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RFA Sir Bedivere



Subsequent name:                 NDCC Almirante Saboia  

Official Number:                      309987                                                                      

Class:                                    SIR LANCELOT CLASS Landing Ship Logistics

Pennant No:                           L3004

Laid down:                             28 October 1965
Builder:                                  Hawthorn Leslie
Launched:                              20 July 1966

Into Service:                          1970
Out of service:                       18 February 2008
Fate:                                       Sold to Brazillian Navy


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:   In December 1961 the following announcement was made: War Office Military Supply Ship: "A 6000t ocean-going twin screw military supply vessel has been ordered by the MOT from the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd at Govan, who are to develop the final specifications of the ship, which is expected to cost about £1million. Building will start around February 1962 and the ship is expected to be in service late in 1963 or early in 1964. The design calls for a fast troop and vehicle carrier capable of discharging onto beaches. She will have bow and stern loading facilities for tanks and military vehicles, ramp loading hatches, cargo handling cranes and provision for carrying and launching pontoons. A helicopter will be carried aft, and on completion she will have a Merchant Navy crew and will be managed by the British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd” In March 1963 it was announced that tenders were to be invited for a further two vessels at a cost of £2 million each and all three would then replace thirteen former Tank Landing Ships and would be part of an eventual Class of five or six ships, all of which would be named after Knights of the Round Table. The final three vessels were ordered in April 1965, and in December 1968 it was announced that as from January 1970, the management of these six vessels, as well as that of one ex-LST, would be transferred to the RFA


28 October 1965 laid down as LSL 03

20 July 1966 launched by Hawthorn Leslie Shipbuilders Ltd, Hebburn as Yard Nr: 760  named SIR BEDIVERE for the Ministry of Transport. The Lady Sponsor was Mrs W Campbell, wife of the Chairman of British India Steam Navigation Co

St Bedi launch

18 May 1967 completed and placed under management of British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd., London

 Sir Bed B and I

Sir Bedivere before RFA service & in BI colours


Sir Bedivere off Aden in November 1967
© IWM - A35115

14 January 1970 management transferred to the RFA

25 January 1971 her Ship’s Badge was officially presented to her

19 September 1971 sailed Singapore to Hong Kong with 300 members of the 1st Bat. 2nd King Edward VII Own Gurkha Rifles

31 October 1971 a steam past to mark the end of the Far Eastern Fleet took place and it was planned that the salute would be be taken by the Commander in Chief Far East Forces Air Marshall Sir Brian Burnett and the Commander of the Far East Fleet Rear Admiral J A R Troup from the Sir Bedivere however her arrival at Singapore was delayed by a typhoon

26 January 1972 to 7 February 1972 along with HMS FEARLESS and RFA’s SIR GERAINT and SIR TRISTRAM she was part of the British Amphibious Task Force patrolling off British Honduras to provide an anti-invasion force

 9 January 1973 Captain Barry H Rutterford RFA appointed as Master



Captain Barry H Rutterford RFA


18 August 1974 sailed Malta for Cyprus

24 October 1975 at Newcastle upon Tyne

21 January 1976 at Marchwood Military Port

10 May 1976 at Malta

15 May 1977 at Liverpool

15 August 1977 at Marchwood Military Port

28 October 1977 on the River Tyne

28 December 1978 at Devonport

9 January 1979 at Portland

May 1979 in refit at Liverpool

 SirBedivere Liverpool May1979


RFA Sir Bedivere in dry dock at Liverpool in May 1979


24 May 1979 sailed Liverpool

25 May 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

26 May 1979 berthed at Liverpool sailing later the same day

27 May 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day to Liverpool

6 June 1979 sailed Liverpool

7 June 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

8 June 1979 berthed at Liverpool

9 June 1979 sailed Liverpool

10 June 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

11 June 1979 berthed at Liverpool

17 June 1979 sailed Liverpool

18 June 1979 berthed at Glasgow sailing later the same day

19 June 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

20 June 1979 berthed at Liverpool

21 June 1979 sailed Liverpool

22 June 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

23 June 1979 berthed at Liverpool

24 June 1979 sailed Liverpool

25 June 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

25 June 1979 berthed at Glasgow sailing later the same day

26 June 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

27 June 1979 berthed at Liverpool sailing later the same day

28 June 1979 berthed at Belfast sailing later the same day

29 June 1979 berthed at Liverpool

2 July 1979 sailed Liverpool

3 July 1979 berthed at Marchwood Military Port

4 July 1979 sailed Marchwood Military Port

21 October 1979 alongside at Marchwood Military Port

2 April 1982 while serving on the West Coast of Canada she was recalled to the U.K. for service during Operation Corporate - the Falklands Conflict - and sailed from Vancouver

