RFA Abbeydale (Dale Class Oiler) 1937

Convoy     Depart                          Arrive

Blue .1    Port Said 9th Septemeber 1939 – Gibraltar 19th September 1939

HG.1       Gibraltar 26th September 1939 – Liverpool 6th October 1939
                (Detached from Convoy on 5th October for Devonport)

OA.22      Southend 19th October 1939 – Convoy dispersed 23rd October 1939
                 (Abbeydale bound for Trinidad)

HX.38      Halifax 26th August 1940 – Liverpool 12th May 1940
                 (Abbeydale detached from the convoy, bound for the Clyde with FFO)

OB. 283   Liverpool 23rd December 1940 – Convoy dispersed 27th December 1940
                 (Abbeydale joined from Glasgow, bound for Curacao in ballast)

KM.62G   Loch Ewe 25th October 1942 – Algiers 12th November 1942
                 (Abbeydale joined this convoy on the 10th November)

MKS. 3X  Bone 3rd December 1942 – Liverpool 19th December 1942
                 (Abbeydale joined from Algiers, bound for Gibraltar)

MKS.4     Bone 22nd December 1942 – Liverpool 6th January 1943

ON.170    Liverpool 3rd March 1943 – New York City 20th March 1943
                 (Abbeydale was Convoy escort oiler)

UGS.7     Hampton Roads 1st April 1943 – Bone 22nd April 1943
                (Abbeydale bound for Algiers)

TE.21       Gibraltar 12th May 1943 – Bone 16th May 1943.

KMS.16   Gibraltar 16th June 1943 – Port Said 28th June 1943
                 (Abbeydale joined from Algiers bound for Bone)

XTG.2      Alexandria 18th June 1943 – Gibrlatar 29th June 1943

KMS. 17  Gibraltar 30th June 1943 – SFAX 6th July 1943

At 17:00 hrs on the 27th June 1943, Abbeydale was torpedoed by U73, under command of Oberleuitenant zur See Horst Deckert, at position 36  53’ N  01  55’ E, around 80 miles West of Algiers, whilst on route  Bone to Gibraltar.

The ship was in ballast at the time and was abandoned by her crew after the attack, except for a small number of volunteers who remained to effect towing.  The ship was taken in tow by HMSV Salvestor and broke in two, with one half being towed to Bizerta and the other to Taranto.

After the war both halves were re-united at Taranto where they were joined together, though the ship was some 68 feet shorter. 

RFA Airsprite (Sprite class spirit carrier) 1943

Convoy         Depart                  Arrive

WN.398   Loch Ewe 24th February 1943 – Methil 26th February 1943
                (Airsprite was on passage to Scapa Flow, arriving on the 25th February) 

RFA Aldersdale (Dale class oiler) 1937

Convoy          Depart                   Arrive

Blue.1    Port Said 9th September 1939 – Gibraltar 19th September 1939

HG.1      Gibraltar 26th September 1939 – Liverpool 6th October 1939
               (Aldersdale detached for Trinidad)

HX.11     Halifax 4th December 1939 – Liverpool 18th December 1939
               (with cargo of Fuel Oil)

OB.70     Liverpool January 1940, joined OG.14 at sea – Gibraltar 19th January 1940

OG.14     Formed at sea 14th January 1940 – Gibraltar 19th January 1940
                (Aldersdale to Aden)

HG.16     Gibraltar 24th January 1940 – Liverpool 3rd February 1940
                (with cargo of FFO)

OA. 89     Southend 10th February 1940 – convoy dispersed 13th February 1940
                ( Aldersdale to Plymouth)

HX.28      Halifax 18th March 1940 – Liverpool 2nd April 1940
                (Aldersdale to Scapa Flow with FFO)

WN.16     Clyde 17th September 1940 – Methil 22nd September 1940
                (to Scapa Flow with FFO)

Dervish   Hvalfjord 21st August 1941 – Archangel 31st August 1941 

UR.2        Loch Ewe 19th December 1941 – Reykjavik 25th December 1941

PQ.14      Oban 26th March 1942 – Murmansk 19th April 1942

PQ.17      Reykjavik 27th June 1942 – Convoy dispersed 4th July 1942

At 15:13 hrs on the 7th July 1942 Aldersdale was attacked by three enemy aircraft , two machine gunned the ship, whilst the third scored a direct hit on the engine room, the crew abandoned the ship and an attempt was made to take her in tow, but this proved impractical.

