RFA Wave Knight (1)




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RFA Wave Knight



Previous name:                      Empire Naseby
Subsequent name:

Official Number:                     180875

Class:                                      WAVE CLASS  Replenishment  Oiler (modified)

Pennant No:                            X139 / A249

Laid down:
Builder:                                    Sir J Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland
Launched:                               22 October 1945
Into Service:                            28 January 1947
Out of service:                         1964
Fate:                                          Broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  A need for fast tankers to bring oil into the country had been envisaged early in the Second World War, but by the time the material had been collected and the Yards had space to build them, the need had largely passed and the original design of diesel-engined ships was abandoned. Instead, the standard 12,000t Class being built were given sharper bows and sterns and turbine engines with water tube boilers. In all, twenty one of this type were built and were offered to the Admiralty, who wanted faster tankers for the Pacific Fleet Train. The Admiralty took twenty of them (the final vessel being completed commercially for Oil and Molasses Tankers Ltd, London as BEECHWOOD) and renamed them with the WAVE nomenclature. Performance varied considerably from ship to ship and they underwent various modifications in their rigs for RAS work. The eight best ones were finally given an extensive refit, with extra accommodation added to the Bridge Deck and extra turbo cargo pumps and derricks to make them more satisfactory for Fleet work. Initially expensive to run, they recouped some of their expensive repair bills by earning revenues from charter work after the Korean War. From this Class was evolved the TIDE CLASS oilers.

22 October 1945 launched by Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland as Yard Nr: 764  named EMPIRE NASEBY for the MoWT

3 December 1945 sailed Sunderland in tow to the River Tyne arriving the same day

4 April 1946 sailed the River Tyne to Sunderland

31 May 1946 completed and placed under initial management of Tankers Ltd, London. Sailed Sunderland to the Tyne arriving the same day

8 June 1946 sailed the Tyne, passed Prawle Point, 9 June 1946, passed Gibraltar 12 June 1946 to Suez arrived 18 June 1946. At Aden 22 June 1946 to Abadan

29 June 1946 sailed Abadan to Bombay arriving 4 July 1946

6 July 1946 sailed Bombay to Trincomalee arriving 10 July 1946

19 July 1946 sailed Trincomalee to Abadan

28 July 1946 sailed Abadan to Suez arriving on 10 August 1946

12 August 1946 reported engine trouble

27 August 1946 arrived and sailed Port Said to Malta 

4 September 1946 passed Gibraltar arriving at the Downs and Sheerness on 9 September 1946

11 September 1946 sailed Sheerness to the River Tyne arriving 15 September 1946

21 October 1946 sailed the Tyne passing Gibraltar on 26 October 1946 and arrived at Port Said 31 October 1946

1 November 1946 sailed Suez but put back with engine trouble arriving at Port Said 17 November 1946

27 November 1946 sailed Port Said to Gibraltar

5 December 1946 sailed Gibraltar to Sheerness arriving on 11 December 1946

17 December 1946 arrived at the Tyne from Sheerness 

4 January 1947 Mr William J Brown OBE DSC RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

27 January 1947 Captain Frederick S Harvey RFA appointed as Master

Captain Frederick S Harvey

Captain Frederick S Harvey RFA as an Apprentice

28 January 1947 transferred to Admiralty management and renamed WAVE KNIGHT (1)

7 February 1947 undertook engine trials off the River Tyne and then made fast to the Mercantile Buoys in the River Tyne

14 February 1947 sailed the River Tyne to Portland arriving on 16 February 1947

16 February 1947 sailed Portland to Gibraltar arriving 19 February 1947

19 February 1947 sailed Gibraltar to Port Said arriving 24 February 1947

25 February 1947 after transit of the Suez Canal sailed arriving Aden on 1 March 1947

1 March 1947 sailed Aden to Abadan arriving 7 March 1947

1 April 1947 arrived at Port Said from Abadan and sailed, passing Gibraltar on 7 April 1947

11 April 1947 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing eastwards and later berthed at Devonport

17 April 1947 sailed Devonport to Killingholme passing Spurn Head on 18 April 1947

22 April 1947 arrived the River Tyne

26 June 1947 sailed the River Tyne for engine trials

2 July 1947 sailed the Tyne for Abadan

4 August 1947 sailed Port Said

17 August 1947 passed Gibraltar sailing west for Curacao

28 August 1947 sailed Curacao

9 September 1947 berthed at Avonmouth from Curacao to discharge

12 September 1947 sailed Avonmouth for Newport, Gwent

24 September 1947 sailed Newport, Gwent for Trinidad

4 November 1947 sailed Trinidad for LEFO

15 November 1947 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing east

14 March 1948 sailed Haifa for LEFO

20 March 1948 while on passage from Haifa to LEFO passed Gibraltar this day

17 May 1948 while on passage from Devonport to Abadan passed Gibraltar

1 June 1948 berthed at Abadan

29 June 1948 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing west

5 August 1948 sailed Trinidad for LEFO

15 August 1948 Captain Leslie J Mack DSO RFA appointed as Master

31 December 1948 sailed the Tyne for Abadan

23 February 1949 off Gibraltar engaged in exercises with HMS VANGUARD, HMS SUPERB and HMS REWARD

18 June 1949 Mr J S Aitken RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

16 September 1949 at Trincomalee Apprentice Barry Lockett discharged dead - drowned

10 December 1949 berthed Chowder Bay, Sydney, Australia from Abadan to discharge

13 December 1949 Seaman John McClure discharged dead. While the ship was in the Captain Cook Dry Dock at Sydney, NSW, Australia he fell while working in the boiler room, He was buried in Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Cemetery, Botany on the 15 December 1949 in Grave 689