25 April 1982 arrived Marchwood Military Port from Vancouver

29 April 1982 sailed Marchwood Military Port for service during  Operation Corporate - the Falklands Conflict

14 May 1982 arrived Ascension Island en route to join up with the rest of the Amphibious Landing Force in San Carlos Water later that month

18 May 1982 entered the TEZ (Total Exclusion Zone) around the Falkland Islands

24 May 1982 whilst anchored in San Carlos Water she was hit by an Argentinian bomb which cut through her crane’s steel plating and then bounced into the sea before exploding and caused minor damage. She also claimed one Mirage splashed


RFA under attack

RFA Bedivere in San Carlos Water with an Argentinian Dagger aircraft passing overhead on 24 May 1982


16 June 1982 became the 2nd ship to enter Port Stanley after RFA SIR PERCIVALE

31 October 1982 sailed Falkland Islands for home

16 November 1982 berthed at Marchwood Military Port after Operation Corporatewith the remains of sixty four Servicemen (52 from the Army, 11 from the Royal Marines and 1 Chinese laundryman from HMS Coventry) for burial or cremation at home. Lance Sergeant Iain Mackinnon, Scots Guards played 'Flowers of the Forest' in tribute to fallen colleagues as those being repatriated were lifted ashore from the ship



Picture courtesy of The Southern Daily Echo


13 August 1983 berthed alongside at Marchwood Military Port

2 June 1984 to 7 June 1984 served as Control and Accommodation Ship at Caen for the 40th Anniversary of D-Day celebrations

25 September 1984 was awarded her Falkland Islands 1982 Battle Honour at Marchwood by Mr A Kemp  DST (SF)

17 December 1985 at King Edward Point, South Georgia

15 April 1987 at North Shields

2 May 1987 at Portsmouth

31 August 1988 until 21 September 1988 together with all the other LSL's with the exception of RFA SIR LANCELOT was involved in Exercise Teamwork 88

10 October 1988 sailed UK for Hong Kong on a maintenance run in place of RFA SIR GERAINT which had run aground in Norway

11 October 1988 suffered minor structural damage and cargo loss and damage due to heavy weather while crossing the Bay of Biscay

13 October 1988 returned to Devonport for deck cargo to be resecured then sailed for Marchwood for repairs

10 May 1990 played the role of a stricken ferry in Exercise Common Aim 2  - purported to have been in collision with a warship off Portland. Over 300 firefighters, medical personnel and technologists were co-ordinated by Weymouth Coastguards with “serious cases” airlifted to hospital from the ship. The Exercise was a complete success

27 September 1990 sailed U.K. for Bremerhaven to embark units of the 7th Armoured Brigade for the Gulf Area following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

28 September 1990 sailed Bremerhaven with tanks and other military vehicles of the 7th Armoured  Brigade, in company with the Danish ro-ro MERCANDIAN QUEEN 11 and the Italian ro-ro JOLLY TURCHESE for service during Operation Granby - the Gulf War

Mercandia Queen II 


20 October 1990 arrived Al Jubayl for Gulf War Support Duties

25 December 1990 suffered a main engine defect while on passage back to the Gulf Area and diverted to Gibraltar for repairs

28 February 1991 provided Stores Support in the Forward Area

1991 was awarded the Kuwait 1991 Battle Honour along with 10 other RFA’s

24 July 1991 at Wallsend on Tyne and Captain Alan T Roach RFA appointed Commanding Officer for sea trials

Capt allan roach

Captain Alan T Roach RFA

2 September 1991 Captain (E) Edward M Quigley RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

5 October 1991 at Devonport

13 December 1991 at Gosport

February 1992  together with RFA SIR PERCIVALE & RFA SIR TRISTRAM participated in Exercise Teamwork

