RFA Jaunty  
RFA Jaunty


Previous name:                             HMS Jaunty
Subsequent name:                        Nisos Chios

Official Number:                            181622

Class:                                           ASSURANCE Class Tug

Pennant No:                                 W30 / A140

Laid down:

Builder:                                         Cochrane & Sons Shipbuilders at Selby
Launched:                                    11 June 1941
Into Service:                                  
Out of service:                              1965 Sold commercially
Fate:                                            1973 Broken Up


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Background Data:  There were originally twenty one ships in this Class, seven of which saw service as RFA’s. Of 700 t standard displacement and 1350 t full load displacement, they had a complement of thirty one and a bollard pull of 13½ tons. In wartime they were armed with 1 x 3“ gun, 1 x 20mm AA gun and 2 x .303 machine guns.


11 June 1941 launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby as Yard Nr: 1233 named HMS JAUNTY

7 November 1941 commissioned

22 December 1941 sailed from Scapa Flow as part of Force J to carry out landings on Lofoten Islands together with RFA's BLACK RANGER and GRAY RANGER

1 January 1942 returned to Scapa Flow as part of Force J which had carried out landings on Lofoten Islands together with RFA's BLACK RANGER and GRAY RANGER on completion of Operation Anklet

24 January 1942 sailed to assist vessel THYRA II which had signalled she required immediate assistance - her position given as 165 miles 267 degrees Barra Head and 297 degrees Malin Head - from signal from the FOIC Greenock

17 April 1942 sailed Loch Ewe towing ss Rudderman in convoy UR20 to Reykjavik arriving on 22 April 1942 with the assistance of the British tug GONDIA

11 May 1942 escorted by HMS AMAZON to join Refuelling Group (Force R) which was with PEDESTAL ships. Commanding Officer Lt. Commander H Osburn RNR

18 May 1942 towed SS Gemini, suffering from a damaged propeller while escorted by USS Gemini and USS Williamsburg arrived at Havfjordur, Iceland on 2 June 1942

11 August 1942 carried out rescue work with two RN units when HMS EAGLE was hit by torpedo fired by German submarine U-73 and sank within eight minutes. 927 survivors were rescued by the three ships

August 1942 assisted in bringing the tanker Ohio into Malta

8 November 1942 with ss ALASKA, which had been damaged by a torpedo,  in tow in the North Atlantic arrived Lisbon 9 November 1942. After ss ALASKA had been berthed at Lisbon JAUNTY directed to return to Gibraltar - Source Admiralty War Diary of 8 November 1942 page 580

15 November 1942 took in tow USS Almaack (AK27) which had been torpedoed by the German submarine U-155 (Kapitanleutnant Adolf Piening)  eight miles off the coast of Portugal - under the escort of HMS BRILLIANT. She towed the USS Almaach into Gibraltar arriving on 17 November 1942

9 February 1943 east of Algiers took in tow the Italian submarine Avorio which had been brought to the surface by HMCS REGINA - the submarine sank. He crew were landed at Bone, Algeria

25 February 1943 sailed Bone in convoy ET12 with HMS ITHURIEL in tow to Gibraltar arriving 2 March 1943

7 March 1943 arrived at Oran

1 April 1943 involved in the salvage of the tanker ss Seminole at Oran which had been hit by two torpedoes. The crew were awarded salvage money as detailed in the London Gazette of 11 May 1945

4 April 1943 sailed Gibraltar to Oran

5 April 1943 arrived at Oran as part of Force H with HMS NELSON, HMS RODNEY, HMS FORMIDABLE. Sailed later the same day to Gibraltar

11 May 1943 arrived at Oran

3 June 1943 sailed Alexandria in convoy XTG1 towing HMS BADSWORTH to Gibraltar arriving 17 June 1943. RFA GREEN RANGER was in the same convoy

15 June 1943 arrived at Oran

24 June 1943 sailed Gibraltar to Cape St. Vincent for HM S/m P56 which required the assistance of a tug

30 June 1943 sailed Gibraltar in convoy KMS17 to Malta arriving on 6 July 1943. RFA's ABBEYDALE, PRESTOL, ORANGELEAF (1), SALVEDA and SALVESTOR were in the same convoy