21 December 1949 sailed Sydney, Australia for Abadan

4 to 6 January 1950 alongside at Singapore

13 May 1950 berthed at Auckland, New Zealand

14 June 1950 arrived at Abadan

16 June 1950 sailed Abadan for Suez

26 June 1950 arrived at Suez from Abadan when on passage to LEFO

7 July 1950 Captain Herbert W Flint RFA appointed as Master

27 July 1950 berthed at Old Kilpatrick Oil Fuel Depot from Malta

11 October 1950 sailed Glasgow to Abadan in ballast

February 1951  to 27 July 1953 saw service during the Korean War along with 18 other RFA’s and was awarded the Korea 1951-53 Battle Honour

February 1951 off Korea RASed with HMCS's SIOUX, CAYUGA, NOOTKA and ATHABASKAN

26 February 1951 off Clifford Island, Western Korea RASed with HMAS BATAAN

HMAS Bataan


27 February 1951 off Tokechok To LSM 419 transferred stores from the ship to the US Shoran Station

28 February 1951 off Inchon  RASed with HMAS BATAAN

19 March 1951 off Western Korea RASed with HMAS BATAAN

22 May 1951 berthed at Palmers Yard, Hebburn on Tyne from Rosyth

9 July 1951 Captain James Jolly RFA appointed as Master

5 August 1951 Mr Reginald R Darroch RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

23 August 1951 sailed Malta for Cyprus

October 1951 with RFA BLUE RANGER supported Exercise Symphonic Deux with units of the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy and the French Navy

5 January 1952 sailed Malta to Curacao to load cargo

20 April 1952 Captain B Smith RFA appointed as Master

18 September 1952 Mr J A Swallow RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

29 January 1953 at Sasebo, Japan with HMAS ANZAC alongside being refuelled

HMAS Anzac AWM P00271 001


10 February 1953 a serious case of food poisoning occured on board resulting that a refuelling of HMS GLORY had to be cancelled and the ship had to be sailed by officers from HMS BIRMINGHAM for one day

11 Ferbruary 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS ANZAC alongside

12 February 1953 off Korea RAS'ed with HMS CHARITY, USS HANNA and USS COLLETT. then sailed escorted by USS COLLETT to the Hajeu station

18 February 1953 off Korea in the Hajeu station RAS'ed with USS HANNA

27 February 1953 off Korea RAS'ed with HMAS ANZAC

5 March 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS ANZAC and HMAS CONDAMINE alongside

6 March 1953 RAS'ed with HMS BIRMINGHAM protected by HMAS ANZAC and two frigates

9 March 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS ANZAC alongside

13 March 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS ANZAC and HMAS CONDAMINE alongside

15 March 1953 sailed from Yongpyong Do, Korea escorted by HMAS ANZAC and anchored at Taechong Do, Korea with HMNZS HAWEA and HNMS JOHAN MAURITS VAN NASSAU berthed alongside to refuel. Sailed later the same day for Sasebo, Japan escorted by HMCS HAIDA

31 March 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea with HMS CHARITY alongside being refuelled

1 April 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea with HMAS ANZAC alongside being refuelled - she received 385 tons of FFO

12 April 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS ANZAC alongside

15 April 1953 at Yongpyong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS ANZAC alongside

11 June 1953 at Taechong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS ANZAC alongside

13 June 1953 while on passage to Hong Kong RAS'ed with HMAS ANZAC

1 July 1953 at Taechong Do, Korea refuelled HMAS CULGOA alongside

13 October 1953 arrived at Portland from Hebburn on Tyne

14 October 1953 Mr K Jones RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

19 October 1953 Captain Emil E Sigwart RFA (Temporary Lieutenant Commander RNR) appointed as Master

Captain E Sigwart

Captain Emil E Sigwart RFA

6 November 1953 Captain S Thomas RFA appointed as Master

14 November 1954 exercised with HMS CARDIGAN BAY and HMS COCKADE off the coast of Malaysia

30 May 1955 Mr William J Brown OBE DSC RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

1 September 1955 Captain James Jolly RFA appointed as Master

25 March 1956 with RFA FORT SANDUSKY sailed from Singapore being escorted by HMNZS' Kaniere and Pukaki to take part in exercise Monsoon

18 November 1956 Captain D A C Butler RFA appointed as Master

21 November 1956 Mr J E Kennedy RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

3 December 1956 sailed Sheerness for Curacao with 3 passengers

1957 to 1960 supported Operation Grapple - the British H-bomb test at Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean - along with 16 other RFA’s




4 December 1957 Captain James H Chant RFA appointed as Master

14 February 1958 Mr Wallace G Downing RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

29 April 1958 berthed at Singapore with RN, RAN, RNZN, and other Allied units prior to sailing for Operation Ocean Link

June 1958 RASed with HMS CARDIGAN BAY

13 September 1958 Humanitarian Aid - in company with HM ships BULWARK, PUMA, LOCH KILLISPORT, LOCH ALVIE and ST  BRIDES BAY she assisted in the salvage of the m.v. MELIKA and m.v. FERNAND GILBERT which had  collided and were on fire in the Gulf of Oman. MELIKA was towed to Muscat by  HMS BULWARK,whilst FERNAND GILBERT,initially taken in tow  by ST BRIDE’S BAY, was towed to Karachi by HMS LOCH KILLISPORT

