RFA Dinsdale (Dale Class Oiler) 1942

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

OS.26     Liverpool 22nd April 1942 – Freetown 9th May 1942
               (Ship in ballast to Trinidad)

On the evening of 31st May 1942, RFA Dinsdale was sailing unescorted when she was spotted by the Italian submarine Commandante Cappellini under the command of Capitan di Corvetten Marco Revedin.  The submarine fired a spread of six torpedoes at the tanker, four of which found their target.  Dinsdale, though mortally hit did not sink until 06:12 hrs the next morning in position 00 45’S  29  45’ W




RFA Distol (1,000 ton Class Oiler) 1916

Convoy                 Depart                             Arrive

OS.47     ex OS.47/KMS.14 16TH May 1943 – Freetown 25th May 1943
                (Escort Oiler, joined ex SL.129 for Freetown)

OS.109/KMS.83  Liverpool 6th February 1945 – Convoy Split 10th February 1945
                 (Joined from Milford Haven for Colombo)

KMS.83G  ex OS.109/KMS.83 10th February 1945 – Gibraltar 16th February 1945



RFA Eaglesdale (Dale Class Oiler) 1942

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

EN.57     Methil 16th February 1942 – Oban 19th February 1942
               (Joined convoy from Clyde in ballast)

OS.23     Liverpool 24th March 1942 – Freetown 11th April 1942
                (In ballast to Curacao)

BP.83     Bombay 11th June 1943 – Bandar Abbas 16th June 1943
PA.43     Bandar Abbas 26th June 1943 – Aden 3rd July 1943

CX.17     Colombo 3rd February 1944 – Addu Atoll 6th February 1944

JC.46     Colombo 26th April 1944 – Calcutta 3rd May 1944
               (Ship detached for Trincomalee, arriving 28th April)

RK.3A     Chittagong 13th January 1945 – Akyab 14th January 1945


RFA Easedale (Dale Class Oiler)  1942

Convoy                 Depart                 Arrive

EN.50     Methil 22nd February 1942 – Oban 23rd February 1942
               (Detached to Loch Ewe in Ballast)

ON.71     Liverpool 26th February 1942 – Convoy dispersed
                (Joined from Belfast Lough bound for Curacao)

Convoy Y.  Durban 25th April 1942 –Diego Suarez 5th May 1942

BP.94     Bombay 8th September 1943 – Bandar Abbas 13th September 1943

PB.57     Bandar Abbas 24th September 1943 – Bombay 30th September 1943

BP.98     Bombay 9th October 1943 – Bandar Abbas 14th October 1943

PB.61     Bandar Abbas 28th October 1943 – Bombay 1st November 1943

BM.81    Bombay 6th January 1944 – Colombo 11th January 1944

JC.35     Colombo 30th January 1944 – Calcutta 6th February 1944
               (Detached for Trincomalee)

CJ.17     Calcutta 19th February 1944 – Colombo 27th February 1944
               (Detached for Trincomalee)

JC.40A   Colombo 15th March 1944 – Trincomalee 17th March 1944

RFA Echodale (Dale Class Oiler)  1941

Convoy                 Depart              Arrive

EN.88     Methil 19th March 1941 – Oban 22nd March 1941
               (Detached to Loch Ewe in ballast)

HX.124    Halifax 30th April 1941 – Liverpool 20th May 1941

OB.341   Liverpool 30th June 1941 – Unknown
                (Echodale bound for Curacao)

CM.28     Durban 2nd June 1942 – Kilindini 10th June 1942
                (Detached to Mombasa, arriving 9th June 1942)

CM.2B    Kilindini 11th June 1942 – Rendezvoused with KM.1 to Bombay 21st June 1942
                (Joined from Mombasa, detached for Aden)

SL.138    Freetown 13th October 1943 – Rendezvous with MKS.28 24th October 1943
               (Escort Oiler)