HM ship then attempted to sink the Aldersdale with gunfire, but this had to be abandoned, she was later sunk by torpedoes from U457, under the command of Korvetten Kapitan Karl Brandenburg at position 70 N 45 E.

RFA Arndale (Dale class oiler) 1937

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

Blue.4    Port Said 11th October 1939 – Gibraltar 21st October 1939

HG.4      Gibraltar 22nd October 1939 – UK Ports 29th October 1939
               (Aldersdale to Portsmouth with FFO)

OA.3      Southend 10th November 1939 – Convoy dispersed 15th November 1939
              (Aldersdale to Trinidad)

HX.12    Halifax 12th December 1939 – Liverpool 27th December 1939
              (With a cargo of fuel oil)

OB.88    Liverpool 9th February 1940 – Joined OG.18F
               (Aldersdale to Trinidad arriving on the 27th February 1940)

HG.68    Gibraltar 18th July 1941 – Liverpool 2nd August 1941
               (Raft tanker to Key West)

PB.55     Bandar Abbas 8th September 1943 – Bombay 14th September 1943

BM.65    Bombay 15th September 1943 – Colombo 20th September 1943

XC.10     Addu 16th November 1943 – Colombo 19th November 1943

JC.30      Colombo 19th December 1943 – Calcutta 28th December 1943

JC.44A    Colombo 12th April 1944 – Calcutta 18th April 1944

MB.74C   Colombo 11th June 1944 – Bombay 15th June 1944

JC.66       Colombo 3rd November 1944 – Calcutta 10th November 1944


RFA Bacchus (Store and distilling ship) 1936 

Convoy           Depart                 Arrive

WN.146    Oban 27th June 1941 – Methil 1st July 1942
                 (Converted to Naval Stores Issuing ship)

EN.51       Methil 24th February 1942 – Oban 27th February 1942
                 (Not in Convoy)

OS.29       Liverpool 22nd May 1942 – Freetown 11 June 1942
                 (Ship on passage to Durban)

CM.30      Durban 20th July 1942 – Aden 8th August 1942

KR.4         Kilindini 21st September 1942 – Colombo 5th October 1942
                 (Ship detained at Seychelles with engine trouble)

MB.17      Colombo 9th November 1942 – Bombay 13th November 1942

BP.60       Bombay 16th November 1942 – Bandar Abbas 21st November 1942

PB.35       Bandar Abbas 10th April 1943 – Bombay 17th April 1943

ON.50A    Durban 4th July 1943 – Convoy dispersed 7th July 1943
                 (Ship to Kilindini, arriving on the 12th July 1943)

MC.10      Kilindini 8th September 1943 – Durban 18th September 1943

BC.6         Beira 14th September 1943 – Durban 18th September 1943

DKA.5       Durban 26th October 1943 – Aden 15th November 1943

XC.11       Addu 22nd November 1943 – Colombo 25th November 1943

MB.57      Colombo 7th December 1943 – Bombay 12th December 1943

AKD.11A  Aden 9th January 1943 – Durban 23rd January 1943

XC.18       Addu 6th April 1944 – Colombo 9th April 1944

JC.45        Colombo 20th April 1944 – Calcutta 27th April 1944

JC.60        Colombo 21st August 1944 – Calcutta 28th August 1944

RFA Belgol (2ND 2,000 Ton Class) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                      Arrive

ON.44    Liverpool 7th December 1941 – Convoy dispersed

RU.33    Reykjavik 27th July 1942 – Loch Ewe 31st July 1942
              ( Belgol detached for the Clyde, arriving on the 1st August)

WN.373  Loch Ewe 17th December 1942 – Methil 19th December 1942

UR.60    Loch Ewe 25th January 1943 – Reykjavik 30th January 1943
               (Ship returned)