27 October 1958 anchored off Muscat

28 October 1958 sailed from Muscat

17 December 1958 sailed Malta to Gibraltar - arriving 21 December 1958

22 May 1959 deployed for duties in support of Operation Grapple on Christmas Island with 2 tons 11.25 cwt of cargo

17 December 1959 Mr G Thompson RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

January 1960 Captain G O W Evans RFA appointed as Master

31 May 1960 Captain C Alexander DSC RFA appointed as Master

14 June 1960 Donkeyman Greaser Spiridione Borg discharged dead. He is buried in Portland Royal Naval Cemetery, Portland, Dorset

S Borg at Portland

Donkeyman Greaser Spiridione Borg

24 June 1960 berthed in Malta having sailed from the UK

17 July 1960 arrived at Malta from Famagusta, Cyprus

4 August 1960 Mr J P Mair RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

24 February 1961 on passage from Pireaus to Malta RASed with HMS BERMUDA

13 June 1961 RASed with HMS's KEPPEL and GRAFTON which were on passage from Portland to Lisbon. HMS GRAFTON supplied with 64 tons of FFO

14 June 1961 engaged in exercise with HMS KEPPEL

15 June 1961 in the Bay of Biscay RASed astern with HMS's KEPPEL and GRAFTON - HMS GRAFTON supplied with 50 tons of FFO 

3 July 1961 sailed Malta with RFA Fort Duquesne for Kuwait to give support for British Forces after Iraq forces threatened to invade Kuwait.

18 August 1961 returned to Malta with RFA FORT ROSALIE after visiting Ajaccio and Rapallo

25 October 1961 Mr Ronald C Putt MID RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer



Chief Engineer Officer Ronald C Putt MID RFA

2 December 1961 Captain J Coull RFA appointed as Master

10 March 1962 to 11 March 1962 She received 7380 tons of fuel oil and 995 tons of diesel fuel  in 18 hours from RFA ORANGELEAF (2) in the North Atlantic during very bad weather.

13 March 1962 to 29 March 1962 during this period she refuelled 55 ships of the Canadian, French and Netherlands Navies. This included 13 night sorties and 19 occasions during which 2 ships were refuelled simultaneously

17 March 1962 Mr Harry G May RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

17 May 1962 Captain B V Dobbie RFA appointed as Master

16 June 1962 arrived Malta from Gibraltar

23 June 1962 sailed Malta for Crete

25 July 1962 arrived at Malta from Tobruk

5 November 1962 at 11.56N 60.20E RAS'ed with HMAS's TEAL, IBIS, CURLEW, GULL and SNIPE while the Australian Naval ships were on passage from Portsmouth to Sydney, NSW

17 January 1963 sailed Malta for Taranto, Italy with RFA FORT SANDUSKY

28 January 1963 sent to assist a 85 ton trawler Ekede which had radioed she was in trouble in heavy seas 20 miles south east of Delimara Point, Malta. The trawler was escorted into Marsalokk Harbour

2 April 1963 arrived at Malta

9 April 1963 Mr C M Collis RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

26 April 1963 arrived Malta from Barcelona, Spain

May 1963 Pumpman Carmelo Ellul presented with the British Empire Medal by H.E. The Governor of Malta onboard after 43 years service.

15 June 1963 Captain R R Lockwood RFA appointed as Master

31 January 1964 at Plymouth

28 April 1964 at Malta

8 May 1964 at Plymouth

1964 her Ship’s Badge was officially presented to her.

20 August 1964 after a period of lay-up at Devonport she was placed on the Disposal List and was offered for sale “as lies Devonport“ in The Times newspaper of this day after negotiations to sell her to India fell through.

September 1964 purchased by Scrappingco, Willebroek for scrap

16 October 1964 sailed Plymouth in tow for the breakers.

19 October 1964 arrived Antwerp Roads enroute to the breakers at Willebroek.



RFA Wave Knight (2)


RFA Wave Knight 2





 W Knight tank deck

RFA Wave Knight (2) tank deck

Courtesy of and copyright © The Royal Gazette, Bermuda


Previous name:
Subsequent name:

Class:                                     Wave Class Large Fleet tanker

Pennant No:                           A389

Laid down:                              22 May 1998
Builder:                                   BAE Systems, Barrow 
Launched:                               29 September 2000
Into Service:                            8 April 2003
Out of service:


Background Data:


In June 1995 approval was given to invite tenders for the construction of two new Auxiliary Oilers to replace the ageing OL Class tankers. The full Invitation to Tender was issued the following year and the £200 million contracts were placed in March 1997. The ships were built in twelve modular sections which were then joined together. In the case of WAVE KNIGHT (2), the cargo tankage was built at Harland and Wolff in Belfast, the 1,000 tonne stern block was built at Cammell Laird in Newcastle and transported by sea around to Barrow while the funnel came from Appledore Shipbuilders in North Devon. WAVE RULER (2) was constructed almost entirely at Govan but with some of the steel work coming from Barrow.


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


September 1995  approval given to invite tenders.

10 October 1995  draft Invitation to tender issued.

2 February 1996  the Invitation to Tender was announced.

26 June 1996 full Invitation to Tender issued.

12 March 1997 ordered.

22 May 1998 laid down in a joint ceremony performed by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach which also included the keel-laying of the amphibious assault ship HMS ALBION

October 1999 original launch date.