SL.138MK  Rendezvous of SL.138 and MKS.28 24th October 1943 – Liverpool 5th November 1943
                (Escort oiler, detached to Clyde)

WN.508    Loch Ewe 20th November 1943 – Methil 22nd November 1943

FS.1280   Methil 23rd November 1943 – Southend 25th November 1943
                 (Detached to Tyne, arriving 24th November)

FN.1251   Southend 29th January 1944 – Methil 31st January 1944
                 (Joined from the Tyne 30th January)

EN.340     Methil 31st January 1944 – Loch Ewe 2nd February 1944
                 (Detached to Oban)

OS.68/KMS.42  Liverpool 12th February 1944 – Convoy split 24th February 1944
KMS.42G  ex OS.68/KMS.42 24th February 1944 – Gibraltar 25th February 1944

KMS.42     Gibraltar 25th February 1944 – Port Said 6th March 1944

PB.73     Bandar Abbas 28th March 1944 – Bombay 3rd April 1944

BM.93     Bombay 14th April 1944 – Colombo 19th April 1944

JC.46      Colombo 26th April 1944 – Calcutta 3rd May 1944
                (Detached for Trincomalee)

RFA Elmol ( 2nd 1,000 ton Class Oiler) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                  Arrive

EN.43     Methil 19th December 1940 – Oban 23rd December 1940
               (Detached for Dundee)

ETC.69   Southend 15th August 1944 – Seine Bay 16th August 1944
                (Detached to Portsmouth)


RFA Empire Salvage (Oiler) 1940

This tanker was completed on the 17th April 1940 as ‘Papendrecht’ for Dutch owners Van Ommeren, she was seized by the Germans on the 14th November and converted to a German Naval Supply Vessel, renamed ‘Lothringen’.

The ship was deployed as a unit of Operation Rheinubung, the Bismarck, Prinz Eugen Fleet.

ON THE 15TH June 1941 she was attacked and slightly damaged by aircraft from HMS Eagle, later intercepted by HMS Dunedin, complete with her oiling at sea gear, a prize crew was put aboard and the ship was taken to Bermuda, where a prize court awarded her to Britain, she was allocated to the Ministry of War Transport who renamed her Empire Salvage.

Convoy                 Depart                 Arrive

HX.153     Halifax 5th October 1941 – Liverpool 19th October 1941
                 (To the Clyde with general cargo)

WN.228     Oban 6th January 1942 – Methil 9th January 1942

FS.696      Oban 6th January 1942 – Methil 10th January 1942
                  (Detached to the Tyne)

FN.704     Southend 10th May 1942 – Methil 12th May 1942
                 (Joined from the Tyne)

EN.84       Methil 13th May 1942 – Oban 15th May 1942

ON.95       Liverpool 15th May 1942 – Halifax
                  (Ship arrived at Halifax after straggling)

HJ.3          Halifax 29th May 1942 – St John’s Nova Scotia 31st MAY 1942

HX.224     New York City 22nd January 1943 – Liverpool 5th February 1943
                  (Detached to Loch Ewe with a cargo of FFO)

WN.393    Loch Ewe 9th February 1943 – Methil 11th February 1943
                 (To Scapa Flow)

WN.397    Loch Ewe 22nd February 1943 – Methil 24th February 1943
                 (Joined from Scapa Flow)

FS.1048    Methil 25th February 1943 – Southend 27th February 1943
                  (Detached to the Tyne)

EN.228      Methil 12th May 1943 – Loch Ewe 14th May 1943

ON.184      Liverpool (no date) – New York City 31st May 1943

UGS.10     Hampton Roads 13th June 1943 – Port Said 10th July 1943
                   (Detached for Algiers)

KMS.23     Gibraltar 18th August 1943 – Port Said 30th August 1943
                   (Ship joined from Algiers, bound for Bizerta)
NV.4      Naples 19th October 1943 – Malta 21st October 1943