WN.411  Loch Ewe 4th April 1943 – Methil 6th April 1943

EN.298   Methil 24th October 1943 – Loch Ewe 26th October 1943

OS.58KM  Liverpool 5th November 1943 – Convoy split 18th 1943
                (To Aden as Escort Oiler)

KMS.32G  ex OS.58/KMS.32 ON 18TH November 1943 – Gibraltar 19th November 1943

KMS.32   Gibraltar 19th November 1943 – Port Said 30th November 1943

AP.56     Aden 13th December 1943 – Bandar Abbas 20th December 1943

JC.32     Colombo 4th June 1944 – Calcutta 13th January 1944
               (Ship to Trincomalee)

XC.18     Addu 6th April 1944 – Colombo 9th April 1944

JC.44     Colombo 10th April 1944 – Calcutta 17th April 1944

RFA Bishopdale  (Dale Class Oiler) 1937

Convoy                 Depart                              Arrive

Blue.2    Port Said 20th September 1939 – Gibraltar 30th September 1939

HG.2       Gibraltar 5th October 1939 – UK Ports
                (Bishopdale to Portsmouth with FFO)

OA.21      Southend 17th October 1939 – Convoy dispersed 22nd October 1939

OB.37      Liverpool 18th November 1937 – Convoy dispersed

GP.33      Sydney NSW 3rd February 1943 – Brisbane 6th February 1943
                 (On passage to Darwin)

TS.17       Townsville 25h February 1943 – Brisbane 28th February 1943

GP.38      Sydney NSW 9th March 1943 – Brisbane 13th March 1943

BT.51      Brisbane 13th April 1943 – Townsville 17th April 1943

VB.38      Townsville 9th June 1943 – Brisbane 13th June 1943

BV.69      Caloundra 18th June 1943 – Townsville 21st June 1943

TN.108    Townsville 22nd June 1943 – Fall River 25th June 1943

FT.18       Fall River 15th August 1943 – Townsville 17th August 1943

TN.151    Townsville 4th September 1943 – Fall River 8th September 1943

NT.62      Milne Bay 25th October 1943 – Townsville 29th October 1943

TN.177    Townsville 11th November 1943 – Port Moresby 15th November 1943

MV.71      Milne Bay 6th March 1944 – Sydney NSW 13th March 1944

BG.539    Biak 16th May 1945 – Morotai 19th May 1945

On the 14th December 1945, whilst attached to the British Pacific Fleet Train, at  San Pedro Bay, Leyte Gulf, RFA Bishopdale was struck by a Japanese “Val” suicide bomber which struck No 3 wing tank, exploding on contact.  RFA Bishopdale was just securing alongside a US Cruiser when the incident happened.

The ship was out of action for a number of months after this attack.

RFA Black Ranger (Ranger Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                           Arrive

PQ.1     Hvalfjord 29th September 1941 – Archangel 11th October 1941

QP.1     Archangel 28th September 1941 – Scapa Flow 10th October 1941

WN.191 Oban 9th October 1941 – Methil 12th October 1941

EC.89    Southend 22nd October 1941 – Clyde 28th October 1941

PQ.16    Reykjavik 21st May 1942 – Murmansk 30th May 1942

QP.14    Archangel 13th September 1942 – Loch Ewe 26th September 1942

PQ.18    Loch Ewe 2nd September 1942 – Archangel 21st September 1942

WN.363  Loch Ewe 20th November 1942 – Methil 22nd November 1942

FS.967   Methil 22nd November 1942 – Southend 23rd November 1942

FN.906   Tyne 1st January 1943 – Methil 2nd January 1943

EN.363   Methil 26th March 1944 – Loch Ewe 28th March 1944

JW.64    Clyde 3rd February 1945 – Kola Inlet 15th February 1945

RA.64    Kola Inlet 17th February 1945 – Loch Ewe 28th February 1945

JW.66    Clyde 16th April 1945 – Kola Inlet 25th April 1945

RA.66    Kola Inlet 29th April 1945 – Clyde 8th May 1945


RFA Blue Ranger (Ranger Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                     Arrive