September 2000 original completion date to replace RFA OLWEN (2)

28 September 2000 named WAVE KNIGHT (2) by Lady Guthrie, wife of General Sir Charles Guthrie, Chief of the Defence  Staff. Launching was delayed by a day due to high winds.

29 September 2000 launched  by BAe Systems Marine at the Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited complex at Barrow-in-Furness as Yard Nr: 1119 named WAVE KNIGHT (2). She became the largest ship to be launched at Barrow since the carrier HMS INVINCIBLE in 1977

6 August 2001 Captain Alan T Roach RFA appointed Trials Master

7 September 2001 arrived Inchgreen Dry Dock at Greenock for pre-trials work to be carried out.

19 January 2002 suffered minor damage following loss of hydraulic pressure during ballast transfer operations while in the Inchgreen Dry Dock at Greenock preparing for Contractor’s Sea Trials.

26 January 2002 suffered minor damage when she touched the dock wall during gales.

February 2002 original in-service date

7 April 2002 to 9 April 2002 berthed at El Ferrol, Spain

17 June 2002  sailed Greenock on Contractors’ Sea Trials.

29 August 2002 entered Inchgreen Dry Dock at Greenock on completion of Sea Trials

10 September 2002 Captain Alan T Roach RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Capt allan roach

Captain Alan T Roach RFA

15 October 2002 completed.

16 October 2002  handed over on the Clyde.

30 October 2002 sailed from Loch Striven jetty.

4 November 2002 first arrival at Devonport

December 2002 with RFA WAVE RULER (2) at Portland for post acceptance maintenance and defect rectification

7 January 2003 sailed from the River Tyne

17 January 2003 first arrival at Portsmouth

20 February 2003 sailed Devonport for Portsmouth arriving later the same day

27 February 2003 sailed Portsmouth

28 February 2003 returned to Portsmouth

21 March 2003 sailed Devonport

23 March 2003 alongside at Portsmouth

31 March 2003 to 24 April 2003 FOST Training

9 May 2003 together with HMS CUMBERLAND, British Customs and Spanish Aduana Officers was involved in the stopping of a former German torpedo boat - renamed 'Cork' and arresting eight South American citizens together with the seizing 3.6 of tonnes of cocaine worth an estimated £152 million

19 May 2003 sailed Portsmouth

31 May 2003 at Portland

24 June 2003 involved in a Towing Exercise in the English Channel with HMS INVINCIBLE

23 July 2003 represented the RFA at the presentation by the Queen of  New Colours to the RN aboard the LPD HMS OCEAN in Plymouth Sound along with RFA's ARGUS and  SIR BEDIVERE

25 August 2003 to 28 July 2003 at Loch Striven to load cargo for forthcoming APT (N) deployment

28 July 2003 sailed Loch Striven for Portland

August 2003 sailed Portland and assumed APT (N) duties

September 2003 seized 116lbs marijuana in the Caribbean on the British-flagged yacht  ANNA KATERINA worth an estimated £152,000

26 October 2003 at Barbados. Captain Alan T Roach RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

November 2003 involved with HMS MANCHESTER in the recovery of forty two bales of cocaine while on anti drugs patrol in the Caribbean worth an estimated £42 million

January 2004 to June 2004 on APT (N) duties supporting HMS MONMOUTH

27 January 2004 seized 650 kgs of cocaine in the Caribbean worth an estimated £26 million while operating with the US Coastguard cutter TAMPA

February 2004 Captain Kevin Rimmel RFA in command

20 February 2004 at Castries, St Lucia

29 April 2004 at Portland

3 June 2004 arrived at Portsmouth on completion of APT (N) Duties

5 June 2004 in ceremonial departure from Portsmouth for the 60th Anniversary of D-Day celebrations

13 June 2004 at Portland

17 to 26 August 2004 at Leith to assist FOSNI in hosting the Edinburgh Tattoo

30 August 2004 assumed FOST tanker duties

15 October 2004 at Glen Mallen

4 November 2004 sailed Loch Striven

6 November 2004 berthed at Falmouth for 42 days of repairs and general maintenace by A & P including hull painting

20 December 2004 sailed Falmouth for Loch Striven

31 December 2004 at Garelochead

9 January 2005 anchored at Tail of the Bank, Clyde

March 2005 deployed on APT (N) duties to replace RFA WAVE RULER (2)

March 2005 seized an assessed 1.5 tonnes of cocaine in the Caribbean worth an estimated £40 million - the drugs were jettisoned by the smugglers.

27 April 2005 at Mayport

10 May 2005 sailed Antigua while supporting HMS LIVERPOOL and THEN HMS CUMBERLAND on APT (N) duties

12 May 2005 with HMS LIVERPOOL 400 lbs cannabis; 0.998 tonnes cocaine; further 0.3 tonnes (assessed) jettisoned by smugglers in the Caribbean worth an estimated £53 million

22 August 2005 at Miami, Florida and Captain Alan T Roach OBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

July 2005 along with the destroyer HMS LIVERPOOL was put on standby in the West Indies to assist during Hurricane Emily

October 2005 with HMS CUMBERLAND  seized 1.756 tonnes cocaine; in the Caribbean worth an estimated £70 million

2005 awarded the RFA Centenary Wedgewood Bowl

20 December 2005 returned to Portsmouth on conclusion of APT (N) duties

31 December 2005 at Portsmouth

30 January 2006 sailed from Portsmouth

24 February 2006 at Glen Mallen

25 February 2006 in Operation Neptune Warrior along with RFA WAVE RULER (2)

W Knight 2 at Dover

March 2006 alongside at Dover when attending the Dover Maritime Careers Festival
© Anthony Lane