24 March 1992  together with RFA SIR TRISTRAM assisted in returning Royal Marines from Norway

14 May 1992 at Cagliari

25 October 1992 arrived Split with a British Army Field Hospital and
medical supplies and to act as an Accommodation Ship for 450 Troops who were the British element of the UN Protection Force in former Yugoslavia along with RFA’s RESOURCE and ARGUS

22 March 1993 at Marchwood Military Port

19 April 1993 together with RFA SIR GERAINT arrived Devonport and then sailed same day along with RFA SIR TRISTRAM

10 May 1993 arrived at Portsmouth

17 June 1993 arrived at Devonport

29 June 1993 sailed from Devonport

15 July 1993 at Marchwood Military Port

4 September 1993 together with RFA SIR TRISTRAM arrived at Devonport and sailed the following day

11 September 1993 arrived at Devonport

November 1993 participated in Exercise Final Nail off South Wales

6 February 1994 arrived at Devonport with RFA's SIR GALAHAD (2) and SIR TRISTRAM

7 February 1994 sailed from Devonport with RFA's SIR GALAHAD (2) and SIR TRISTRAM for Exercise Royal Dawnbut all three ships were diverted from the Exercise to transport troops, stores and vehicles from Marchwood Military Port to Split to support UN requirements

10 March 1994 arrived at Marchwood Military Port

18 March 1994 sailed from Marchwood Military Port

6 June 1994 in Caen, France for the 50th Anniversary of D-Day celebrations

17 June 1994 berthed at Marchwood Military Port

1 July 1994 sailed from Marchwood Military Port

15 September 1994 arrived at Devonport

14 November 1994 arrived Rosyth for a Ship Life Extension Programme carried out by Babcock Rosyth Defence Ltd, which involved cutting her in two, inserting a new midship section, new engines and then replacing the original aluminium accommodation block with one of steel

January 1998 it was announced by the MOD that the original £40m estimated cost of her SLEP rebuild had been exceeded by about £20m due to cost over runs, delays and the large amount of emergent work to rectify corrosion plus difficulties of implementing the newer SOLAS safety standards. She was supposed to have re-entered service in May 1996. Plans to rebuild RFA SIR GERAINT and RFA SIR PERCIVALE were cancelled as they were no longer cost-effective and alternative plans were put forward for 2 new-construction replacements built largely to commercial standards to enter service between 2002 - 2005

June 1998 SLEP completed at a cost of £68.8m

July 1998 conducted FOST training

31 August 1998 at IFOS, Portsmouth

12 October 1998 arrived at Rosyth for an 8 week DED

March 1999 with FOST

11 May 1999 at Marchwood Military Port

16 May 1999 sailed Devonport for Exercise Aurora in the Bristol Channel Area

30 May 1999 returned to Devonport on the conclusion of Exercise Aurors

24 August 1999 Captain Roger Robinson-Brown RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Capt RR B2

Captain Roger Robinson-Brown RFA

15 November 1999 arrived Limassol, Cyprus

14 December 1999 arrived Milbay Docks, Plymouth to unload after Exercise Bright Star off the coast of Egypt

27 March 2000 sailed Devonport along with RFA's SIR TRISTRAM and FORT AUSTIN on the Aurora 2000 deployment

8 May 2000 deployed to Sierra Leone on Operation Palliser

25 June 2000 returned to Devonport on completion of Operation Palliser duties

13 August 2000 at Devonport

12 November 2000 part of the Amphibious Ready Group led by the assault ship HMS OCEAN which arrived off the coast of Sierra Leone on Operation Silkman - a high visibility demonstration of the U.K. commitment to Sierra Leone - along with RFA’s ARGUS, FORT AUSTIN and SIR TRISTRAM

29 January 2001 at A & P Yard, Wallsend

15 February 2001 arrived Devonport for FOST training

19 February 2001 commenced FOST training

April 2001 Captain Richard Bliss RFA in command

18 May 2001 at Marchwood Military Port

September 2001 engaged on the Argonaut 2001 deployment together with HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, fourteen other Royal Naval Warships and RFA's FORT VICTORIA, BAYLEAF (3), SIR TRISTRAM, SIR PERCIVALE, SIR GALAHAD (2), FORT ROSALIE, FORT AUSTIN, OAKLEAF (2) and DILIGENCE

