RFA Dewdale (Dale Class Oiler and LSG) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                           Arrive

WS.8C     Clyde 9th August 1941 – Scapa Flow 10th August 1941

OS.6        Liverpool 12th September 1941 – Freetown 3rd October 1941
                (Became oiler at Freetown until 26th January 1942)

SL.99       Freetown 27th January 1942 – Liverpool 16th February 1942
                 ( Ship was escorted to Gibraltar, arriving on the 8th February)

HG.79      Gibraltar 22nd February 1942 – Liverpool 6th March 1942
                 (To Clyde with a cargo of FFO)

KMS.1G   Clyde 22nd October 1942 – Algiers 8th November 1942
                  (Carrying 14 Landing Craft, FFO and Petrol)

MKS.1Y   Gibraltar 21st November 1942 0 Liverpool 30th November 1942
                 (Recalled to Gibraltar 23rd November)

MKS.10   Bone 23rd March 1943 – Liverpool 5th April 1943
                 (Ship joined from Algiers 25th March)

VA.2         Clyde 30th September 1943 – Azores 9th October 1943

WN.513    Loch Ewe 4th December 1943 – Methil 6th December 1943

OS.68/KMS.42  Liverpool 12th February 1944 – Convoy split 24th February 1944
                   (Ship in ballast to Gibraltar)

KMS.42G  ex OS.68/KMS.42 24th February 1944 – Gibraltar 25th February 1944

UGS.33     Hampton Roads 13th February 1944 – Port Said 12th March 1944
                  (Dewdale joined from Bougie for passage to Augusta)

NV.26        Naples 13th March 1944 – Augusta 14th March 1944

GUS.34     Port Said 15th March 1944 – Hampton Roads 14th April 1944
                  (Dewdale joined from Malta for passage to Bougie)

KMS.45     Gibraltar 27th March 1944 – Port Said 6th April 1944
                   (Ship joined from Bougie for passage to Augusta)

VN.31        Augusta 2nd April 1944 – Naples 4th April 1944

NV.32        Naples 12th April 1944 – Augusta 13th April 1944
                  (Ship detached for Messina, arriving 13th April)

AH.40        Augusta 1st May 1944 – Bari 3rd May 1944
                  (Ship detached for Taranto, arriving 2nd May)

SM.1A       Naples 12th August 1944 – Operation Dragoon 14th August 1944
                  (Carrying  14 Landing Craft, FFO and Diesel)

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