31 March 2006 arrived at Portsmouth

18 April 2006 berthed on the South Arm of Gibraltar Dockyard

2006 In Operation Velaled by the assault ship HMS OCEAN - amphibious operations off the coast of Sierra Leone - along with RFA’s DILIGENCE, FORT AUSTIN, MOUNTS BAY, OAKLEAF (2) and  SIR BEDIVERE

5 June 2006 & 6 June 2006 FOST

1 July 2006 at Portland and Captain Alan T Roach OBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

23 August 2006 berthed at Leith Docks, Edinburgh for Edinburgh Military Tattoo Duties

28 August 2006 at Tail of Bank, Clyde

3 September 2006 sailed Portland for Devonport

11 September 2006 sailed Devonport for Exercise Grey Cormorant

27 September 2006 arrived at Gibraltar on Vela 08 Deployment which was part of Exercise Grey Cormorant

12 November 2006 arrived at Gibraltar from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

13 November 2006 sailed Gibraltar

19 November 2006 arrived at Portland after the Vela 08 Deployment

3 February 2007 with RFA WAVE RULER, HMS PORTLAND, two Sea King rescue helicopters from Chivenor in north Devon and Culdrose in Cornwall, and Salcombe and Torbay lifeboats involved in the rescue of four members of the crew of a yacht which overturned in the English Channel seven miles off Prawle Point on the south Devon coast. One other member of the crew was drowned

14 February 2007 at Portland

21 February 2007 arrived at Harwich

2 April 2007 arrived Merseyside for dry docking

24 April 2007 engaged in Operations off Sierra Leone with HMS OCEAN and RFA's FORT AUSTIN and GOLD ROVER

4 August 2007 at Portland

9 August 2007 FOST

27 September 2007 arrived Portland

October 2007 with HMS PORTLAND seized 3.3 tonnes (assessed) cocaine in the Caribbean jettisoned by smugglers worth an estimated £132 million

2 November 2007 humanitarian assistance : was tasked at short notice  to provide aviation support in order to distribute humanitarian aid to the people of the Dominican Republic in the wake of Hurricane Noel

8 January 2008 at D Buoy, Plymouth Sound

14 January 2008 sailed Plymouth Sound

17 January 2008 conducting pre Deployment training off Devonport

21 January 2008 sailed as part of the Orion 08 Deployment to the Middle East led by the aircraft carrier HMS ILLUSTRIOUS - along with RFA’s BAYLEAF (3) and FORT AUSTIN

21 April 2008 with RN, USS, French and Indian Naval units involved in Konkan Naval Exercises off Goa, India

9 June 2008 Temporary Acting Captain Vernon Ramsey-Smith RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Capt Vernon Ramsey Smith

Captain Vernon Ramsey-Smith RFA

August 2008 Arabian Gulf Ready tanker

15 November 2008 Captain (E) Graham Turner RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

CEO Graham Turner

Captain (E) Graham Turner RFA

22 November 2008 arrived Devonport from the Persian Gulf

29 November 2008 arrived Loch Striven Fuel Depot from Portland

1 December 2008 berthed moved to Glen Mallen DM Depot

3 December 2008 sailed Glen Mallen

December 2008 involved with HMS CUMBERLAND in the arrest of suspected 8 Somali pirates and after their arrest conveyed them to Police in Mombasa to be tried by the Kenyan courts

20 March 2009 berthed at Mumbai, India together with HMS PORTLAND

18 April 2009 while supporting the Combined Maritime Forces in the Gulf of Aden she received a distress call from the merchant HANDY TANKERS MAGIC which was under attack by pirates. She followed the pirate skiff to it‘s Mother Ship and forced it to stop. A Dutch warship arrived on the scene and boarded the Mother Ship which resulted in 13 fishermen being freed. Just 2 hours later she received another distress  call from FRONT ARDENNES and sped to the scene and fired warning shots and the pirates aborted their attack and sped off

17 May 2009 Temporary Acting Captain Vernon Ramsey-Smith RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

12 June 2009 Captain (E) Edward M Quigley RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

17 July 2009 RASed with USS Bataan (LHD5) supplying her with nearly 700,000 gallons of fuel in the Gulf of Aden

17 November 2009 Captain (E) Graham Turner RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

26 November 2009 berthed at Portland

January 2010 with RFA's ARGUS, LYME BAY, WAVE RULER together with RN Units have been honoured by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for their work to repress piracy off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden at the 26th session of the IMO

29 January 2010 at Portland Harbour

4 February 2010 with RFA WAVE RULER on exercise off Plymouth

24 February 2010 with RFA MOUNTS BAY and RN units involved in a NATO Exercise 'Cold Response' off Norway

21 May 2010 entered Portsmouth Dockyard with the assistance of tugs Reliable, Bustler and Powerful

23 May 2010 presented with the RFA Operational Efficiency Award in Portsmouth by Commodore William Walworth OBE RFA

19 June 2010 anchored off Gurnsey

21 June 2010 reported in the RFA Cascade Brief that the Worshipful Company of Fuellers annual award for outstanding recognition has been awarded to Chief Officer (E) Roger Stevens RFA at the Mansion House, Walbrook on 20 April 2010