2 September 2001 to 5 September 2001 berthed at Cadiz, Spain

26 November 2001 to 30 November 2001 berthed at Malaga, Spain

3 December 2001 arrived at Devonport from Gulf deployment

1 February 2002 at Marchwood Military Port preparing for refit

28 April 2002 at Marchwood Military Port

17 May 2002 until 31 May 2002 FOST

27 Jun 2002 acted as helicopter platform at Portsmouth for Golden Jubilee Services Review

17 August 2002 at Marchwood Military Port

16 September 2002 to 17 September 2002 berthed at Gibraltar

15 January 2003 to 28 May 2003 sailed U.K. for service during Operation Telic - the 2nd Gulf War - along with thirteen other RFA’s

9 April 2003 at Bahrain

29 April 2003 Captain Shaun Jones RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Shaun Jones

Captain Shaun Jones RFA

21 May 2003 sailed Grand Harbour, Malta

29 May 2003 returned to Millbay Docks, Plymouth on completion of Operation Telic duties

23 July 2003 represented the RFA at a presentation by the Queen of New Colours to the RN aboard the LPD HMS OCEAN in Plymouth Sound along with RFA’s ARGUS and WAVE KNIGHT(2)

26 September 2003 at Birkenhead

4 November 2003 Captain I Johnson RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

3 November 2004 berthed at Marchwood Military Port

4 December 2004 arrived at Portland from Marchwood Military Port

4 January 2005 arrived at Marchwood Military Port

3 March 2005 at Dover

24 March 2005 sailed from Marchwood Military Port

1 April 2005 at Birkenhead for modifications to take a new type of perrain tank during refit there

7 June 2005 involved in an accident with a dock wall at Bidston Dry Dock, Liverpool causing slight damage

15 June 2005 sailed from Liverpool after refit

17 June 2005 sailed up Southampton Water to berth at Marchwood Military Port

28 June 2005 with the Princess Royal embarked she took part in the International Fleet Review for Trafalgar 200 at Spithead along with RFA’s  ARGUS, FORT GEORGE,  FORT VICTORIA, ORANGELEAF (3), SIR GALAHAD (2), SIR TRISTRAM and WAVE RULER (2)

26 August 2005 arrived Devonport for FOST

10 September 2005 arrived at Marchwood Military Port

23 October 2005 at Faslane

24 October 2005 sailed Faslane for Exercise Neptune Warrior

6 December 2005 sailed Portsmouth and arrived at Marchwood Military Port

23 December 2005 at Marchwood Military Port

9 February 2006 at Marchwood Military Port

22 March 2006 Captain (E) Robert Settle RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

6 April 2006 at Marchwood Military Port

May 2006 in refit at Falmouth

2 June 2006 Captain (E) Robert Settle RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

9 June 2006 at Falmouth

15 June 2006 at Marchwood Military Port

12 August 2006 acted as Guard Ship at the Fowey Regatta

23 August 2006 to 27 August 2006 acted as Guard Ship at the Dartmouth Royal Regatta

Sir Bed Dartmouth 2006

At the Dartmouth Royal Regatta

11 September 2006 sailed Devonport for Exercise Grey Cormorant off the Devon Coast

15 September 2006 to 18 September 2006 in St Austell Bay

27 September 2006 at Gibraltar as part of Vela 06 Deployment which also included Exercise Grey Cormorant

16 November 2006 at Las Palmas

5 February 2007 Captain (E) Robert Settle RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

10 February 2007 Captain (X) Shaun Jones RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

1 April 2007 became Mother Ship and Afloat Training Platform for the Iraqi Navy and Iraqi Marines

12 April 2007 berthed alongside at Kuwait

1 May 2007 Chief Officer (X) P Selby RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

6 June 2007 Captain (X) Duncan L Lamb RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Commodore Lamb

Captain (X) Duncan L Lamb RFA


17 November 2007 Captain (X) David J Buck RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

Captain David Buck

Captain (X) David J Buck RFA

28 November 2007 operating with HMS ARGYLL in the Northern Persian Gulf

18 February 2008 arrived Sea Mounting Centre at Marchwood to decommission and was met on arrival by the Commodore-in-Chief RFA HRH Prince Edward and Commodore RFA Commodore Bob Thornton RFA. Was awarded the RFA Centenary Wedgewood Bowl for 2007 in recognition of her services in the Northern Arabian Gulf