WN.153    Oban 15th July 1941 – Methil 18th July 1941

WN.344    Loch Ewe 3rd October 1942 – Methil 5th October 1942

FS.927     Methil 7th October 1942 – Southend  8th October 1942
                 (ship detached for the Tyne, arriving on the 8th October)

FN.861     Southend 10th November 1942 – Methil 11th November 1942
                 (Ship joined from the Tyne on the 10th November)

EN.161     Methil 12th November 1942 – Loch Ewe 14th November 1942

UR.77       Loch Ewe 1st June 1943 – Reykjavik 5th June 1943

RU.77       Reykjavik 9th June 1943 – Loch Ewe 14th June 1943

EN.340     Methil 31st January 1944 – Loch Ewe 2nd February 1944

JW.63       Loch Ewe 30th December 1944 – Kola Inlet 8th January 1945

RA.63       Kola Inlet 11th January 1945 – Loch Ewe 21st January 1945
                 (The convoy was weather-bound off Thorshavn between the 17-20 January)

JW.65       Clyde 11th March 1945 – Kola Inlet 21st March 1945

RA.65       Kola Inlet 23rd March 1945 – Loch Ewe 1st April 1945

JW.66       Clyde 16th April 1945 – Kola Inlet 25th April 1945

RA.66       Kola Inlet 29th April 1945 – Clyde 8th May 1945

RFA Boardale (Dale Class Oiler) 1937

Convoy                 Depart                Arrive

HG.21F    Gibraltar 1st March 1940 – Liverpool 9th March 1940

RFA Boardale took part in the Norwegian Campaign in 1940, and whilst following a Destroyer and a Store ship, grounded in Asanfjord on the 30th April 1940, the crew were forced to abandon ship.  Over the next few days the weather worsened and the ship was blown off the rocks into deeper water, where she sank.



RFA Broomdale (Dale Class Oiler) 1937

Convoy                 Depart                     Arrive

HK.1     Scapa Flow 3rd May 1940 – Harstaad 9th May 1940

JC.3      Colombo 29th July 1942 – Trincomalee 31st July 1942

MB.19   Colombo 2nd December 1942 – Bombay 7th December 1942

PB.18    Bandar Abbas 22nd December 1942 – Bombay 28th December 1942

BM.36   Bombay 29th December 1942 – Calcutta 8th January 1943

C.42      Colombo 3rd February 1943 – Addu Atoll 7th February 1943

PB.29    Bandar Abbas 3rd March 1943 – Bombay 9th March 1943

BM.46   Bombay 16th March 1943 – Calcutta 27th March 1943

C.45      Colombo 24th March 1943 – Trincomalee 26th March 1943

MB.32   Colombo 11th April 1943 – Bombay 16th April 1943

BP.76A  Bombay 17th April 1943 – Bandar Abbas 21st April 1943
(Broomdale arrived Abadan 24th March)

PB.39    Bandar Abbas 4th May 1943 – Bombay 10th May 1943

BP.86    Bombay 5th July 1943 – Bandar Abbas 10th July 1943

PB.49    Bandar Abbas 22nd July 1943 – Bombay 28th July 1943

BM.58   Bombay 30th July 1943 – Colombo 4th August 1943

MB.44   Colombo 19th August 1943 – Bombay 24th August 1943

BP.93    Bombay 30th August 1943 – Bandar Abbas 5th September 1943

PB.56    Bandar Abbas 16th September 1943 – Bombay 21st September 1943

BM.67   Bombay 24th September 1943 – Colombo 29th September 1943

JC.24    Colombo 1st October 1943 – Trincomalee 4th October 1943

MB.52   Colombo 25th October 1943 – Bombay 30th October 1943

BP.101  Bombay 1st November 1943 – Bandar Abbas 6th November 1943
(Arrived Abadan 8th November 1943)

PB.64    Bandar Abbas 19th November 1943 – Bombay 26th November 1943

BM.76   Bombay 27th November 1943 – Colombo 2nd December 1943

JC.28A  Colombo 6th December 1943 – Trincomalee 9th December 1943

CX.15    Colombo 6th January 1944 – Addu Atoll 9th January 1944.

