San Zotico


Official Number:                     143326

Laid down:

Builder:                                  Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Low Walker

Launched:                              14 May 1919

Pennant No:                      

Into Service:                           1939

Out of service:                        1945

Fate:                                      Broken Up January 1950


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


14 May 1919 launched by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Low Walker as Yard Nr: 1094 as War Kookri for the Shipping Controller

July 1919 completed

1920 purchased by Eagle Oil Transport Co Ltd., London and renamed San Zotico

28 October 1920 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing west

8 December 1920 berthed at Avonmouth

22 January 1921 sailed Tampico

30 March 1921 arrived Avonmouth

1 April 1924 at Liverpool Able Seaman John H S Kitchen discharged dead from an injury to his head. A Coroners Inquest was held touching on the death of AB Kitchen

23 June 1924 sailed New York for Tuxpan

26 December 1926 sailed Tuxpan for LEFO

21 February 1927 sailed Tuxpan for Rio de Janerio

1930 owners became Eagle Oil & Shipping Co Ltd., London - name unchanged

2 December 1933 sailed Falmouth for Puerto Mexico

10 February 1934 sailed Aruba for Santos

21 September 1924 berthed at Hull on Salt End Jetty fro Mexico

10 June 1935 sailed Buenos Aires for Aruba

1 January 1938 sailed Aruba for Buenos Aires

24 January 1938 arrived at Buenos Aires

26 March 1938 at Birkenhead

17 May 1938 San Juan, Puerto Rico Greaser Michael Cavanagh discharged dead from pneumonia

10 October 1938 sailed Stanlow for Curacao

27 February 1939 sailed Curacao for Havana

9 April 1939 sailed Barton for Curacao

27 July 1939 sailed Shellhaven for Curacao

1939 requisitioned for Admiralty service as an oiler and later served as a Station Oiler - name unchanged

20 December 1941 sailed Scapa Flow escorted by HMS LAMERTON to Sullon Voe arriving two days later

1 January 1942 arrived Scapa Flow escorted by HMS HALCYON from Sullon Voe after Operation Anklet

18 January 1942 sailed Scapa Flow while escorted by HMS WELLINGTON for Skaalefjord arriving the next day

26 January 1942 sailed Skaalefjord escorted by two destroyers for Sullom Voe arriving 28 January 1942

6 February 1942 sailed Sullom Voe escorted by HMS MIDDLETON for Scapa Flow. Developed engine defects and returned to Sullom Voe the escort continuing to Scapa Flow

7 February 1942 sailed Sullom Voe escorted by HMS CHIDDINGFOLD for Scapa Flow arriving 9 February 1942

22 February 1942 sailed Scapa Flow escorted by two trawlers for the Faroe Islands arriving the next day

9 May 1942 sailed Skaalefjord escorted by HMS CHIDDINGFOLD for Scapa Flow arriving the next day

15 July 1942 at Scapa Flow as duty oiler refuelled USS Rodman (DD456) alongside

31 July 1942 at Scapa Flow as duty oiler refuelled USS Emmons (DD457) alongside

29 August 1942 sailed Scapa Flow in escorted convoy EN30 for Loch Ewe together with RFA's GRAY RANGER and BLACK RANGER arriving on 31 August 1942

2 September 1942 sailed Loch Ewe in escorted convoy PQ18 for Reykjavik, Iceland together with RFA's GRAY RANGER and BLACK RANGER arriving on 8 September 1942

2 January 1944 arrived Reykjavik, Iceland in escorted convoy UR103

1 October 1944 arrived Reykjavik, Iceland in escorted convoy UR137

4 May 1945 sailed Iceland in escorted convoy RU161

25 September 1945 sailed Singapore together with RFA DEWDALE (1)

1945 returned to her owners - name unchanged

16 October 1947 arrived Karachi from Abadan

24 December 1947 arrived at Aden from Abadan

9 March 1948 arrived at Abadan from Bombay

8 December 1949 sailed Port Said in tow after sale for scrap

14 January 1950 arrived Milford Haven for demolition by T W Ward Ltd.


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