UGS.22  Hampton Roads 25th October 1943 – Port Said 22nd October 1943
              (Joined from Bizerta, bound for Augusta)

AH.10   Augusta 26th November 1943 – Brindisi 28th November 1943
             (Detached for Taranto)

HA.18   Bari 14th January 1944 – Augusta 16th January 1944
              (Joined from Taranto)

VN.16    Augusta 17th January 1944 – Naples 18th January 1944

NV.36    Naples 2nd May 1944 – Augusta 3rd May 1944

GUS.39  Port Said 4th May 1944 – Hampton Roads 29th May 1944
              (Joined from Algiers)

HX.295   New York City 10th June 1944 – Liverpool 24th June 1944
               (Detached to Lock Ewe with US Navy fuel)

WN.600   Loch Ewe 26th June 1944 – Methil 28th June 1944
                (Ship detached for Rosyth)

FS.1499  Methil 30th June 1944 – Southend 2nd July 1944
                (Detached for the Tyne)

FN.1477  Southend 11th September 1944 – Methil 13th September 1944
                (Joined from the Tyne)

EN.435    Methil 14th September 1944 – Loch Ewe 16th September 1944
                (Detached for Scapa Flow)

EN.437    Methil 20th September 1944 – Loch Ewe 22nd September 1944

OS.90/KMS.64  Liverpool 24th September 1944 – Convoy split 1st October 1944
                (Detached for Port Said)

KMS.64G  ex OS.90/KMS.64 1st October 1944 – Gibraltar 2nd October 1944

KMS.64   Gibraltar 2nd October 1944 – Port Said 12th October 1944

The ship was handed back to her Dutch owners in 1946.

RFA Ennerdale (Dale Class Oiler and LSG) 1941

Convoy                 Depart               Arrive

WS.8C     Clyde 9th August 1941 – Scapa Flow 10th August 1941

SL.101     Freetown 21st February 1942 – Liverpool 15th March 1942
                 (Detached to the Clyde with a full load)

KMS.1G  Clyde 22nd October 1942 – Algiers 9th November 1942
                 (Carrying Landing Craft_

MKS.2     Algiers 21st November 1942 – Liverpool 3rd December 1942
                (On passage Algiers to Gibraltar)

MKS.2A   Algiers 23rd November 1942 – Liverpool 7th December 1942
                 (Detached to the Clyde)

OS.45      Liverpool 24th March 1943 – Freetown 14th April 1943
                 (Escort oiler, collided with SS Rimutaka and returned to Gibraltar)

NC.10     Walvis Bay 24th April 1943 – Capetown 2nd May 1943

MWS.36  Alexandria 3rd July 1943 – Sicily (No date)
                (Detached to Tripoli)

MKS.18   Tripoli 17th July 1943 – Gibraltar 23rd July 1943

MKS.18G  Gibraltar 23rd July 1943 – rendezvoused with SL.133 26th July 1943

SL.133/MKS.18  Rendezvous of SL.133 with MKS.18 26th July 1943 – Liverpool 5th August 1943

OS.68/KMS.42  Liverpool 12th February 1944 – Convoy split 24th February 1944
                   (Ship in ballast, but with 162 passengers)

KMS.42G  ex OS.68/KMS42 24th February 1944 – Gibraltar 25th February 1944

UGS.33    Hampton Roads 13th February 1944 – Port Said 12th March 1944
                 (Joined from Bougie to Malta)

GUS.34    Port Said 15th March 1944 – Hampton Roads 14th April 1944
                 (Joined from Malta for passage to Bougie)

KMS.45    Gibraltar 27th March 1944 – Port Said 6th April 1944
                 (Joined from Bougie for passage to Augusta)

VN.31       Augusta 2nd April 1944 – Naples 4th April 1944

KMS.47   Gibraltar 17th April 1944 – Port Said 27th April 1944
                (Joined from Bizerta for Augusta)