XC.14    Addu Atoll 16th January 1944 – Colombo 19th January 1944

MB.64   Colombo 4th February 1944 – Bombay 9th February 1944

JA.3/2   Colombo 31st January 1945 – Aden 12th February 1945

XK.22    Gibraltar 13th April 1945 – Clyde 23rd April 1945.
(via Falmouth on the 20th April, and Milford Haven)


RFA Brown Ranger (Ranger Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                         Arrive

KMS.3G     Clyde 8th November 1942 – Bone 26th November 1942

KMS.16      Gibraltar 16th June 1943 – Port Said 28th June 1943

MKS.29      Alexandria 24th October 1943 – Gibraltar 3rd November 1943
                    (Ship joined at Malta for passage to Gibraltar)

WN.559      Loch Ewe 20th March 1944 – Methil 21st March 1944.
                   (Brown Ranger to Scapa Flow, arriving 21st March 1944)

WN.578      Loch Ewe 4th May 1944 – Methil
                   (Brown Ranger to Scapa Flow, arriving 6th May 1944)

OS.93KM   Liverpool 24th October 1944 – Convoy split 1st November 1944
                   (Brown Ranger in ballast for Port Said)

KMS.67G   ex OS.93/KMS.67 on 1st November 1944 – Gibraltar 2nd November 1944
                   (Brown Ranger in ballast for Port Said)

KMS.67      Gibraltar 2nd November 1944 – Port Said 12th November 1944.


RFA Cairndale (Dale Class Oiler) 1939

Convoy                 Depart                   Arrive

OB.4    Liverpool 14th September 1939 – Convoy dispersed
(Cairndale joined from Milford Haven on the 14th September)

BHX.14 Bermuda 7th May 1940 – Joined HX.41 on 13th May 1940
(With a cargo of Fuel Oil)

HX.41    Halifax 8th May 1940 – Liverpool 23rd May 1940

OG.38   Liverpool 17th July 1940 – Gibraltar 29th July 1940

Whilst serving as oiler to Force H, Cairndale was torpedoed by the Italian Submarine  Gugliemo Marconi at 08:00 hrs on the 30th May 1941, the submarine under the command of Captain de Corvetta Mario Paolo Pollina fired three torpedoes, two of which found their mark, shortly afterwards the escorting corvettes HMS Coreopsis and Fluer de Lys attacked the submarine, they were joined by other ships but the Marconi managed to escape.

RFA Cairndale sank in position 35 19’ N  8  33’ W.


RFA Cedardale (Dale Class Oiler)  1939

Convoy                 Depart                       Arrive

HG.15F    Gibraltar 13th January 1940 – Liverpool 22nd January 1940
                 (Detached for the Clyde with a cargo of FFO, 22nd January)

OB.103     Liverpool 3rd March 1940 – Joined Convoy OG.21F
                  (Ship detached for Trinidad, arriving on the 21st March)

SJ.7          Batavia 22nd February 1942 – Convoy dispersed 25th
                  (Ship detached for Mombasa, arriving on the 21st April)

A.3            Addu Atoll  14th February 1943 – Trincomalee 19th February 1943
                  (Ship detached for Colombo, arriving 18th February)

MB.26       Colombo 25th February 1943 – Bombay 2nd March 1943

KMS. 19T  Malta 23rd July 1943 – Tripoli 24th July 1943

MES.37Y   Tripoli 26th July 1943 – Port Said 1st August 1943
                   (Cedardale to Tripoli, arriving 31st July)

MKS.21      Alexandria 3rd August 1943 – Gibraltar 14th August 1943
                   (Cedardale detached to Malta as Convoy MWS.39)

UGS.13      Hampton Roads 27th July 1943 – Port Said 24th August 1943
                   (Cedardale joined the convoy from Malta on 18th August)

XT.2           Alexandria 11th September 1943 – Tripoli 16th September 1943

UGS.17      Hampton Roads 6th September 1943 – Port Said 3rd October 1943
                   (Cedardale joined the convoy from Malta on the 28th September)

