RFA Tidespring (1)


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RFA Tidespring





Subsequent name:  

Official Number:                       304379                                                                      

Class:                                       Improved TIDE Class Fleet Replenishment Tanker

Pennant No:                             A75

Laid down:                               24 July 1961
Builder:                                     Hawthorne Leslie, Hebburn on Tyne
Launched:                                3 May 1962

Into Service:                             18 January 1963
Out of service:                          1992
Fate:                                        Broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data: Authorised under the 1961/62 Navy Estimates, the two ships in this Class were developed from the original TIDE CLASS and were highly specialised ships for fuelling and storing naval vessels at sea and were capable of high performance under rigorous service conditions. Their capability was further enhanced as they were the first front-line RFA’s to have a single-spot 50 ft x 70 ft helicopter flight deck and full hangar arrangements incorporated into their design.


28 February 1961 ship ordered

13 November 1961 Mr John R Warne RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

Comm Chief Eng John Raymond WARNE

Chief Engineer Officer John R Warne RFA

24 July 1961 laid down

3 May 1962 launched by Hawthorn Leslie Shipbuilders Ltd, Hebburn as Yard Nr: 752 named TIDESPRING. The Lady Sponsor was Lady Jarrett, the wife of Sir Clifford G Jarrett, the Secretary of the Admiralty. She was the 120th ship to be built at the Yard for the Admiralty

8 January 1963 commenced sea trials

18 January 1963 after bunkering at Spithead she was routed to Trinidad on a shake-down cruise but never reached her destination

19 January 1963 the Birmingham Daily Post reported that -


Bmingham Daily Post 19 1 1963


27 January 1963 during her maiden shakedown voyage to Trinidad she was diverted to rendezvous with RFA PEARLEAF (2) in mid-Atlantic after the latter had suffered a breakdown and  escorted her to Horta in the Azores to await spares and repairs

6 February 1963 sailed Horta for the U.K.

7 March 1963 during her first exercise with the Home Fleet, a major mechanical defect occurred and she had to be withdrawn from the exercise and returned to her builders for defect rectification

11 April 1963 sailed from the Tyne on completion of defect rectifications

19 April 1963 sailed Devonport after loading cargo with the 4th Sea Lord embarked as a passenger for Gibraltar and the Mediterranean

28 April 1963 to 25 May 1963 acted as Station Tanker in the Mediterranean before returning to the U.K. for Builder’s Guarantee Surveys

18 May 1963 berthed at Malta on No 8 buoy - open to the public

16 June 1963 at Portland Dockyard

July 1963 accompanied the carrier HMS VICTORIOUS from the U.K. to the Far East along with RFA’s RELIANT(2), RESURGENT and WAVE RULER (1)

24 August 1963 Captain E Payne RFA appointed as Master

20 December 1963 at Newcastle upon Tyne

March 1964 took RFA ORANGELEAF (2) in tow after the latter had suffered an engine breakdown and towed her to Colombo where they arrived on Easter Saturday

18 April 1964 in company with HMS VICTORIOUS and HMAS PARRAMATTA sailed Singapore for Hong Kong

23 April 1964 off Hong Kong took part in a Shop Window with HMS VICTORIOUS, HMAS PARRAMATTA, HMS/m's AMBUSH and ANCHORITE

9 May 1964 while on passage to Yokusuka, Japan RAS'ed with HMAS YARRA

11 May 1964 RAS'ed with HMAS PARRAMATTA

12 May 1964 berthed at Yokusuka, Japan with RFA RETAINER, HMS VICTORIOUS and other RN and RAN units

27 May 1964 at Subic Bay, Phillippines together with RFA's RETAINER, RELIANT (2), FORT ROSALIE (1) and FORT CHARLOTTE arrived and together with HMAS SUPPLY and formed Task Group 490.7. RFA TIDEFLOW which should have joined the Task Group remained at Singapore due to a mechanical breakdown