26 August 2010 berthed at Canada Dock, Liverpool

11 September 2010 moored at Langton Dock, Liverpool

6 October 2010 Captain (E) Graham Turner RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

27 October 2010 in refit at Merseyside

21 November 2010 sailed from Portland

17 December 2010 at Portland

21 April 2011 at Portland

21 April 2011 Temporary Acting Captain Vernon Ramsey-Smith RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

4 September 2011 in the Gulf of Aden RASed with USS Mitscher (DDG57)

19 December 2011 RASed with HMS SOMERSET

WKnight2 HMS Somerset RAS

© Captain Shaun Jones OBE RFA

14 January 2012 in the North Arabian Sea off Oman responding to a Mayday call and in cooperation with two SH60 Seahawk helicopters from the USS John C Stennis rescued ten people from a 70 foot pleasure craft Princess Melisa which was holed, taking in water and in danger of sinking in rough seas. Those rescued were transfered to an Omani Coast Guard vessel

19 January 2012 escorted MV Oriana towards Muscat at 23 knots

Wave Knight  Gulf of Aden escorting PO Oriana 19 Jan 2012 - 1

Wave Knight   Gulf of Aden escorting PO Oriana 19 Jan 2012 -2

Escorting MV Oriana in the Gulf of Aden
both images kindly donated by Tony Babb
5 February 2012 RASed with RFA FORT VICTORIA
WKnight2 FVic RAS
28 February 2012 in the Red Sea with HMS DARING, HMAS PARRAMATTA and PNS BADUR engaged in Operation SCIMITAR ANZAC
8 March 2012 berthed at Gibraltar on No 41 berth
16 March 2012 berthed at Portland
22 March 2012 arrived Plymouth
19 April 2012 moved from No 1 Jetty, Devonport Dockyard to Plymouth Sound
21 April 2012 entered Cammell Laird's wet basin on the Mersey for refit
7 July 2012 moved to Canada Dock, Liverpool by tugs Smit Barbados, Smit Sandon, Smit Donau and Smit Collingwood
4 August 2012 sailed Liverpool to sea returning on 6 August 2012
8 August 2012 sailed Liverpool to sea
9 August 2012 berthed at Glen Mallan, Loch Long with the assistance of tugs SD Impulse, SD Impetus and SD Resourceful
13 August 2012 sailed Glen Mallan to sea
15 August 2012 in Loch Fyne off Inveraray. Spent the night at anchor off Stravanan Bay on the south of Bute
24 August 2012 arrived at Glen Mallen, Loch Long with SD Resourceful in attendance
27 August 2012 arrived at Plymouth
29 August 2012 sailed from Plymouth to sea
10 September 2012 sailed from Plymouth to sea
11 September 2012 attended the scene of the sinking of a 49 foot beam trawler 'Sarah Jayne' off Berry Head and assisted the Exmouth and Torbay lifeboats in the search for the three crew. Two recovered and provided with first aid and then taken to hospital by the Portland Coast Guard. One of the trawlers crew still missing - further searching undertaken
13 September 2012 arrived at Portland
19 September 2012 sailed Portland to Plymouth arriving the same day
20 September 2012 sailed Plymouth
21 September 2012 berthed at Cherbourg, France
24 September 2012 sailed from Cherbourg, France
3 January 2013 Captain Ross Ferris OBE MVO RFA appointed in command
Sailed Portland
6 January 2013 arrived at Portland
16 January 2013 sailed Portland for Bermuda
22 January 2013 berthed at Bermuda
W.Knight Bermuda
 RFA Wave Knight (2) alongside at Bermuda 
Courtesy of and copyright © The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

25 January 2013 sailed Bermuda

28 January 2013 berthed at Mayport, Florida

18 February 2013 sailed Mayport, Florida

21 February 2013 visited Grand Cayman

27 February 2013 visited Grand Turk for a four day visit

5 March 2013 berthed at Road Town, British Virgin Islands

7 March 2013 a football match played at BVI resulted in the ship's team loosing 4 - 5 to a local side

11 March 2013 anchored at Road Bay, Anguilla for three days

14 March 2013 sailed Anguilla

17 March 2013 berthed alongside at St. Johns, Antigua

24 March 2013 anchored off Montserrat for three day visit

29 March 2013 berthed at Barbados for five day visit

6 May 2013 berthed at Jacksonville, Florida

31 May 2013 sailed from Jacksonville, Florida

31 August 2013 in the Caribbean detained a Jamaican Fishing Boat on which was found 2,800 pounds in 55 packets of Marijuana worth £1.60 million pounds. The crew were detained and handed over to the US Customs Cutter Okracoke

11 December 2013 at Antigua crew members as a result of a request by the Good Shepherd Home assisted in the repair of a shelter for abused and abandoned children. The laundry room was retiled, the building was rewired, plumbing repaired and a TV aerial was installed

13 December 2013 berthed at Port Havana, Cuba for a routine visit related to disaster training activities in the Caribbean area

18 December 2013 Captain (X) Duncan Lamb RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

20 December 2013 sailed from Port Havana, Cuba

26 December 2013 in the Caribbean detained a boat - the Miss Kameney - with five crew and found 1/4 ton of marijunana hidden

  MOD Miss Kameney


below decks. The drugs, the boat and the five crew were landed at the Dominican Republic in the custody of the US Customs service

WKnight2 drugs transfer to USCG 

Drugs seized by RFA Wave Knight being delivered to a USCG Cutter

22 January 2014 in the Caribbean south of the Dominican Republic detained a go-fast speed boat with four crew and found 45 bales of cocaine with a weight of about 1.25 tons and worth more than $60 million. The ship and US Coast Guard had to fire on the go-fast to get it to stop, The four who were detained and the bales of cocaine were handed over to the US authorities off the coast of Puerto Rico.

