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RFA Green Rover



Previous name:
Subsequent name:                 KRI Arun

Official Number:                      337864

Class:                                     ROVER CLASS Small Fleet Tanker

Pennant No:                           A268 / 903

Laid down:                             28 February 1968
Builder:                                   Swan Hunter, Hebburn on Tyne
Launched:                              19 December 1968 
Into Service:                           15 August 1969
Out of service:                        1992
Fate:                                      In service with Indonesian Navy as 'KRI Arun'


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -



Background Data:   In 1967, tenders were invited for what eventually turned out to be five ships in this Class. Owing to unsatisfactory performance from the original engines, which had been a political decision, the first three ships in the Class were re-engined in 1974. The final two ships differed slightly from the earlier three and had improved accommodation standards and different stern anchor arrangements.


January 1968 ordered

28 February 1968 laid down

19 December 1968 launched by Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd, Hebburn  as Yard Nr: 6 named GREEN ROVER. The Lady Sponsor was Mrs R.H. Shipway, the wife of the Director of Fuel, Movements & Transport (Naval)





March 1969 Captain Archibald Proudlock RFA appointed as Master and Mr R Cann RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

9 July 1969 her Ship’s Badge was officially presented to her

15 August 1969 completed at a cost of £3m

16 August 1969 was accepted from the builders. 2 months ahead of the original planned date

17 August 1969 sailed from the Tyne after acceptance from the builders and proceeded to Chatham for Navy Days there

31 August 1969 to 1 September 1969 at Chatham Dockyard open to the public during Navy Days. 13,371 members of the public visited the ship

September 1969 towed the disabled RFA APPLELEAF (2) from the North Atlantic to Devonport where she underwent extended repairs

1 January 1970 at Portsmouth

12 January 1970 sailed Portsmouth to the Great Nore and anchored

13 January 1970 sailed from her anchorage at the Great Nore to the Isle of Grain

14 January 1970 at the Isle of Grain loaded 4,691 tons of diesol as cargo then sailed the same day to Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

15 January 1970 at Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty loaded 2,675 tons of diesol and 2,460 tons of FFO

19 January 1970 sailed Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty to Portland and secured to A3 buoy

20 January 1970 to 22 January 1970 engaged in exercises with RN ships in the Portland Exercise Area

23 January 1970 sailed Portland to Spithead anchorage

24 January 1970 berthed at Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty from Spithead anchorage

27 January 1970 sailed Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty to Spithead anchorage

28 January 1970 berthed at Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty from Spithead anchorage

2 February 1970 sailed Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty to alongside at Portland

3 February 1970 alongside at Portland with RFA BLACK RANGER berthed alongside

4 February 1970 to 26 February 1970 day sailing to the Portland Exercise area

26 February 1970 anchored at Spithead

27 February 1970 entered Portsmouth Harbour - No 1 berth at Fountain Lake

5 March 1970 moved to alongside RFA TIDEFLOW on Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty. Loaded 2,577 tons of FFO and sailed