5 November 1964 Captain G O W Evans DSC RFA appointed as Master

6 November 1964 at Smith's Dock, North Shields for repairs until 10 November 1964

9 November 1964 Mr E Smeaton RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

30 January 1965 in the Singapore Straits RASed with HMAS DERWENT

HMAS derwentcolour


31 January 1965 berthed at Singapore Dockyard - berth No: 7 - with HMAS IBIS alongside being refuelled

17 March 1965 in the northern Malacca Straits RASed with HMAS DERWENT

2 April 1965 RASed with HMAS PARRAMATTA

19 May 1965 sailed Malta for Turkey and Singapore

15 July 1965 in the Malacca Strait RASed with HMAS PARRAMATTA supplying FFO

26 July 1965 at Singapore

7 August 1965 off Cape Rachdale RAS'ed with HMAS YARRA

November 1965 in the Coral Sea engaged with RN, RAN & USN naval units in Operation Warrior

9 December 1965 berthed at Hobart, Tasmanian with HMS BARROSA and HMS WHITBY

10 December 1965 a seaman from the ship appeared at Hobarth Magistrates' Court, Tasmainia, Australia charged that on 7 December 1965 in the territorial waters off Sydney Heads deliberately immobilised the steering gear by damaging a telemotor pipe and deliberately closing four steering gear valves. He was remanded in custody

14 December 1965 sailed Hobart, Tasmania

18 December 1965 Seaman Dennis William Hellewell pleased Guilty to immobilised the steering gear by damaging a telemotor pipe and deliberately closing four steering gear valves on board when he appeared on remand at Hobart Magistrates' Court (see above) - he was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment

27 December 1965 sailed from Gage Roads in company of RFA TIDEREACH with both ships bound for Singapore

10 January 1966 Mr V J Cooney RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

24 January 1966 Captain Alistair C Gibson RFA appointed as Master

27 February 1966 RASed with HMNZS TARANAKI off Singapore

27 March 1966 off Rachado refuelled HMAS GULL

12 June 1966 together with RFA' s FORT LANGLEY and FORT DUNVEGAN at anchor off the eastern side of Pu Tioman

13 June 1966 RASed with HMAS DERWENT off Singapore

14 July 1966 berthed in Grand Harbour, Malta on Palatorial Wharf

4 October 1966 commenced to take part in Exercise Millsail - an advanced weapon exercise - in the Subic training areas, together with RFA's RESURGENT, FORT DUQUESNE and FORT ROSALIE together with various RN and RAN units

18 November 1966 berthed at D Shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle

25 November 1966 sailed from Freemantle together with HMS VICTORIOUS

18 April 1967 Captain C G Butterworth RFA appointed as Master

11 October 1967 to 25 January 1968 was part of Task Force 318 - the Aden Task Force formed to cover the final British military withdrawal from the area codenamed Operation Magister - along with 9 other RFA’s.

12 November 1967 Mr W M Clements RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

16 September 1967 at Singapore

17 October 1967 at Aden

28 July 1968 Captain G P A MacDougall RFA appointed as Master

1 October 1968 RASed with HMAS YARRA during Operation Shadow (1)

16 October 1968 visited Auckland, New Zealand

11 February 1969 at HMS TERROR sports ground Tidespring 'C' 6 a side Football team was beaten by a team from HMAS DUCHESS 'A' 2 goals to 1. Tidespring 'B' 6 a side Football team was beaten by a team from HMAS DUCHESS 'A' 2 goals to 1

26 February 1970 at 4.00N 106.45E north east of Anambas Islands RAS'ed with HMAS's SYDNEY and YARRA. HMAS SYDNEY received 2,074 tons of FFO

1 April 1970 together with USS Mattaponi (AO41) sailed from Manila

2 April 1970 RAS'ed with HMAS DERWENT

4 April 1970 RAS'ed HMAS MELBOURNE

1 March 1971 at Grand Harbour, Malta

8 April 1971 berthed on the Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty, Portsmouth

23 September 1971 on the River Tyne

21 February 1972 the Birmingham Daily Post reported that -

BHam Daily Post 21 2 1972

April 1972 humanitarian aid - along with RFA STROMNESS she provided assistance to Rodrigues Island 350 miles east of Mauritius after it had been battered by a cyclone and aid was airlifted in

May 1972 in the Indian Ocean RASed with the Royal Yacht Britannia

3 August 1972 visited Pitcairn Island, Pacific to collect Royal Engineers who had been delivered by RFA TIDEPOOL on 29 June 1972

8 June 1973 along with RFA REGENT, sailed Portsmouth as part of Task Group 317.1 - the first Group deployment, led by the cruiser HMS TIGER