21 February 2008 anchored at Fowey

23 February 2008 open to the public

24 February 2008 sailed Fowey

25 February 2008 final arrival Portsmouth to prepare for disposal

19 November 2008 sailed Portsmouth for Falmouth in tow of tug URAN after sale to Brazil and received a 6 month refit including

  1. Main Engines and associated fuel, air and hydraulic systems;
  2. 5 unit full Diesel Generator overhaul
  3. Entire electrical system including switchboards;
  4. Internal and External Communications systems;
  5. All hotel systems;
  6. All firefighting and safety systems;
  7. All deck and auxiliary equipment and systems;
  8. Increase of accommodation capacity to 350 ship staff and troops
  9. All navigation and radar equipment.
  10. Lloyds Special Survey for Hull and Machinery to maintain the Ship In Class until Dec 2010
  11. New external paint scheme and full internal coatings
  12. Crew Training on all new and legacy systems

17 May 2009 berthed at Falmouth

25 May 2009 sold by MOD to Brazilian Navy for £10 million pounds and renamed ALMIRANTE SABOIA (G 25) after a late Brazilian Naval hero. His widow and other family members were present at the handover ceremony at Falmouth. The Commanding Officer was Oscar Moreira da Silva Filho






flag sir bed



23 June 2009 sailed Famouth to Lison, Portugal and then to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands on 6 July 2009

23 July 2009 at Porto de Maceio

31 July 2009 berthed at Rio de Janerio

7 September 2009 attended the Independence Day Naval Parade at  Rio de Janerio

10 December 2009 attended the Sailor Day parade at Santos, Brazil

17 December 2009 sailed Santos to Rio de Janerio

12 January 2010 to 30 January 2010 took part in Operation ASPIRANTEX-2010

31 January 2010 commended loading supplies for operations at Haiti

1 February 2010 sailed Rio de Janerio with 700 tons of material for Brazilian Marines and the Brazilian Army and humanitarian aid to the Haitian people

17 February 2010 arrived at Haiti for a 30 day deployment

2 March 2010 to 7 March 2010 berthed at Willemstad, Curacao

24 March 2010 arrived at Rio de Janerio

11 to 16 May 2010 was at Port au Prince, Haiti

24 September 2010 underway at Manaus, Brazil

16 November 2010 to 25 November 2010 took part in Operation ADEREX-II/2010 with other units of the Brazillian Navy between Rio de Janerio and Santos

1 December 2010 to 12 December 2010 carried 85 tons of cargo and research materials to Trinidade Island

7 January 2011 to 28 January 2011 took part in in Operation ASPIRANTEX-2011 with other units of the Brazillian Navy. berthed at Buenos Aires between 13 January 2011 to the 17 January 2011 and later Rio de Janerio

26 April 2011 to 6 May 2011 deployed giving logistical support to the Oceanographic Station on the Trindade Island (Poitou). A Super Puma helicopter was used making 58 VERTREP carring 53 tons of stores

19 May 2011 berthed at Santos in the morning. Sailed the same evening




20 May 2011 berthed at Santos (again)

24 May 2011 berthed at Rio de Janerio

10 May 2011 Captain Valter Citavicius Son took command

5 July 2011 berthed at San Juan, Puerto Rico

29 November 2011 at Fortaleza, Brazil

11 December 2011 at Isla da Trinidade

23 December 2011 berthed at Rio de Janerio

January 2012 the ship took part in Operation ASPIRANTEX-12 in the sea area between the Rio de Janeiro and the Argentine and Uruguayan coasts

19 to the 23 January 2012 the ship was at Mar Del Plata, Argentina

27 to the 30 January 2012 at Itajai

1 February 2012 while arriving at Rio de Janerio after Operation ASPIRANTEX-12 was involved in a security exercise where the ship reported that she had been taken over by pirates. The ship and its crew were rescued by other units of the Brazillian Navy.