VN.35     Augusta 24th April 1944 – Naples 25th April 1944
               (Detached for Messina)
SM.1B     Naples 12th August 1944 – Operation Dragoon 14th August 1944
                (Carrying 14 Landing Craft, 4,000 tons FFO and 2,500 tons Water)



RFA Fortol (2nd 2,000 Ton Class Oilers) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                Arrive

ST.19      Freetown 8th April 1942 – Takoradi 13th April 1942

SL.126    Freetown 12th March 1943 – Destination unknown
                (Convoy Oiler)

SL.127    Freetown 31st March 1943 – Liverpool 23rd April 1943
               (Escort oiler, detached to OS.45)

OS.45     Liverpool 24th March 1943 – Freetown 14th April 1943
                (Escort oiler)

SL.128    Freetown 20th April 1943 – rendezvous with MKS.12 4th May 1943
               (Escort oiler)

OS.46     ex OS.46/KMS.13 24TH April 1943 – Freetown 3rd May 1943
                (Escort oiler)

SL.129    Freetown 11th May 1943 – rendezvous with MKS.13 24th May 1943

OS.47     ex OS.47/KMS.14 16th May 1943 – Freetown 25th MAY 1943
                (Escort oiler, joined at sea 18th May)

SL.130    Freetown 30th May 1943 – rendezvous with MKS.14 11th June 1943
                (Escort oiler)

OS.48     ex OS.48/KMS.15 29th May 1943 – Freetown 7th June 1943
                (Escort oiler, joined at sea, ex SL.130)

SL.131    Freetown 13th June 1943 – rendezvous with MKS.15 24th June 1943
                (Escort oiler, detached to Gibraltar 23rd June)

RS.8       Gibraltar 6th July 1943 – Freetown 12th July 1943
                (Detached to join SL.132)

OS.52     ex OS.52/KMS.21 28TH June 1943 – Freetown 7th August 1943
                (Joined from Gibraltar, detached to SL.134)

SL.134    Freetown 28th July 1943 – Liverpool 19th August 1943
                (Escort oiler, detached to Gibraltar)

SL.135/MKS.22 Rendezvous SL.135 WITH MKS.22 26th August 1943 – Liverpool 6th September 1943
                 (Escort oiler)

MKS.25G  Gibraltar 25th September 1943 – Liverpool 8th October 1943
                   (Escort oiler)

UR.111     Loch Ewe 4th March 1944 – Reykjavik 8th March 1944

RU.116     Reykjavik 19th April 1044 – Loch Ewe 22nd April 1944

RFA Freshet (Fresh Class Water tanker) 1940

Convoy                 Depart                       Arrive

UR.4     Loch Ewe 28th December 1941 – Reykjavik 2nd January 1941
              (In tow of HM tug Frisky)


RFA Freshlake (Fresh Class Water Tanker) 1942

Convoy                 Depart             Arrive

En.238      Methil 4th June 1943 – Loch Ewe 6th June 1943

RV.130      Reykjavik 8th August 1944 – Loch Ewe 12th August 1944

RFA Freshpool (Fresh Class Water Tanker) 1943

Convoy                 Depart                         Arrive

TBC.3      Southend 10th December 1944 – Milford Haven 13th December 1944

RFA Freshwater (Fresh Class Water Tanker) 1940

Convoy                 Depart                            Arrive 

FBC.78     Seine Bay 10th September 1944 – Bristol Channel 12th September 1944
                  (Detached for Weymouth Bay)

RFA Gold Ranger (Ranger Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy  Depart                     Arrive

ST.20  Freetown 19th April 1942 – Convoy dispersed 21st April 1942

KRS.1A  Kyaukpyu 4th May 1945 – Rangoon 19th May 1945

RFA Gray Ranger (Ranger Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

PQ.15     Oban 10th April 1942 – Murmansk 5th May 1942
               (Detached to Lerwick 8th May)