22 December 1973 in the Indian Ocean together with RFA TIDEREACH RASed with USS Brumby (DE1044) and USS Koelsh (DE1049)

16 June 1974 in the Coral Sea after exercise Kangaroo One RASed with HMAS SUPPLY

29 August 1974 arrived at Cape Town, South Africa with various RN ships together with RFA's TARBATNESS and TIDEREACH for exercises with the South African Navy

February 1975 off Rosyth deployed on JMC 751 (Joint Maritime Course)

June 1975 deployed on JMC 753 (Joint Maritime Course) - location not currently known

22 July 1975 Along with RFA’s GOLD ROVER and TARBATNESS sailed U.K. as part of Task Group 317.3 led by the guided missile destroyer HMS GLAMORGAN

15 January 1976 visited Auckland, New Zealand

13 April 1977 at Rosyth

24 June 1977 to 29 June 1977 took part in the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review at Spithead with eight other RFA's and units of the Royal Navy and foreign navies

30 June 1977 at Portland

5 July 1977 RASed with HMAS BRISBANE during Exercise High Wood

7 July 1977 RASed with HMAS BRISBANE during Exercise High Wood

30 August 1977 Captain Barry H Rutterford RFA appointed as Master



Captain Barry H Rutterford RFA

11 September 1977 at Rosyth Dockyard

11 December 1977 at Rosyth Dockyard

1 April 1978  at Rosyth Dockyard

31 May 1978 along with RFA’s GREEN ROVER and STROMNESS sailed Portsmouth as part of Task Group 317.7 led by the helicopter cruiser HMS BLAKE

28 August 1978 at San Diego, California

13 December 1978 at Portsmouth

24 January 1979 Captain Bruce A Seymour RFA was the ships Master and Mr Vernon Reed RFA was the ships Chief Engineer Officer

5 October 1979 at Wallsend on Tyne

18 March 1980 at Plymouth

3 November 1980 at Rosyth

11 February 1981 RASed with RFA RESOURCE (2)

20 March 1981 at Rosyth

25 August 1981 at Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty, Portsmouth Harbour (see note 1)

5 October 1981 at Portsmouth (see note 1)

3 January 1982 Captain Shane Redmond RFA appointed as Master


Captain Shane Redmond RFA


January 1982 sailed Rosyth supporting HMS FEARLESS and other RN ships on exercise with US Naval units visiting Puerto Rico, Virgin Gorda, Aruba. On 18 January 1982 during the deployment rammed by FGN frigate AUGSBERG during a RAS (Port side just aft of forward structure the deck was lifted anout five feet) - returned to UK in March 1982


Fearless Tidespring Stromness Achilles WI Feb 82

© MOD acknowledged

5 March 1982 at Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

30 March 1982 sailed Gibraltar and was diverted south for Operation Corporate - the Falklands Conflict. Was part of TG 317.8 / 1 - the Main Battle Group - consisting of the County-class destroyers HM ships ANTRIM and GLAMORGAN, the Type 42 destroyers HM ship COVENTRY, GLASGOW and SHEFFIELD, the Type 22 frigate HMS BRILLIANT ,the Type 21 frigate HMS ARROW and the Rothesay class frigate HMS PLYMOUTH.

10 April 1982 arrived Ascension Island in company with the destroyer HMS ANTRIM and the frigate HMS PLYMOUTH and a small Task Group to retake South Georgia was formed.

11 April 1982 sailed Ascension Island with 2 x Wessex 5 helicopters from “C” Flight 845 NAS and 87 marines from “M” Company 42 Commando embarked in company with the destroyer HMS ANTRIM and the frigate HMS PLYMOUTH

13 April 1982 rendezvoused with RFA FORT AUSTIN to embark a full RN surgical support unit for the South Georgia Task Force

14 April 1982 rendezvoused with the Ice Patrol Ship HMS ENDURANCE and improvised a method to refuel her as she was not equipped to refuel at sea . The whole Group then  proceeded to South Georgia

16 April 1982 RASed with HMS ANTRIM

17 April 1982 entered the TEZ (Total Exclusion Zone) around the Falkland Islands

21 April 1982 Operation Paraquat commenced and Special Forces from the ship landed on Fortuna Glacier

22 April 1982 two helicopters operating from Tidespring crashed one on lift off, the other when returning to the ship with troops on board



