Norman Bridge-01

Official Number:                       212648

Builder:                                  Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Low Walker

Launched:                              10 March 1913

Pennant No:                            Y 7.204

Into Service:                           WW1

Out of service:                        WW1

Fate:                                     1949 broken up

Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

10 March 1913 launched by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Low Walker as Yard Nr 902 named NORMAN BRIDGE for Petroleum Carriers Ltd, London.

April 1913  completed

14 April 1913 the Shields Daily News reported that -


Shields Daily News 14 4 1913 Norman Bridge


1914  owners became Petroleum Transport Co Inc, Los Angeles name unchanged

27 December 1915 sighted by HMS VINDICTIVE steaming south. The warship was on passage from Rio de Janerio to Abrolhos Rocks

WW1 acquired for Admiralty service as an Oiler, name unchanged

5 April 1918 sailed New York in convoy to the UK escorted by HMS ORCOMA

11 April 1918 at dawn was found to have lost contact with the convoy and her escort however rejoined the convoy at 18.00hrs

25 November 1918 passed Dungeness from Plymouth

1918 owners became Pan American Petroleum & Transport Co, Los Angeles name unchanged

1933  owners now Pan American Foreign Corp, Wilmington name unchanged

1935  owners now Standard Oil Co of New Jersey Inc, Wilmington name unchanged

1940  owners became Cia de Petroleo Lago, Caripito and renamed ESSO CARACAS

9 December 1941 sailed Demerara independently to Caripito arriving 11 December 1941

10 June 1942 sailed Trinidad in the unescorted convoy TO6 to Aruba arriving 12 June 1942

14 June 1942 sailed Arbua independently to Havana arriving 21 June 1942

27 June 1942 sailed Havana independently to Mobile arriving 30 June 1942

30 June 1942 sailed Mobile independently to Port Arthur arriving 23 July 1942

24 July 1942 sailed Port Arthur independently to Key West arriving 30 July 1942

2 August 1942 sailed Key West independently to Havana arriving the same day

8 August 1942 sailed Havana independently to Key West arriving the next day

13 August 1942 sailed Key West in the unescorted convoy WAT14 to Trinidad arriving 25 August 1942

28 August 1942 sailed Trinidad independently to Demerara arriving 30 August 1942

3 September 1942 sailed Demerera independently to Trinidad arriving the next day


2q/1949 reported broken up by Boston Metals Co at Baltimore


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