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Previous name:                                       
Subsequent name:

Official Number:                                     137789

Class:                                                   Oil Carrier

Pennant No:                                           X01

Laid down:                                               
Builder:                                                  A Jeffrey & Co Ltd , Alloa
Launched:                                               18 December 1914
Into Service:                                            15 October 1915
Out of service:                                         April 1921 
Fate:                                                      Sold commercially


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


18 December 1914 Launched by  A. Jeffrey & Co, Alloa as Yard Nr 12 named BLACKSTONE for Messrs Martin, Barrowman & Co, Glasgow for service as a trawler

March 1915 completed. Captain Louis McCubbin was Master and Mr William R Mitchell was Engineer

1915 owner became Mr A Robertson ( J.M. Paton, Manager) Glasgow name unchanged

15 October 1915 purchased by the Admiralty and converted to a Fuel/Water/Oil Tanker

13 December 1915 Sub-Lieutenant Robert A Pritchard RNR appointed in Command

26 September 1918 at Scapa Flow alongside HMS TORCH to refuel her - supplied 14 tons of FFO

April 1921 sold out of service to Max S Hilton, London


Final fate unknown - Register closed: 1924

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