RFA Denbydale (Dale Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

OB.287    Liverpool 16th February 1941 – Convoy dispersed
                (Denbydale joined from the Clyde on 16th February, bound for Trinidad)

HX.121    Halifax 16th April 1941 – Liverpool 3rd May 1941
                (Ship bound for the Clyde with a cargo of Petrol)

OB.324    Liverpool 18th May 1941 – Convoy dispersed
                 (Ship bound for Bermuda, arriving on the 16th June)


On the 20th September 1941, whilst Denbydale was anchored in the outer harbour at Gibraltar, she was attacked by Italian human torpedoes, launched from the submarine Scire, under the command of Capitano di Corvetta Julio Valerio Borghese, the tanker was sunk, along with a small tanker tied up alongside her.


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