Scottish Chief


Official Number:                      160413

Laid down:

Builder:                                  Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, High Walker 

Launched:                              7 February 1928

Into Service:                            1939

Out of service:                         19 November 1942

Fate:                                      Torpedoed and sunk 19 November 1942


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

7 February 1928 launched by Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd., High Walker as Yard Nr: 1029 named Scottish Chief for Tankers Ltd., London

May 1928 completed

18 September 1928 sailed Falmouth to Abadan with two passengers

8 October 1935 berthed at Southampton from Constanza with one passenger. Captain J W Gibson was Master

1939 requisitioned by the Admiralty service as an oiler, named unchanged

15 September 1939 sailed Curacao independently to Trinidad arriving 27 September 1939

28 September 1939 sailed Trinidad independently to Dakar arriving 12 October 1939

17 October 1939 sailed Dakar independently to Curacao arriving 28 October 1939

8 November 1939 sailed Curacao independently to Halifax arriving 20 November 1939

26 November 1939 sailed Halifax in convoy HX10 to Plymouth arriving 10 December 1939 with a cargo of crude oil

11 December 1939 sailed Plymouth independently to Pauillac arriving 12 December 1939

17 December 1939 sailed Pauillac independently to Verdon

20 December 1939 sailed Verdon independently to Rouen arriving the next day

25 December 1939 sailed Rouen independently to Falmouth arriving 30 December 1939

6 February 1940 sailed Falmouth joining convoy OG 17 at sea to Gibraltar arriving 13 February 1940

13 February 1940 sailed Gibraltar independently to Haifa arriving 22 February 1940

13 February 1940 sailed Gibraltar independently to Haifa arriving 22 February 1940

24 February 1940 sailed Haifa independently to Gibraltar arriving 4 March 1940

9 March 1940 sailed Gibraltar in escorted convoy HG22F to Dunkirk arriving 21 March 1940

27 March 1940 sailed the Downs in escorted convoy OA118 which reformed on 29 March 1940 into escort convoy OG24F then dispersed and sailed independently to Texas City arriving 25 April 1940

28 April 1940 sailed Texas City independently to Bermuda arriving 7 May 1940

7 May 1940 sailed Bermuda in escorted convoy BHX41 to Halifax where the convoy joined escorted convoy HX41 to Donges arriving 23 May 1940 with a cargo of crude oil

27 May 1940 sailed Donges independently to Falmouth arriving arriving the next day

14 June 1940 sailed Falmouth independently to Southampton arriving the next day

19 June 1940 sailed Southampton independently to the Downs arriving the next day

26 June 1940 sailed London independently to Galveston arriving 22 July 1940

23 July 1940 sailed Galveston independently to New Orleans arriving 25 July 1940

27 July 1940 sailed New Orleans independently to Cristobal arriving 3 August 1940 and transitted the Panama Canal

4 August 1940 sailed Balboa independently to Salinas arriving 8 August 1940

10 August 1940 sailed Salinas independently to La Libertad arriving the same day

11 August 1940 sailed La Libertad independently to Beaumont arriving 8 October 1940

10 October 1940 sailed Beaumont independently to Bermuda arriving 19 October 1940

15 October 1940 at 5 nmiles south Abaco Light, Bahamas 4th Engineer Officer John E Anderson discharged dead from heart failure

22 October 1940 sailed Bermuda in escorted convoy BHX83 joining escorted convoy HX83 from Halifax to Liverpool arriving 8 November 1940 with a cargo of crude oil

23 November 1940 sailed Liverpool along the Manchester ship canal to Manchester arriving the next day

8 October 1940 sailed Manchester along the Manchester ship canal to Liverpool arriving the same day

10 October 1940 sailed Liverpool in escorted convoy ON25 until dispersal on the 24 October 1940 and then independently to Trinidad arriving 10 November 1940


19 November 1942 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U177 in the Indian Ocean about 200 miles ESE of Durban in position 30.50S 34.30E while sailing independently on passage from Bandar Mashur and Bandar Abbas to Cape Town carrying 13,000t of fuel oil dispersed from a convoy with the loss of 36 lives. 5 survivors were rescued by the corvette HMS JASMINE and 7 by the corvette HMS GENISTA and landed at Durban

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