MK.76        Diego Suarez 29th March 1944 – Mombasa 1st April 1944

PB.76         Bandar Abbas 20th April 1944 – Bombay 25th April 1944
                   (Cedardale detached and proceeded independently to Mombasa)

KM.5          Kilindini 27th August 1944 – Diego Suarez 15th September 1944

JC.62C      Colombo 24th September 1944 – Madras 27th September 1944
                   (Cedardale detached to Trincomalee, arriving on the 26th September)


RFA Cherryleaf (5,000 ton Leaf Class) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                  Arrive

MH.3    Alexandria 21st January 1943 – Tripoli
             (Cherryleaf detached  and arrived at Malta on the 25th January)

MW.22  Alexandria 1st March 1943 – Malta 6th March 1943

GTX. 3  Gibraltar 21st June 1943 – Port Said 4th July 1943



RFA Darkdale (Dale Class Oiler) 1940

Convoy                 Depart                           Arrive

OB.246   Clyde 21st November 1940 – Convoy dispersed
                (Darkdale arrived Curacao on the 11th December)

BHX.104  Bermuda 21st January 1941 - Belfast Lough 8th February 1941
On the 22nd November 1941, whilst at anchor in Jamestown Harbour, St Helena, Darkdale was torpedoed by U 68, Commanded by Korvettan Kapitan Friedrich Merten.  All but six of the crew were lost on this ship which was struck at around 01:42 hrs, the Captain and Chief Engineer were dining with the Garrison Commander, two members of crew were in the local hospital and two others were ashore at the time.  The ship exploded, sending fireballs hundreds of feet into the air, illuminating Jamestown.  The war Memorial in Jamestown commemorates all 41 of the crew who lost their lives.


RFA Denbydale (Dale Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

OB.287    Liverpool 16th February 1941 – Convoy dispersed
                (Denbydale joined from the Clyde on 16th February, bound for Trinidad)

HX.121    Halifax 16th April 1941 – Liverpool 3rd May 1941
                (Ship bound for the Clyde with a cargo of Petrol)

OB.324    Liverpool 18th May 1941 – Convoy dispersed
                 (Ship bound for Bermuda, arriving on the 16th June)


On the 20th September 1941, whilst Denbydale was anchored in the outer harbour at Gibraltar, she was attacked by Italian human torpedoes, launched from the submarine Scire, under the command of Capitano di Corvetta Julio Valerio Borghese, the tanker was sunk, along with a small tanker tied up alongside her.


RFA Derwentdale (Dale Class Oiler and LSG) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                         Arrive

ON.19    Ship joined from the Clyde 22nd September  - Halifax 10th October 1941
               (Derwentdale served as Convoy Commodore)

MA.3      Mombasa 8th December 1941 – Aden 15th December 1941

Convoy.Y  Durban 25th April 1942 – Diego Suarez 5th May 1942

SL.121    Freetown 3rd September 1942 – Liverpool 21st September 1942
                (With a cargo of FFO for the Clyde, arriving 21st September)

KMS.1G  Clyde 22nd October 1942 – Algiers 8th November 1942
                (Ship bound for Oran with 14 Landing craft)

MKS.4     Bone 22nd December 1942 – Liverpool 6th January 1942
                (Joined from Gibraltar 22nd December for the Clyde)

KMS.18B Clyde 24th June 1942 – Operation Husky 10th July 1942
                 (Sicily landings)

MKF.18    Sicily 10th July 1942 – Clyde 23rd July 1942
                 (ex Operation Husky to Malta, arriving 11th July)

KMS.21    Gibraltar 29th July 1943 – Port Said 9th August 1943
                  (Ship to Malta, arriving 4th August)

MKS.23     Alexandria 25th August 1943 – Gibraltar 3rd September 1943
                  (Ship to Bizerta, arriving 31st August)

FSS.2X      Bizerta 7th September 1943 – Operation Avalanche 9th September 1943

XK.18         Gibraltar 7th August 1944 – Liverpool 20th August 1944
                   (under tow of Hesperia to Oban 20th August 1944)