Badge drawing by Ed Buscall - with grateful thanks


1982, the above unofficial badge was presented to the senior pilot of 'C' flight 845 NAS by his maintainance crew, after the loss of the two Wessex HU 5's whilst attempting to extract special forces from Fortuna Glacier in South Georgia

23 April 1982 rendezvoused with RFA BRAMBLELEAF (3) for a much-needed pump over about 100 miles off South Georgia. This had to be aborted owing to a threat from the Argentinian submarine SANTA FE

24 April 1982 completed the pumpover - received 3,505 tons of diesel and 1,200 tons of FFO

26 April 1982 anchored in Cumberland Bay to unload her cargo of Royal Marines and ammunition then spent the night at sea

27 April 1982 returned to Cumberland Bay and embarked 187 PoW’s and  Argentinian / Uruguayan civilians.after the recapture of  South Georgia 2 days earlier

1 May 1982 sailed South Georgia to rendezvous with the Main Task Force enroute to Ascension Island in company with the destroyer HMS ANTRIM. Had restricted use of radar and displayed no navigation lights

7 May 1982 rendezvoused with and helped to refuel the main body of the amphibious assault vessels. RASed with the Hospital Ship Uganda then proceeded northwards accompanied by the frigate HMS ANTELOPE

12 May 1982 arrived Ascension Island with 153 PoW’s, 32 Argentinian and 2 Uruguyan civilians

13 May 1982 HMS/m ONYX and HMS's NORTHELLA, CORNELLA moored alongside

14 May 1982 HMS's FARNELLA and DUMBARTON CASTLE moored alongside

15 May 1982 replenished HMS/M ONYX alongside at Ascension Island with fuel, distilled water and naval stores



HMS/M Onyx alongside at Ascension Island


15 May 1982 RASed with HMS Exeter

16 May 1982 sailed Ascension Island with 2 new Wessex helicopters embarked, escorted by the frigate HMS ANTELOPE, to rejoin the main Carrier Task Group

20 May 1982 engaged in flying operations

26 May 1982 engaged in flying operations

27 May 1982 crashboat launched to provide medical assistance to RFA PEARLEAF (2)

2 June 1982 RASed with mv British Trent receiving 1,640 tons of FFO, 6,303 tons of diesel and 250 tons of Avcat. Also refuelled mv Baltic Ferry alongside in San Carlos Water

6 June 1982 engaged in VERTREP with mv Irishman

7 June 1982 engaged in VERTREP with mv British Trent and RFA RESOURCE

12 June 1982 one of her replacement Wessex helicopters was onboard the destroyer HMS GLAMORGAN when the warship was hit by an Exocet missile and the helicopter was destroyed in the explosion


18 June 1982 engaged in VERTREP with stores and mail from HMS DUMBARTON CASTLE

19 June 1982 engaged in a pumpover from RFA BAYLEAF (3) receiving 3,361 tons of diesel and 1,125 tons of Avcat

22 June 1982 engaged in VERTREP with HMS BROADSWORD and a further pumpover with RFA BAYLEAF (3) receiving 3,867 tons of Diesel

26 June 1982 anchored at San Carlos Water engaged in flying operations

28 June 1982 sailed San Carlos Water

2 July 1982 sailed towards Ascension Island

6 July 1982 stopped and launched the crash boat to collect mail and stores from HMS LEEDS CASTLE

7 July 1982 pump over with mv British Tamar

11 July 1982 off Ascension Island

12 July 1982 sailed Ascension Island for Portsmouth

22 July 1982 secured to the Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

27 July 1982 discharged ashore 2,303 tons of FFO, 7,519 tons of Diesel and 2,548 tons of Avcat

5 August 1982 sailed Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty for Devonport

6 August 1982 discharged 2,900 tons of FFO at Yonderberry Oil Fuel Jetty

12 August 1982 sailed Devonport for Gibraltar

15 August 1982 anchored in Gibraltar Bay

16 August 1982 moved from the anchorage to No: 43 berth at Gibraltar Dockyard

17 August 1982 cold move from No 43 berth to No 1 Dry Dock. Crew paid off. Articles closed. 4th Engineer Officer Henry Lobo RFA discharged dead

