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Official Number:                           304401

Class:                                         Royal Research Ship (RRS)

Pennant No:

Laid down:                                 
Builder:                                       Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen                 
Launched:                                    3 July 1962
Into Service:                                17 December 1962
Out of service:


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Background Data:


At some stage during their lives, 3 of the Royal Research Ships saw service as RFA’s


3 July 1962  launched by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen as Yard Nr:  899 named DISCOVERY for the National  Institute of Oceanography. Named after Robert  Falcon Scott’s ship

17 December 1962 completed and manned by the RFA

5 April 1965 at Plymouth

9 August 1965 at Plymouth

1 January 1969 Boatswain Harold Vale Moreton awarded the British Empire Medal (Civil) in the New Years Honours List

1 October 1969 owners now styled as the Natural  Enviroment  Research Council (NERC) National  Marine Facilities Division (NMFD) and manning was subsequently undertaken by  them

18 December 1969 the last RFA personnel departed

21 November 1979 ship visited by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh while berthed on the Victoria Embankment, London

2010 still in service

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