8 March 1970 berthed at Gibraltar on berths 47/48 on the South Mole

11 March 1970 sailed Gibraltar

13 March 1970 entered French Creek, Malta berthed starboard side to on Canteen Wharf

16 March 1970 sailed Malta for Augusta

17 March 1970 loaded cargo at Augusta

18 March 1970 sailed Augusta

20 March 1970 passed Gibraltar

23 March 1970 anchored at Spithead

24 March 1970 berthed alongside Gosport Oil Jetty

10 April 1970 sailed Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

12 April 1970 berthed at No: 6 Berth, Faslane

14 April 1970 sailed Faslane to Belfast Lough arriving the same day

15 April 1970 sailed Belfast Lough

17 April 1970 to 24 April 1970 engaged in exercises in the Cromarty Firth

25 April 1970 berthed at Aarhus - 7 basin

28 April 1970 sailed Aarhus to Rosyth

30 April 1970 berthed at Rosyth Dockyard - south arm

6 May 1970 sailed Rosyth to Tayport returning to Rosyth the next day

8 May 1970 sailed Rosyth to Sunderland

9 May 1970 berthed at Hudson Dock, Sunderland to back up the Sunderland Careers Exhibition

15 May 1970 sailed Sunderland to Portland

16 May 1970 arrived at Portland

17 May 1970 engaged in day sailing in the Portland Exercise area until 5 June 1970

5 June 1970 sailed Portland to Gibraltar arriving 7 June 1970 berthing on the South Arm of the Dockyard in No: 47 berth

18 June 1970 sailed Gibraltar

21 June 1970 berthed on A3 buoy, Portland Harbour

22 June 1970 to 25 June 1970 engaged in day sailing in the Portland Exercise area

26 June 1970 sailed Portland to Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty

30 June 1970 sailed Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty to A3 buoy, Portland Harbour

8 December 1970 berthed at Simonstown Dockyard, South Africa

4 April 1971 RASed with HMAS SYDNEY while she was on passage from Australia to Vung Tau, Vietnam

12 September 1971 carried out deck landing trials with the new Harrier Jump Jet while Green Rover was moored at Greenwich Pier

Harrier lands on Green Rover


December 1971 visited Jamestown, St. Helena

19 February 1972 R/V'ed with HMS MIVERVA

20 June 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 25 June 1973

29 June 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 4 July 1973

8 July 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 11 July 1973

27 July 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 30 July 1973

4 August 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 9 August 1973

14 August 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 19 August 1973

26 August 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 2 September 1973

6 September 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 14 September 1973

19 September 1973 deployed in support of RN units off Iceland during 2nd Cod War until 22 September 1973

December 1973 re-engined with 2 x 16 cyl Pielstick 400 x 460mm diesel engines by Crossley Premier Engines Ltd, Manchester. 15360 bhp. Speed now 19½ knots

17 September 1974 along with RFA’s OLNA (3) and STROMNESS, sailed Portsmouth as part of TaskGroup 317.2 led by the helicopter cruiser HMS BLAKE

29 March 1975 to 26 April 1975 humanitarian aid - was part of Operation Stellaalong with the frigate HMS LOWESTOFT - the evacuation of refugees from Vietnam

24 November 1975 to 1 June 1976 provided support during the Third  Cod War - the Fishing Dispute with Iceland

14 April 1976 at Faslane

11 October 1976 at Loch Striven

25 January 1977 Along with RFA’s STROMNESS and TIDEPOOL sailed Devonport as part of Task Group 317.5 led by the helicopter cruiser HMS TIGER

31 May 1977 at Chatham Dockyard

31 May 1978 along with RFA’s STROMNESS and TIDESPRING sailed Portsmouth as part of  Task Group 317.7 led by the helicopter cruiser HMS BLAKE

5 July 1978 to 7 July 1978 With the frigate HMS JUNO was present off the Virgin Islands owing to internal  security problems

19 April 1980 to 21 April 1980 at Portland berthed outboard of RFA BRAMBLELEAF (3)

7 August 1980 to 12 August 1980 involved with the frigate HMS SCYLLA off Cayman Islands providing humantarian relief in the wake of Hurricane Allen

18 February 1981 at North Shields

22 August 1981 at Chatham Dockyard

1982 was one of the very few RFA vessels which did not see service during the Falklands Conflict

16 May 1985 the Greek Government refused permission for Green Rover to use refueling facilities at Souda Bay, Crete while the ship was taking part in a NATO Exercise 'Distant Hammer'. The Greek Government was boycotting the NATO Exercise. The ship was deployed to Izmir, Turkey instead