11 October 1982 the Times newspaper reported -

Times News Cutting 11 10 1982

24 October 1982 berthed on Yonderberry Oil Fuel Jetty

1 February 1983 to 4 February 1983 with the frigate HMS ARIADNE she was in Operation Matchstick - a very low key operation to destroy the base on the island of Thule in the South Atlantic

15 April 1983 berthed at Rosyth

12 July 1984 at Rosyth

17 July 1984 Captain Anthony Pitt DSC RFA appointed in command

19 August 1984 berthed at the Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

4 October 1984 was awarded the Falkland Islands 1982 Battle Honour at Gosport by Captain C.G. Butterworth RFA CMS - her only Battle Honour as she was the first ship with her name

7 October 1985 at Rosyth

2 December 1985 berthed on Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

30 March 1986 in the Persian Gulf engaged in a PassEx with HMS's BROADSWORD and CARDIFF together with USS Enterprise (CVAN65)

3 June 1988 at Dubai

20 November 1988 at Rosyth

2 February 1989 at Immingham. Captain Alan Roach RFA appointed in command

Capt allan roach

Captain Alan Roach RFA

1989 was awarded an inscribed plaque from the General Council of British Shipping to commemorate her service on Armilla Patrol between November 1986 and 20 August 1988 when the “Accompanying Policy” was in force. Other recipients were RFA’s APPLELEAF (3), BRAMBLELEAF (3), DILIGENCE, OLNA (3) and ORANGELEAF (3)

7 April 1989 at Portland

10 August 1989 at Devonport

30 August 1989 at Devonport

6 December 1989 at Portsmouth

8 April 1990 berthed at Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

May 1990 in Operation Eldorado - standing by off the coast of Monrovia to assist with any evacuation during the Civil War there supporting the frigate HMS BROADSWORD

August 1991 along with the frigate HMS LONDON was scheduled to visit Soviet Arctic ports to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Operation Dervish - the supply convoy to Murmansk and Archangel - but the visits were cancelled owing to the coup in the Soviet Union

5 December 1991 passed through the Thames Barrier, River Thames

6 December 1991 arrived at Portsmouth to destore for disposal

18 December 1991 laid up at Z Moorings at Portsmouth on the Disposal List. During her career she had  steamed a total of 1,270,388 nautical miles

20 March 1992 towed out of Portsmouth enroute to the ship breakers

2 July 1992 arrived at Arlang, India to be broken up by Incom Shiptrade.

20 July 1992 breaking up began



1. Locations kindly provided by Bosun George Collings RFA (Retired) from his Discharge Book



 RFA Tidespring (2)

TSpring Pacific 24 2 17 

Subsequent name:  

Official Number:                                                                   

Class:                                       Fast Fleet Tanker (MARS)

Pennant No:                            A136

Laid down:                              22 December 2014
Builder:                                    Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), South Korea
Launched:                               25 April 2015

Into Service:                            12 January 2017

Crew number                            59         
Out of service:                          


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data: A class of four tankers at a total cost of £452 million - designed by BMT Defence Services, Bath


22 February 2012 ordered

24 June 2014 at the DSME yard in Okpo-dong, South Korea the head of the RFA Commodore Rob Dorey cut the first steel for the ship

TIDESPRING 2 first steel

July 2014 Yard Nr: 7044 IMO Nr: 9655535

21 August 2014 Lady Boyce, the wife of the former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce has accepted the invitation to be the ship's lady sponsor

2 November 2014 the Commodore in Chief, HRH the Prince Edward, visited the DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea to inspect the work being undertaken by the ship builders to built RFA TIDESPRING (2)

RH the P Edward at Daewoo shipbuilding

The Commodore in Chief with the ship yards CEO Mr Ko Jae-ho

22 December 2014 laid down                 

Tidespring 2f

Tidespring 2c

RFA Tidespring (2) under construction

25 April 2015 lauched (floated out)

22 July 2015 Captain (X) Duncan Lamb RFA appointed as Commanding Officer and Captain (E) Terence J M Edwards RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