29 February 2012 involved in a survey of Aviation Safety where helicopters landed onboard.

6 March 2012 further training with a SH-3 Helicopter Squadron Anti-Submarine (HS-1) was held with a total of 18 landings on the ship




21 May 2012 involved in the transportaion of stores,vehicles and containers for the Brazilian Marines and Army to Haiti and to collect stores and vehciles in need of repair

25 June 2012 berthed at Yorktown, Virginia USA

2 August 2012 completed the supply and recovery of materials to and from Haiti

4 August 2012 arrived and berthed at Rio de Janeiro

14 August 2012 sailed from Rio de Janeiro to Trinidade Island with a helicopter from UH14 Super Puma Squadron HU-. Over three days the helicopter landed 90 tons of cargo by VERTREP

23 August 2013 berthed at Rio de Janeiro

7 September 2012 took part in the Naval Parade at Rio de Janerio to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the founding of the state of Brazil

1 November 2012 to 5 November 2012 berthed at Santos

7 November 2012 at 15 nmiles south of Ilha Rasa involved helicopter training with a MH-16 helicopter. 30 landings and takeoffs were made and qualifications were obtained by four pilots and the crew of the ship

19 November 2012 to 30 November 2012 took part in Operation Atlantic III with the main focus on martime lines of communication

10 January 2013 to 31 January 2013 took part in Operation Aspirantex 2013 in the seas between Rio de Janerio and Urugay. Between 17 January 2013 and 21 January 2013 berthed at Montevideo

25 February 2013 sailed Rio de Janerio

17 March 2013 embarked 220 Marines, equipment and vehicles from the 3rd Battalion Paissandu for the ports of Sao Sebastiao and Santos SP for port security training

18 March 2013 arrived at Santos - marines and equipment disembarked - returned to Rio de Janerio arriving the next day

9 May 2013 sailed from Rio de Janerio loaded with 19,600 sets of humanitarian equipment (matresses, pillows, blankets for Buenos Aires for victims of floods which had occured in Argentina

14 May 2013 arrived at Buenos Aires and unloaded her cargo

Between 2 June 2013 and 24 July 2013 involved in transporting equipment for the Brazillian Army which is part of the Stabilization Mission of the United Nations in Haiti. Called at ports in Salvador, Bahia, Recife, Fortaleza, Paramaribo and San Juan, Porto Rico

5 June 2013 and 6 June 2013 berthed at Salvador unloading military equipment for the use of troops providing security at the FIFA Federations Cup 2013

21 September 2013 sailed Rio de Janerio

28 September 2013 arrived at Rio de Janerio

7 October 2013 arrived at Rio de Janerio

10 October 2013 sailed Rio de Janerio

16 October 2013 berthed at the Port of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

3 November 2013 berthed at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

10 November 2013 sailed Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

19 November 2013 berthed at St Georges, Grenada

20 November 2013 sailed St. Georges, Grenada

27 November 2013 berthed at Belem, Brazil

28 April 2014 arrived Rio de Janeiro

15 May 2014 sailed Fort Aleza, Brazil

19 May 2014 arrived Aratu, Brazil sailing the same day

19 May 2014 arrived Salvador, Brazil

12 August 2014 berthed at Arauta, Brazil

15 November 2014 sailed St Johns, Antigua

8 January 2015 berthed at Rio de Janerio

3 February 2015 sailed Santos Anch, Brazil

4 February 2015 berthed at Rio de Janerio

22 June 2015 sailed Salvador Anch

26 June 2015 berthed at Rio de Janerio

11 October 2015 sailed the Naval Base at Rio de Janerio for Haiti

13 November 2015 at Port au Prince discharging 140 tons of cargo and loading 145 tons of cargo to return to Brazil

4 December 2015 returned to Rio de Janerio

20 June 2016 sailed Vitoria, Brazil

21 June 2016 arrived at Rio de Janerio anchorage

22 June 2016 sailed from Rio de Janerio

20 December 2016 berthed at Rio de Janerio

14 March 2017 sailed from Rio de Janerio

15 March 2017 arrived at Niteroi, Brazil

11 April 2017 sailed Rio de Janerio

1 May 2017 arrived at Niteroi, Brazil





 Was named after one of the 35 Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend who was also Cup Bearer to King Arthur. He was with Arthur at the Battle of Camlan where Arthur was fatally wounded. As he lay dying he commanded Sir Bedivere to throw his sword Excalibur as far as he could into a nearby stretch of water and when Sir Bedivere did so, the hand and arm of the Lady of the Lake came out, shook the sword 3 times and then vanished beneath the water

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