PQ.17     Reykjavik 27th June 1942 – Convoy dispersed 4th July 1942

WN.312    Loch Ewe 21st July 1942 – Methil 23rd July 1942
                (Joined from Lyness)

FN.787     Records incomplete

EN.126    Methil 19th August 1942 – Loch Ewe 21st August 1942
                (Detached to Lyness)

QP.14     Archangel 13th September 1942 – Loch Ewe 26th September 1942
               (Escort oiler)

RFA Gray Ranger was torpedoed by U435, under the command of Korvetten Leutenant Siegfried Strelow, at 07:19 hrs on the 22nd September 1942. South of Jan Mayen Island in position 71 23’ N  11  03’ W.

Six members of the crew were killed and one injured, the remaining members of the crew were rescued and eventually landed at Scapa Flow during September 1942.

RFA Green Ranger (Ranger Class Oiler) 1942

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

EN.49      Methil 20th February 1942 – Oban 23rd February 1942
                (Ship did not sail)

OS.20      Liverpool 22nd February 1942 – Freetown 12th March 1942
                ( Joined from Oban)

A.3           Addu Atoll 14th February 1943 – Trincomalee 19th February 1943
                (Ship detached for Colombo)

MB.27     Colombo 2nd March 1943 – Bombay 6th March 1943

PA.35      Bandar Abbas 28th April 1943 – Aden 6th May 1943

MW.28    Alexandria 15th May 1943 – Malta 21st May 1943

XTG.1     Alexandria 3rd June 1943 – Gibraltar 17th June 1943
                (Detached for Sousse)

UGS.25   Hampton Roads 24th November 1943 – Port Said 21st December 1943
                (Joined from Malta for Port Said)


RFA Kimmerol ( 2nd 1,000 ton Class Oilers) 1916

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

OS103KM   Liverpool 7th January 1945 – Convoy split 10th January 1945
                    (Joined from Milford Haven with FFO for Malta)

KMS.77G    ex OS.103/KMS77 10TH January 1945 – Gibraltar 15th January 1945

RFA Larchol ( 2nd 1,000 ton Class Oiler) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

FN.220      Southend 12th July 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Yarmouth)

FN.241      Southend 3rd August 1940 – Methil 3rd August 1940

FN.258      Southend 20th August 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.263      Southend 26th August 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.272      Southend 4th September 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.280      Southend 14th September 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached o Harwich)

FN.283      Southend 17th September 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.287      Southend 21st September 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.291      Southend 26th September 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.294      Southend 29th September 1940 – Methil (no doubt available)

FN.297      Southend 2nd October 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.349      Southend 3rd December 1940 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.394      Southend 28th January 1941 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)

FN.400      Southend 4th February 1941 – Methil (no date available)
                  (Detached to Harwich)


RFA Limol (2nd 1,000 ton Class Oiler) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

FS.156      Tyne 26th April 1940 – Southend (no date available)

FS.189      Tyne 6th June 1940 – Southend (no date available)

FS.217      Tyne 9th July 1940 – Southend (no date available)

FS.290      Tyne 25th September 1940 – Southend (no date available)

FS.386      Methil 12th January 1941 – Southend (no date available)

RFA Montenol (2nd 2,000 ton Class Oiler) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

WN.13      Clyde 5th September 1940 – Methil 8th September 1940

ON.58      Liverpool 20th January 1942 – Freetown (no date available)
                 (Ship returned)

OS.28      Liverpool 12th May 1942 – Freetown 30th May 1942

On the 21st May 1942, whilst travelling in ballast, the ship was torpedoed by U 159, commanded by Korvettan Kapitan Helmut Witte in position 36 41’N  22 45’ W.  It is reported that U159 attacked the convoy, firing a spread of four torpedoes at five ships, however official records show that only two were hit, RFA Montenol and the New Brunswick.

Montenol was badly damaged in the attack and abandoned by her crew who were picked up by HMS Wellington and landed at Freetown.  The ship was later sunk by gunfire from HMS Woodruff.

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