The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service, its crews and its ships over the years have been the subject of various published books. The details of some of these books are listed below. As and when other books are identified their details will be considered for adding to the list. Most, but not all, are available from public libraries, good booksellers and second hand book dealers


This list is not intended to be a complete list of published books which mention or deal with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service, its ships or its crews.


The Editors of the RFA Historical Society have published this list for information only and will not be responsible or liable for the content of any of the books listed below.


If an author or publishers wish to have a book included in this list they are asked to contact the Editors via the ‘Contact us’ section of this web site and their application will be considered. The Editors decision will be final.






Royal Fleet Auxiliary: Its Ancestry and Affiliations 1600-1968

Author:              E. E. Sigwart

Publisher:          Adlard Coles

ISBN                13: 978 0229985814

Published:         March 1969







The Royal Fleet Auxiliary, 1905-85

Author:              Tony James

Publisher:           Maritime Books

ISBN                  13: 978 0907771210

Published:           September 1985





Royal Fleet Auxiliary in Focus

Author:              Jon Wise

Publisher:           Maritime Books

ISBN                 13: 978 0907771890

Published:          1 May 2000




RFA Wave Premier:  Korean Wartime Voyage 1951 – 1952 – a view from the bridge

Author:              Philip Harland

Publisher:          Philip Harland

ISBN                 0:473 07032 4

Published          25 June 2000








The Adventures of Mrs RFA Orangeleaf and Friends: The Pirates

Author:              Pierre Cornlover

Publisher:          The Pentland Press

ISBN                 13: 978 1858218779

Published:          1 August 2001





The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service Medal: Royal Warrant (Command Paper)

Author:              Ministry of Defence

Publisher:          Stationary Office Books

ISBN                  13: 978 0101526425

Published:          2 October 2001




Royal Fleet Auxiliary: A Century of service

Author:              Tom Adams and James R. Smith

Publisher:           Chatham Publishing

ISBN                  13: 978 1861762597

Published:          15 June 2005




No Sea Too Rough: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the Falklands War

Author:              Geoff Puddefoot

Publisher:          Chatham Publishing

ISBN                 13: 978 1861763143

Published:          15 May 2007




Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service: Memorial Register 1905 – 2005

Author:                Christopher J White

Publisher:             Privately by Gibeltarik Limited

Published:            2008




The Fourth Force: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary since the war

Author:            Geoff Puddefoot

Publisher:        Seaforth Publishing

ISBN               13: 078 1848320468

Published:       30 October 2009




Ready for Anything: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary from 1905 to the Korea War

Author:              Geoff Puddefoot

Publisher:           Seaforth Publishing

ISBN                 13: 978 1848320744

Published:          18 November 2010




GC on the Rock: The Story of George Henderson

Author:              Terry Hissey

Publisher:           Civil Defence Association

ISBN:                 13: 978-0-9550153-3-5

Published           27 April 2011


(The story about the destruction of RFA Bedenham)



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