Arran

August 2005 at Rosyth

26 August 2006 at Devonport

5 September 2006 arrived Marchwood

3 October 2006 berthed at Norfolk Naval Base, VA

15 October 2006 arrived Marchwood from Norfolk, VA with a 20ft replica of Discovery aboard

20 October 2006 at Devonport

23 October 2006 sailed Devonport

24 October 2006 arrived Portsmouth

14 November 2006 sailed Portsmouth

20 November 2006 commenced FOST work-up

1 December 2006 in Plymouth Sound

5 December 2006 anchored in Falmouth Bay

9 December 2006 berthed at Portland

11 December 2006 arrived at Devonport

15 December 2006 the Commodore in Chief HRH the Earl of Wessex visit the ship at Portland

17 February 2007 at Loch Striven

27 March 2007 was granted the Freedom of the Borough of Tarnworth

5 April 2007 at the Clyde Area

6 April 2007 anchored in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man

May 2007 on Operation Carina 07 Deployment to the Baltic with RFA's LYME BAY and MOUNTS BAY

June 2007 following a collision between an Italian freighter and a French yacht off Finistere at the request of the French coastguards assisted the Italian freighter by keeping other vessels away from her as she made her way to Southampton in a damaged condition and in heavy weather

14 June 2007 paid a brief visit to Falmouth Bay

5 August 2007 at Brest, France

21 September 2007 in Exercise Grey Heron which commenced off Browndown, Solent along with RFA's LYME BAY and MOUNTS BAY

27 September 2007 sailed from the Solent to Weymouth Bay anchorage

5 December 2007 at DM, Crombie, River Forth

January 2008 arrived Birkenhead for a lengthy refit

19 July 2008 suffered a fire while undergoing refit at Birkenhead

8 January 2009 ship visited by the Defence Secretary John Hutton as she was coming to the end of a refit at Birkenhead

10 January 2009 towed from Birkenhead No: 7 dock to an alongside berth at Birkenhead

April 2009 at Devonport with FOST

20 June 2009 to 25 June 2009 together with RFA MOUNTS BAY, HMS's WESTMINSTER and LANCASTER together with INS Delhi, INS Brahmaputra and the Indian Navy replenshipment ship INS Aditya enaged in Exercise KONKAN in the English Channel

29 June 2009 at Glen Mallen

14 July 2009 visited Cherbourg, France for a port visit

29 July 2009 anchored off Pothoustock, Cornwall after being engaged in exercises in Falmouth Bay

12 October 2009 sailed from Portland. RASed with RFA Wave Ruler (2)

27 January 2010 while at sea off Portsmouth Sergeant Andrew Pearson, Royal Marines fell while attempting to board the ship from a RIB and died from a combination of having his breathing restricted, falling from a height and drowning. An inquest touching on the cause of his death was held at Portsmouth on the 23 August 2011 where a verdict of 'accidental death' was returned by the jury.

19 -23 March 2010 paid an informal visit to Den Helder

5 May 2010 Temporary Acting Captain Vernon Ramsey-Smith RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Capt Vernon Ramsey Smith

Captain Vernon Ramsey-Smith RFA

16 June 2010 members of the ships company attended a ceremony at the Commonwealth Cemetery at La Boule, France

17 June 2010 Commanding Officer and a party made up from all sections of the ships company attended the commemorative service at the Lancastria memorial on the sea front in St. Nazaire, where wreaths were laid by the Commanding Officer Captain Vernon Ramsey-Smith for the RFA and by 2/O Ian Gill for the Royal Navy, alongside those of the various Lancastria associations, families and affiliates.

3 September 2010 berthed at Greenock

4 September 2010 ship open to the public between 10am and 4pm at the Clydeport GOT Terminal with 3000+ visitors

5 September 2010 sailed Greenock

19 February 2011 in Plymouth Sound

8 June 2011 off Cyprus loaded an Apache helicopter and ferried it to HMS OCEAN off Libya

10 August 2011 entered Grand Harbour, Malta and berthed alongside Dock No 2 at French Creek

24 October 2011 anchored off Kirkcaldy, Scotland

27 November 2011 entered Plymouth Sound and moored to C Bouy

28 November 2011 sailed Plymouth Sound to sea returned later the same day

20 January 2012 berthed at Grenada to provide support to the seventh UK-Caribbean Ministerial Forum

15 February 2012 at Guntanamo Bay to refuel loading 246,000 gallons

23 February 2012 and 24 February 2012 at Bridgetown, Barbados the Prince and Princess Edward, Earl and Countess of Wessex made a formal visit to the Island from the ship

28 February 2012 at Port of Spain Trinidad the Prince and Princess Edward, Earl and Countess of Wessex made a formal visit to the Islands from the ship

20 April 2012 berthed at Road Town, British Virgin Islands

13 June 2012 berthed at Havana, Cuba to strengthen counter-narcotics collaboration work between UK and Cuban authorities. The visit coincided with Cuba's British culture week and the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Havana when British forces laid siege to Havana in June 1762 during the Seven Years' War with Spain. The ship's company took time to lay a wreath at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana, which honours a martyr of the revolution against Spanish control. RFA staff visited a cigar factory and historic buildings and, in exchange, more than 900 Cubans visited the ship.

FRos Cuba

 RFA Fort Rosalie alongside at Havanna, Cuba


8 July 2012 berthed at Kings Wharf, Bermuda with RFA Argus

11 July 2012 sailed Kings Wharf, Bermuda

26 August 2012 arrived at Plymouth Sound

27 August 2012 sailed Plymouth Sound to sea

12 December 2012 deployed in the Gulf of Oman

16 December 2012 off Djibouti


FortRosalie3 Dec 2012

Fort Rosalie 4 2012

Fort Rosalie2 2012

The above 3 images of RFA Fort Rosalie courtesy and © of Captain Shaun Jones OBE RFA


29 December 2012 arrived Gibraltar Bay, sailing into the North Atlantic later the same day

3 January 2013 berthed at Glen Mallan, Scotland with the assistance of the tug SD Impetus

5 January 2013 sailed from Glen Mallan, Scotland

6 January 2013 arrived at Liverpool

30 May 2014 berthed at Birkenhead

10 September 2015 Captain (E) Stuart M Peters RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

14 December 2015 Captain (X) Nigel A Budd RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Captain Nigel Budd

Captain (X) Nigel A Budd RFA

29 December 2015 Captain (X) David A Eagles RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

11 January 2016 Captain (E) Richard M Maddock RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

2 February 2016 Captain (X) Jonathan P Huxley RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

5 February 2016 Captain (E) Paul W Greenough RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

20 March 2016 Captain (X) Peter N Selby RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

2 April 2016 Captain (E) Richard S Graham RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

31 May 2016 berthed at Devonport

4 June 2016 Captain (X) Jeremy A Macanley RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

9 July 2016 sailed Brest, France

12 July 2016 arrived at Cobh, Republic of Ireland

15 September 2016 Captain (E) Richard S Graham RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

17 September 2016 Captain (X) Jonathan P Huxley RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

10 October 2016 sailed from Portland Harbour

14 October 2016 arrived at Birkenhead

6 January 2017 Captain (X) Gerard A Patterson RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

24 January 2017 Captain (E) Nicholas W Fox RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

6 March 2017 sailed Plymouth for Portland arriving the next day

13 March 2017 sailed Portland to Plymouth arriving the same day

15 March 2017 berthed at Portland

11 April 2017 sailed Portland

24 April 2017 sailed Loch Striven





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