Commodore Lamb

Captain (X) Duncan Lamb RFA

11 September 2015 Captain (E) Nigel M Sim RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer



Captain (E) Nigel M Sim RFA

4 October 2015 Captain (X) Shaun P Jones OBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Shaun Jones

Captain (X) Shaun P Jones OBE RFA

7 October 2015 officially named RFA Tidespring by Lady Boyce, the ships Lady Sponsor, in the company of the Lord Boyce KG GCB, the 1st Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas KCB DSC ADC FRAeS and Commodore Rob Dorey RFA as well as other distinguished guests


TSpring building

Tidespring in S. Korea


29 January 2016 to 6 February 2016 conducted basin trials

26 March 2016 - the ship's official stamp -

Tspring2 ships stamp


29 March 2016 sailed on builders trials from DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea

13 April 2016 berthed at DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea after builders trials

21 April 2016 Captain (E) Paul A Jenkins RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

28 April 2016 Captain (X) Simon Herbert RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

17 May 2016 sailed on builders second sea trials from DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea

20 May 2016 berthed at DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea having completed second sea trials

8 June 2016 Captain (X) Shaun P Jones OBE RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

12 June 2016 Captain (E) Nigel M Sim RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

TSpring Ships Bell 20 2 2017

28 June 2016 sailed on third series of builders sea trails from DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea. Anchored at Busan New Port anchorage sailing again 16 minutes later

DSME Sea Trial Area

DSME Sea Trial area

1 July 2016 berthed at DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea having completed her contractors sea trials

2 November 2016 sailed from DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea returning the same day

8 November 2016 in Parliament the Scottish National Party MP for Dunfermline and West Fife, Mr Douglas Chapman MP, asked the Ministry of Defence what the principal technical faults are that have led to the delay of the transfer of the RFA Tidespring to the UK for customisation and capability assessment trials until 2017. The Parlimentary Under Secretary of State for Defence Ms Harriett Baldwin MP replied -  "Delays in finalising elements of electrical design and the installation of Multi-Cable Transit insulation in accordance with new legislative regulations resulted in some adjustments in the build schedule. These issues have now been resolved and Tidespring is expected to arrive in the UK in early 2017 to begin UK customisation and capability assessment trials. Notwithstanding these issues, which are not unusual for any First of Class ship, build of the remaining ships in the Class is progressing well and we remain confident that all four tankers will be in service with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary by the end of 2018, as planned"

22 November 2016 sailed from DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea return later the same day

12 January 2017 accepted into the Royal Fleet Auxiliary from the builders by Captain Shaun Jones OBE RFA on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (Navy)

5 February 2017 sailed from DSME Yard, Okpo-dong, South Korea


RFA Tidespring (2) sails for home


11 February 2017 berthed at Yokosuka, Japan

TSPRING 12 2 17 at Yokosuka

Alongside at  Yokosuka
© Numata Raisuke
14 February 2017 sailed from Yokosuka, Japan

RFA Tidespring entering Hawaiian waters

© Wade Armstrong


23 February 2017 Captain (E) Paul A Jenkins RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

24 February 2017 berthed alongside at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii

3 March 2017 sailed from Pearl Harbour

TSPR departure PH


17 March 2017 arrived at Panama City anchorage and later entering and berthed at the US Naval Base at Rodman. Captain (X) Simon C Herbert RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Capt Simon Herbert 2017

Captain (X) Simon C Herbert RFA

18 March 2017 transitted the Panama Canal 


Tidespring in Panama lock


20 March 2017 arrived at Curaçao


TSPRING alongside at Curacao 2

RFA Tidespring (2) alongside at Curaçao


21 March 2017 sailed from Curaçao

31 March 2017 arrived at Falmouth anchorage

2 April 2017 berthed at Falmouth


TSpring 2 4 17 arr at Falmouth

RFA Tidespring (2) arrives at Falmouth Docks


27 April 2017 entered dry dock at Falmouth 

Tspring FalDrydock 3

In Dry Dock at Falmouth
© Barrie Clark - used with grateful thanks

10 May 2017 the  58 year old crane alongside the ship in Falmouth Dry Dock collapsed crashing onto acetylene cylinders on the dockside causing a leak. Cornwall Fire Service and the Cornwall Constabulary attended and the Docks were evacuated.