 WKnight2 - 2014 drugs bales 

5 February 2014 at the Island of Grenada until 8 February 2014

11 February 2014 sighted and reported to the US Coast Guard a 30 foot go-fast with packages onboard off the Kingston, Jamaica coast. The go-fast was stopped and the crew detained. The packages were found to contain 171 kilogrames of cocaine with an estimated wholesale value of $4 million (US). The drugs and the suspect smugglers were landed at St. Petersburg, Florida and handed over to waiting law enforcement officers

24 February 2014 Captain (E) Joe W Richardson RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

15 March 2014 berthed at the Naval Station, Mayport, Florida

WK2 colours 15.3.2014

Colours at 0800hrs 15 March 2014 

11 April 2014 berthed at King's Wharf, Bermuda Dockyard

23 April 2014 berthed at Portland

29 April 2014 Captain (X) Duncan Lamb RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Commodore Lamb

Captain (X) Duncan Lamb RFA

13 May 2014 in the English Channel

15 May 2014 berthed at Portland

23 May 2014 berthed on a buoy in Plymouth Sound

29 May 2014 sailed Plymouth

5 June 2014 arrived at Plymouth Sound

20 June 2014 alongside No 1 Jetty, Devonport Dockyard

23 June 2014 sailed Plymouth

25 June 2014 arrived at Portland

26 June 2014 sailed Portland

7 July 2014 Captain Graham Clarke MBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

9 July 2014 arrived at Portland 

16 July 2014 RASed with RFA GOLD ROVER and FGS Ludwigshaven in the FOST training area

 20140716-WVKN GORV DSCF0002

RFA Wave Knight (2) RASing with RFA Gold Rover


RFA Wave Knight (2) RASing with FGS Ludwigshaven

12 August 2014 at Portland Harbour

2 September 2014 together with RFA LYME BAY and RN Units lead by HMS BULWALK berthed at Gibraltar prior to Cougar 14 Exercise

3 September 2014 sailed Gibraltar with RFA LYME BAY and the other RN units for Exercise Cougar 14

29 September 2014 at Gibraltar

6 October 2014 berthed alongside at Portland

13 October 2014 Captain (X) Christopher G Clarke MBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

14 October 2014 berthed alongside at Portland

25 October 2014 berthed at Devonport - south Dockyard. Captain (E) Maurice O Ambrose RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

8 December 2014 berthed at Loch Striven 

23 December 2014 berthed at HMNB Clyde

18 January 2015 berthed alongside in Devonport Dockyard (South)

27 January 2015 sailed Plymouth

5 February 2015 arrived at Birkenhead for refit

6 July 2015 Captain (E) Maurice O Ambrose RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

WK2 at Birkenhead

RFA Wave Knight (2) at Birkenhead


15 July 2015 Captain (X) Ian N Pilling RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

18 August 2015 sailed Birkenhead

11 November 2015 Captain (X) Gerard A Patterson RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

16 November 2015 Captain (E) Terence J Edwards RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

19 December 2015 Captain (X) Karl R Woodfield RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

20 December 2015 berthed alongside at Loch Striven

WK2 at Loch striven for Xmas


21 December 2015 Captain (E) Nigel M Sim RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer


Captain (E) Nigel M Sim RFA


17 January 2016 Captain (E) Brian A King RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

18 January 2016 - the MOD has reported that since 1 January 2014 the ship together with HMS's RICHMOND, St. ALBANS, SOMERSET and ARGYLL have recovered nearly £1bn worth of illegal narcotics

14 March 2016 berthed at Portland

2 April 2016 at Plymouth Sound

23 April 2016 Captain (X) Peter N Selby RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

2 May 2016 at Plymouth Sound

5 May 2016 arrived at Plymouth Sound

9 May 2016 sailed Plymouth Sound

12 May 2016 arrived at Plymouth Sound

16 May 2016 sailed Plymouth Sound

25 May 2016 berthed at Portsmouth

3 June 2016 sailed Portsmouth

4 June 2016 berthed at Portland

16 June 2016 sailed Portland arriving at Plymouth later in the day

21 June 2016 sailed Plymouth

4 July 2016 anchored off Santo Domingo de Guzman in the Dominican Republic

6 July 2016 sailed from Santo Domingo de Guzman in the Dominican Republic

8 July 2016 arrived at Cockburn Town, Grand Turk

10 July 2016 sailed Grand Turk

13 July 2016 arrived at Willemstad Anchorage and then berthed at Caracas Bay, Curacao

July 2016 the embarked military personnel were called upon by the pastor of the church at Caracas Baai, about four miles outside the capital Willemstad, Curacao to repair and update the premises – the paint on the outer walls had been degraded badly by the sea air, the gardens were overgrown and strewn with litter and the building itself suffered from a severe termite infestation. The work was undertaken over a period of 16 days much to the satifaction of the pastor

Work on the Church

The inside of the Church at Caracas Baai

19 July 2016 Captain (E) Paul Petersen RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

4 August 2016 sailed Caracas Bay arriving a short while later at Willemstad Anchorage

8 August 2016 sailed Willemstad Anchorage arriving a short while later at Road Town, British Virgin Islands

11 August 2016 the ships embarked Lynx Helicopter provided assistance to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) with its continuing search for missing persons, who were reportedly on a vessel that capsized in British Virgin Islands waters on 10 July 2016. Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews thanked the crew of the Lynx helicopter for the help rendered this week. “The ship and its helicopter crew is here to support the overseas territories during the hurricane season, but they have volunteered their services to fly and assist in the search of uninhabited islands in and around the BVI. It is a great opportunity for us to examine the coastlines and hopefully bring some peace to families in Cuba and the United States waiting for any news of their loved ones,” he said. According to the BVI police, the four men rescued were questioned by Immigration personnel. Three were repatriated and one was still in police custody up to 20 July 2016