RFA Dewdale (Dale Class Oiler and LSG) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                           Arrive

WS.8C     Clyde 9th August 1941 – Scapa Flow 10th August 1941

OS.6        Liverpool 12th September 1941 – Freetown 3rd October 1941
                (Became oiler at Freetown until 26th January 1942)

SL.99       Freetown 27th January 1942 – Liverpool 16th February 1942
                 ( Ship was escorted to Gibraltar, arriving on the 8th February)

HG.79      Gibraltar 22nd February 1942 – Liverpool 6th March 1942
                 (To Clyde with a cargo of FFO)

KMS.1G   Clyde 22nd October 1942 – Algiers 8th November 1942
                  (Carrying 14 Landing Craft, FFO and Petrol)

MKS.1Y   Gibraltar 21st November 1942 0 Liverpool 30th November 1942
                 (Recalled to Gibraltar 23rd November)

MKS.10   Bone 23rd March 1943 – Liverpool 5th April 1943
                 (Ship joined from Algiers 25th March)

VA.2         Clyde 30th September 1943 – Azores 9th October 1943

WN.513    Loch Ewe 4th December 1943 – Methil 6th December 1943

OS.68/KMS.42  Liverpool 12th February 1944 – Convoy split 24th February 1944
                   (Ship in ballast to Gibraltar)

KMS.42G  ex OS.68/KMS.42 24th February 1944 – Gibraltar 25th February 1944

UGS.33     Hampton Roads 13th February 1944 – Port Said 12th March 1944
                  (Dewdale joined from Bougie for passage to Augusta)

NV.26        Naples 13th March 1944 – Augusta 14th March 1944

GUS.34     Port Said 15th March 1944 – Hampton Roads 14th April 1944
                  (Dewdale joined from Malta for passage to Bougie)

KMS.45     Gibraltar 27th March 1944 – Port Said 6th April 1944
                   (Ship joined from Bougie for passage to Augusta)

VN.31        Augusta 2nd April 1944 – Naples 4th April 1944

NV.32        Naples 12th April 1944 – Augusta 13th April 1944
                  (Ship detached for Messina, arriving 13th April)

AH.40        Augusta 1st May 1944 – Bari 3rd May 1944
                  (Ship detached for Taranto, arriving 2nd May)

SM.1A       Naples 12th August 1944 – Operation Dragoon 14th August 1944
                  (Carrying  14 Landing Craft, FFO and Diesel)

RFA Dingledale (Dale Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                         Arrive

ON.17     Liverpool 17th September 1941 – Convoy dispersed
                (Ship joined from the Clyde on 18th September)

KMS.3G  Clyde 8th November 1942 – Bone 26th November 1942
                (Ship joined at sea, bound for Algiers)

MKS.3X   Bone 3rd December 1942 – Liverpool 19th December 1942
                 (Joined from Algiers, on passage to Oran)

MKS.12   Bone 22nd April 1943 – Rendezvoused with SL.128 4th May 1943
SL.128/MKS.12  Rendezvous of SL.128 with MKS.12 4th May 1943 –Liverpool 14th May 1943

OS.51/KMS.20  Liverpool 4th July 1943 – Convoy split 13th July 1943
                 (Dingledale acted as Escort Oiler to Freetown)

ST.73       Freetown 25th July 1943 – Takoradi 28th July 1943

LM.2        Lagos 1st August 1943 – Takoradi 2nd August 1943

LGW.1     Lagos 2nd September 1943 – Takoradi 4th September 1943

SL.153    Freetown 22nd March 1944 – Rendezvoused with MKS.44 2nd April 1944
                (Ship to Bathurst, arriving 25th March)

OS.73      ex OS.73/KMS.47 16th April 1944 – Freetown 25th April 1944
                 (Dingledale joined this convoy from Dakar)

SL.170     Freetown 8th September 1944 – Rendezvoused with MKS.61 18th September 1944
                 (Carrying 7 passengers and mail from Dakar to the UK)

ON.277    Southend 7th January 1945 – New York City 23rd January 1945
                 (Joined from Belfast Lough for Curacao)


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