18 August 1985 transferred 1350 gallons of fuel to Richard Branson’s VIRGIN ATLANTIC CHALLENGER during its Blue Riband attempt. Unfortunately the 32-ton vessel overturned just 140 miles (224km) short of its target, the Isles of Scilly off Cornwall and sank just 4 hours later without completing its Atlantic crossing

atlantic challenger sinking 2

12 March 1987  Mr Robert Settle RFA appointed Chief Engineer Officer

CEO Bob Settle

Chief Engineer Officer Robert Settle RFA

September 1987 sailed Portsmouth Harbour

19 May 1988 entered Portsmouth Harbour

27 May 1988 placed in reserve on 30 days notice and was laid up in No 3 Basin

7 April 1992 purchased by her builders who then resold her to the Indonesian Navy for £6m

9 April 1992 was towed from Portsmouth to the Tyne renamed  C  to be taken in hand for a 4 month refurbishment before re-entering service for her new owners. She became the Flagship of the Training Commander

10 March 1993 at Portsmouth

22 October 1993 with other Indonesian Naval units berthed at Sydney, NSW on a visit to RAN Navy



24 April 2000 At least 900 people comprising of local elite, religious and community leaders launch a reconciliation effort on aboard to reduce religious tension in Maluku

11 November 2000 used as a Vice Presidential Yacht by Megawati Sukarnoputri the Vice President of Indonesia for two days in the city of Ambon and Tual, Southeast Maluku District.  112 Navy personnel were deployed to secure the KRI Arun

28 June 2004 caught Hong Kong flagged motor vessel Law Kit Ting carrying about 300 kilogrammes of live Napoleon fish. The ship was also carrying 1.5 tons of group and live lobsters. The ship did not have the necessary authorities to catch this type of fish

14 October 2004 to 17 October 2004 visited Perth, Western Australia with two other units of the Indonesian Navy. The three ships were under the command of Commodore Agus Suhartono, Commander of the Command Task Group

9 December 2004 with two other ships from the Indonesian Navy held joint exercises with the Royal Brunei Armed Forces

February 2006 KRI Arun and two other ships of the Indonesian Navy  impounded fourteen Chinese and Thai as well as nine Indonesian-flagged vessels after catching them red-handed fishing illegally in the Aru Sea, Maluku Province. All of the apprehended vessels were held at the Navy`s bases in Timika and Merauke, Papua Province pending legal proceedings. The Chinese flagged vessels` names were KM Hai Wang, KM Dech Alsung, MV Qiong Yu Wanyu-01, MV Qiong Yu Wanyu-02, MV Hai Xing-01 and MV Hai Xing-02, and the Thai-flagged ones MV Phong Thip Piyapoom, MV Phong Thip Cholphum, MV Por Ruanglarp, MV Netchantri-12, MV Or Apirachainapiee, MV Apirachainapiee-05, MV Sea Hunter, and MV Chaipichitnapiee-12

30 December 2006 a ship with 25 crew members was reported to have sunk in the Suar mandalika waters some 30 nautical miles of South Kalimantan at the early hours "The East Java naval base has sent KRI Arun, another warship and an aircraft to help rescue the victims

23 May 2007 involved in Naval and Army exercises 'Striker Quick Reaction Force'  in Tarakan, East Kalimantan (Kaltim) to enhance the capabilities, skills and professionalism of the Indonesian Forces

10 April 2008 arrested a tramp ship belonging to a Chinese national in the Fak-Fak waters, Papua province. MV Fuyuan Yu F 80  1,344 GT vessel was skippered by Cheng Kong Zhang and had served as a tramper to collect fish catch. It was reported she had the capacity of carry 1,000 tons

12 August 2009 to 20 August 2009 took part in Exercise Sail Bunaken activities with 24 other ships from 14 countries

9 October 2012 at Surabaya, Indonesia Navy Colonel (P) Eko Joko Wijono took over command 

Green Rover command

Command hand over



1.  KRI = Kapal Republik Indonesia  = Republic of Indonesia Ship

2.  Was one of the 17 tankers employed in the Mozchan on Beira Patrol duties


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