13 August 2016 the ships embarked Lynx Helicopter provided practical training for the Virgin Island Search and Rescue service

WKnight BVI 14 8 2016

© Paul Hubbard


15 August 2016 anchored off Anguilla

18 August 2016 on Anguilla the Islands Department of Disaster Management held an earthquake table top exercise at the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) in order to test plans relating to response and relief in an earthquake scenario. The principal focus of the exercise was the arrangements needed to provide disaster relief to the public of Anguilla in the event of a catastrophic earthquake which damaged several critical government and private agencies as well as significantly affected the road network. The NEOC was activated for the exercise and all participants were engaged in the simulation in order to encourage familiarisation with the impacts of a significant earthquake event and their corresponding roles. RFA WAVE KNIGHT (2) was invited to the exercise and officers played the role of observers for the simulation. Chief Officer Timothy Alderson RFA, the ships XO, gave a presentation on the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) capabilities of the vessel which can provide rapid short term assistance in the event of a disaster event in critical areas such as potable water generation and distribution, temporary shelter and emergency communications.


RFA Wave Knight (2) embarked helicopter supporting the ships 'Knight on Horse back'

 5 October 2016 at Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands

6 October 2016 at the Dominican Republic

7 October 2016 at Nassau, Bahamas

24 October 2016 stopped a go-fast boat and recovered 14 bales of cocaine with a wholesale value of £9.37 million. Five members of the boats crew were detained and were subsequently landed with drugs at Miami by the US Coast Guard

Wknight drugs bust


1 November 2016 anchored off Scarborough, Tobago to carry out a programme which included emergency planning with the Tobago Emergency Management Agency and British Army Royal Engineer commandos from the ship carrying out work supporting the Child Welfare League, Signal Hill Secondary School on a renewable energy project, and the sea scouts, including Roxborough Secondary School

WKnight off Scarborough Tobago 2 11 2016

RFA Wave Knight (2) anchored of Scarborough, Tobago
Image © Trinidad & Tobago Guardian newspaper acknowledged

2 November 2016 sailed from Scarborough anchorage

4 November 2016 arrived at Port of Spain, Trinidad

7 November 2016 sailed Port of Spain, Trinidad

24 November 2016 off St. Kitts & Nevis

26 November 2016 at St Vincent

28 November 2016 at Grenada

29 November 2016 at Barbados

Prince Harry visit to the Caribbean 30 Nov 2016

H R H Prince Harry going ashore at Barbados

1 December 2016 sailed Barbados

6 December 2016 berthed at Port Everglades, Florida

10 December 2016 sailed from at Port Everglades, Florida

11 December 2016 berthed at Grand Bahamas Shipyard, Freeport, Bahamas

25 December 2016 Captain (X) Nigel A Budd RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Captain Nigel Budd

Captain (X) Nigel A Budd RFA

30 December 2016 sailed Freeport, Bahamas

2 January 2017 arrived at Kingston, Jamaica

6 January 2017 sailed from Kingston, Jamaica

17 January 2017 anchored off the Republic of Panama

20 January 2017 sailed Colon, Republic of Panama

29 January 2017 arrived at Kingston, Jamaica anchorage sailing later the same day

1 February 2017 anchored off Georgetown, Grand Cayman

5 February 2017 sailed from Georgetown, Grand Cayman anchorage

7 February 2017 berthed at Havana, Cuba

WKNIGHT arrives Havana 7 2 17

RFA Wave Knight (2) arrives at Havana, Cuba
image © Prensa Latina
WKNI at Havana Cuba

10 February 2017 sailed from Havana, Cuba 

14 February 2017 berthed at Kings Wharf, Bermuda

WKNIGHT in Bermuda 14 2 17

Berthed alongside in Bermuda 


15 February 2017 Captain (X) Karl R Woodfield RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

19 February 2017 sailed from Bermuda

27 February 2017 berthed at Willemstad, Curacao

1 March 2017 Captain (E) Paul Petersen RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

14 March 2017 sailed Willemstad, Curacao

17 March 2017 arrived at Bridgetown, Barbados anchorage sailing the same day. RASed with HNLMS Van Amstel

HNLMS Van Amstel

RASing with HNLMS Van Amstel

March 2017 the ships company raised £565 to sponsor the North Tyneside Association Swimming Club's 'Mad March Hare Gala' at Durham. The ship's sponsorship of the event was the Club's biggest 

2 April 2017 anchored off East Falkland

Wave Knight at anchor in Falklands

Anchored off East Falkland
© John Clifford

7 April 2017 anchored off Seal Island, East Falkland later moving to Port Stanley anchorage

10 April 2017 sailed from Port Stanley anchorage

12 April 2017 anchored off Seal Island, East Falkland

14 April 2017 anchored off Port Stanley

18 April 2017 sailed from Port Stanley anchorage





In the Spring of 2001 it emerged that BAe Systems had placed an unsolicited bid with the MoD to build a further two WAVE CLASS tankers at significant cost savings in comparison with the first 2 but the MoD declined to accept the bid

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