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Previous name:
Subsequent name:                 Nutta, Falster, Dangulf Lube, Inger Lupe, Hanne Wedell, Tanja

Official Number:                     133115                                                                         

Class:                                    INNIS CLASS Water Carrier

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                 Peter McGregor & Sons, Kirkintilloch
Launched:                             3 March 1913
Into Service:                          7 September 1915
Out of service:                       24 November 1920
Fate:                                    Sold to commercial interests


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Background Data:   There was originally a Class of eighteen vessels with the INNIS prefix to their names, and the first twelve vessels were ordered in 1912, followed shortly afterwards by orders for a further six vessels. Only six of the Class saw Admiralty service as Water Carriers during WW1


3 April 1913  launched by Peter McGregor & Sons, Kirkintilloch as Yard Nr: 62 named INNISFREE for Coasting Motor Shipping Co Ltd (John M. Paton, Manager) Glasgow

15 April 1913 registered as above

6 May 1913 sailed from Glasgow for Troon in ballast. Later sailed the same day from Troon for Isla with a cargo of coal

26 February 1915 sailed Leith for Arbroath in ballast

23 July 1915 sailed Carradale for Ayr in ballast

2 August 1915 sailed Carradale for Ayr with a cargo of timber

7 September 1915 purchased by the Admiralty for service as a Water Carrier, name unchanged

24 November 1915 Sub Lieutenant Frank J Delamotte RNR appointed in command

29 November 1915 the Director of Transport allocated this ship to Portsmouth Dockyard

24 November 1920 purchased for £1,213 by A/S Trafikant ( P. Einarsen & M. Anderson, Managers) Bergen and renamed NUTTA

1927 purchased by Master H.A. Christensen, Nykobing Falster, Denmark and renamed FALSTER. Portable tanks were fitted in her cargo hold

20 January 1930 purchased by Eigil Qvist, Kobenhavn name unchanged. Lengthened and converted into a tank vessel. Dimensions now 84.6 x 18.3 x 8.6 ft with tonnages of 129 grt and  68 nrt

17 August 1933 purchased by Alfred Olsen Transport Co A/S, Kobenhavn name unchanged

1934 re-engined with 1 x 2 cyl oil engine by A/S Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen

1947 owners became Danish American Gulf Oil Transport Co A/S, Kobenhavn name unchanged

1948 renamed DANGULF LUBE by her owners

11 June 1948 landed at Hals, Denmark  some of the survivors from the Danish ship Kjobenhaven which was mined and sunk in the Kattegat 15 miles off Jutland

1959 purchased by Hans Petersen, Aarosund and renamed INGER LUPE

1961 re-engined with 1 x 3 cyl oil engine by Gamma, Frederikshavn. 180 ihp

8 February 1963 purchased by Wedellsborg Partrederi (Ebbe Wedell-Weddellsborg, Vedhoek and  Ernst Gustav Baron Wedell-Wedellsborg, Thurso) Vedhaek, Denmark and renamed HANNE WEDELL

January 1964 ran aground suffering damage - details recorded in the 1964 Dutch Accident Statistics (in Dutch)

23 November 1965 during her conversion into a sand hopper / dredger, she sank at Nykobing Falster but was subsequently raised by the local rescue service

1966 conversion completed

20 November 1967 purchased by Praesto Stenindustri A/S, Praesto and renamed TANJA

16 April 1973 purchased by T.J. Brunes, Holte name unchanged

September 1980 Broken up Esbjerg by Manfred Jensen


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