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Previous name:               

Subsequent name:    

Official Number:                                                                                                 

Class:                                     CONFIANCE CLASS Tug                 

Pennant No:                           A 289

Laid down:                            
Builder:                                    A & J Inglis Ltd, Pointhouse, Glasgow
Launched:                              15 November 1955                                
Into Service:                           27 March 1956
Out of service:                  
Fate:                                         25 July 1984 sunk as a target


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:   There were originally 2 ships in this Class but a further 3, formerly rated as Dockyard Tugs, were officially added to the Class in 1971 as part of the RMAS Ocean Towing Force. Fitted with 2.50m dia Kanewa controllable pitch propellers. All were fitted for fire fighting and salvage work and also had a towing winch. They were used for both harbour and ocean towing duties but were not popular at sea due to their extreme liveliness in rough weather. Bollard pull was 24.6 tons. Their normal complement was 29 with a further 13 members of a salvage party. Five of the Class saw service as RFA’s. The full Class was as follows:


Pennant Nr                       Name                      Launched                  Completed                     Fate
A 90                                   ACCORD               17/09/57                   9/58                         Disposed of 1988
A 89                                   ADVICE                16/10/58                   10/59                        RFA Service
A 88                                   AGILE                  2/07/58                     7/59                         RFA Service
A 289                                 CONFIANCE           15/11/55                   3/56                         RFA Service
A 290                                 CONFIDENT           17/01/56                   9/56                         RFA Service
15 November 1955 launched by A & J Inglis Ltd, Pointhouse, Glasgow as Yard Nr 1529 P  named

 CONFIANCE. The Lady sponser was Mrs Craig wife of Mr J S Craig Secretary of Colvilles Ltd and daughter in law of Sir John Craig Chairman of the ship builders



Builders Plate - © Andy Crespin – used with permission


27 March 1956 completed

28 March 1956 sailed Glasgow for Portsmouth

29 March 1956 accepted into service and was based at Portsmouth until 1957

1957 to 1960 based at Malta

7 January 1960 sailed Malta for the UK

12 February 1960 became operational in the Port Auxiliary Service

1960 to 1966 based at Portsmouth

Confiance at Portsmouth

PAS CONFIANCE off Portsmouth

4 January 1963 sailed Portsmouth to close to the Owers Lightship where the Belgian fishing boat Don Bosco had caught fire. The crew were saved, the fire was extinguished and the fishing vessel towed to Southampton 

20 July 1966 based Devonport

June 1971 based Portland

25 July 1984 sunk as a target at  59°49N  7°22W

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