Crane Falmouth Tidespring

Docks crane 1

2 Images above © Falmouth Packet

Spring 10 5 17 Fmouth crane

Drone image above © BBC

29 May 2017 RFA TIDESPRING (2) was found to be under wraps during her militarisation 

TSpring2 at Falmouth 29 5 2017


17 June 2017 floated in the dock

22 June  2017 released from the confines of the dry dock -


TSpring 2 July 2017

© Barrie Clark - used with grateful thanks


22 August 2017 Captain (E) Thomas M Nugent RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer


CEO T M Nugent


23 August 2017 sailed Falmouth

27 August 2017 arrived at Plymouth Sound

31 August 2017 sailed Plymouth Sound for Portland Anchorage arriving the same day


TSpring Portland 1

Arrival at Portland
Photo by Steve Bradburn. © Dorset Echo acknowledged
TSpring Portland 2
Arrival at Portland
Photo by Ken Francis. © Dorset Echo acknowledged
29 September 2017 sailed Portland
30 September 2017 berthed at Devonport Dockyard
TSPRING 2 enters P Sound
RFA Tidespring (2) entering Plymouth Sound
3 October 2017 sailed Devonport to sea
4 October 2017 off Dodman Point after MTS Xplorer suffered an air cylinder explosion with two casualties stood by to assist the Coast Guard Helicopter and the Falmouth Lifeboat. The casualties were airlifted to hospital and the MTS Xplorer was escorted to Falmouth by the life boat
TSPRING 5 10 2017
RFA Tidespring (2) with the Coast Guard Helicopter and MTS Xplorer
6 October 2017 at Portland a helicopter from the UK military trials unit landed on
TSpring 1st Helicopter 6 10 17
10 October 2017 sailed Portland Harbour
17 October 2017 arrived at Gibraltar
TSprg 2 off Gib 17 10 17
RFA Tidespring (2) off Gibraltar
©  MOD acknowledged
TSprg 2at Gib
Alongside at Gibraltar
19 October 2017 sailed Gibraltar
31 October 2017 berthed at Portland Harbour
12 November 2017 sailed Portland Harbour
13 November 2017 RASed with RFA WAVE KNIGHT (2) -
14 November 2017 RASed with HMS SUTHERLAND
TSPRING RAS Sutherland
15 November 2017 RASed again with HMS SUTHERLAND
16 November 2017 arrived at Portsmouth Harbour and berthed on Victory Jetty
TSPG arrive Pompey
TSpring enters Portsmouth 16 11 2017
TSpring Pmouth 2 on 16 11 17
27 November 2017 at Victory Jetty, Portsmouth Harbour the ships Service of Dedication was conducted  by the Venerable Ian Wheatley CB QHC, Chaplain of the Fleet in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO ADC and other distinguished guests
TSPRG Dedication
The arrival of HRH the Earl of Wessex KG GCVO ADC, Commodore in Chief, Royal Fleet Auxiliary
30 November 2017 sailed Portsmouth Harbour
2 December 2017 berthed at Loch Striven Oil Fuel Depot
11 December 2017 arrived at Clyde Anchorage
12 December 2017 sailed Clyde Anchorage
16 December 2017 berthed at Portland
28 December 2017 Captain (E) Michael Hadfield RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer
2 January 2018 Captain (X) Kevin D Rimell RFA appointed as Commanding Officer
21 January 2018 Captain (X) Simon C Herbert RFA appointed as Commanding Officer
22 January 2018 sailed from Portland
26 January 2018 arrived at Plymouth
Tidespring at Plymouth
© holder unknown
TSPRING 2 and WK2 28 1 18
RFA TIDESPRING (2) & RFA WAVE KNIGHT (2) in Plymouth Sound 
©  RFANostalgia acknowledged
29 January 2018 sailed Plymouth Sound returning later the same day
5 February 2018 sailed Plymouth Sound
9 February 2018 RASed with HNoMS Helga Instad later arriving at Plymouth Sound
Tspring2 HNoMS RAS
TSpring 2 RAS HNoMS 2
RFA Tidespring (2) RASing with HNoMS Helga Ingstad
©  Cadet (X) Joseph Jackson RFA acknowledged
12 February 2018 sailed from Plymouth Sound
15 February 2018 arrived at Plymouth Sound
19 February 2018 sailed from Plymound Sound
22 February 2018 arrived at Plymouth Sound

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