10 September 1943 involved in assisting the Italian Fleet into Malta to surrender

19 September 1943 the British battleship HMS WARSPITE was hit by a German FX1400 guided bomb and near-missed by a second. The ship was heavily damaged. She was towed by the U.S.N. tugs to Malta arriving there on the same day After emergency repairs she was towed to Gibraltar by HMS Jaunty



5 June 1944 LCT2428 was due to take part in the D Day landings (Operation Neptune) but developed a leak and after capsizing she was sunk by the tug Jaunty in the Channel as she was a hazard to navigation. LCT2428 was the ‘leader’ of the 105th Flotilla of Assault Group J1Support Squadron, assigned to Juno beach to support the 7th Infantry of the 3rdCanadian Division at Courseulles.



Plan of a Mark V Landing Craft Tank of the same type as LCT(A) 2428, source: English Heritage


19 June 1944 sailed Seine Bay in convoy FTC12 to Southend arriving the next day towing HMS DESPATCH

27 June 1944 sailed Solent in convoy ETC19 to Seine Bay arriving the same day 

10 September 1944 sailed Southend in convoy ETC94 to Seine Bay arriving the next day

24 November 1944 while attempting to provide a tow to vessel Cyrus with the tug Griper both tugs sustained damage which provented them being able to tow. Tug Gripper in the tow of tug Attentive and in the company of Jaunty sailed to Portsmouth for repairs. Not shown in the Portsmouth Admiralty Pilots records of any of the tugs entering Portsmouth 

28 November 1944 Lieutenant William Sutton Lowrey RNR the ship's Commanding Officer was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions during Operation Neptune

28 April 1945 took ss REDMILL in tow. HMS RUPERT escorting the tow

August 1945 Lieutenant Carlton Arthur Hire RNR appointed as Commanding Officer until 20 July 1946

October 1945 she towed a Floating crane to Ceylon and spent the next year in the Far East

22 January 1947 Mr J T W Coulson appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

22 Aug 1947 Captain Reginald E Coad appointed as Master

6 November 1947 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing east

7 November 1947 berthed at Portsmouth Harbour

25 February 1948 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing east

17 March 1948 passed Dungeness while on passage to Plymouth with a tow

3 June 1948 on passage from the River Clyde to Portsmouth with two barges in tow. In heavy weather both barges broke their tow. One barge ran aground at Lands End and the other had its tow reconnected south of Start Point. The tow to Portsmouth continued

5 June 1948 berthed at Portsmouth Harbour

10 June 1948 sailed from Portsmouth Harbour

24 June 1948 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing west with a tow

10 September 1948 sailed Plymouth with HMS NUBIAN in tow to Scotland for trials

1949 under RFA Conditions as JAUNTY

3 January 1949 sailed the River Tyne for Sheerness

11 January 1949 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing west with a tow

11 May 1950 off the Medway Buoy in the River Thames Able Seaman John Joseph Phillips discharged dead presumed drowned

21 September 1950 arrived at Aberdeen from Scapa Flow with HMS BARLOW in tow for the boom defence vessel to be refitted by Alex Hall & Co Ltd.



24 May 1950 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing west bound

4 October 1950 sailed from Aberdeen

13 October 1950 berthed at Plymouth

17 October 1950 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing east bound

20 October 1950 arrived at Immingham sailing later the same day

21 October 1950 arrived the River Tyne

26 October 1950 arrived at the River Humber

13 December 1950 sailed Rosyth

22 December 1950 arrived Devonport

28 December 1950 sailed Plymouth

3 September 1951 together with RFA's SAUCY and ENVOY sailed from Portsmouth with HMS DUKE OF YORK in tow to be laid up at the Gareloch

HMS duke of york


7 September 1951 while arriving off the Gladstone Dock Liverpool with HMS DUKE OF YORK in tow the battleship was in collision with the m.v. Royal Iris 60 people on the m.v. Royal Iris were injured

Press Report dundee Courier 8 9 51

1956 to 1958 based at Chatham on Yard Craft Agreement and PAS manned

1958 in reserve at Pembroke Dockyard

1963 at Portland target towing replacing  RESTIVE

19 March 1964 based at Chatham

August 1965 based at Chatham

15 November 1965 sold to Jos De Smedt, Antwerp for demolition

21 December 1966 sold again.


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