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Official Number                   

Class:                                 Admiralty Ferry Steamer

Pennant No:                        

Laid down:
Into Service:                        1913

Out of service:                     


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  

Practically no information is available on this vessel. She is recorded as part of the Admiralty’s Ferry Steamer Service that operated around anchorages and port areas, eg, Spithead/Portsmouth, Chatham/Sheerness, for moving large numbers of liberty men and crews of floating docks. In Department of Naval Construction documents she is briefly referred to as RFA ANT, with reference to BoT and Lloyd’s Register requirements for accommodation, lifesaving arrangements, and crew. This meeting of BoT requirements implies crewing and management by Director of Transports, however, no details have been uncovered on her dates of construction, or who built her and her engines.  

Displacement 690; length 170ft oa, 164ft bp, beam 33ft, draught 6ft.

Machinery steam, 3 cyl triple expansion, single screw, speed 11 kn.

Complement unknown.

Sensors na.


Armament na.

Cargo/operational loading/remarks licensed to carry up to 900 passengers seated and standing.

This vessel is briefly noted as an RFA in the DNC papers in Ship’s Cover 152, however, no further official or commercial evidence has been uncovered. 

The data listed above is not a complete record of the ship or its crew. It was collected from a multitude of sources. When further information is at hand it will be added as when it collected and collated

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