Netherby Hall


Official Number:                     120643

Builder:                                  Swan, Hunter & Wigham, Richardson, Wallsend

Launched:                              10 January 1905

Into Service:                           3 August 1914

Out of service:                        22 January 1915

Fate:                                     10 January 1917 captured and scuttled 


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:

January 1905 ordered

10 November 1905 launched by Swan, Hunter & Wigham, Richardson, Wallsend as Yard Nr: 751 named NETHERBY HALL for Ellerman Lines Ltd. (Hall Line Ltd., Managers) London
December 1905 completed as GLENEARN for McGregor, Gow & Co (Glen Line) London
23 December 1905 at Middlesborough Coal Trimmer Oomer Abdooramo discharged dead - pneumonia

13 January 1906 undertook the first sailing under the Conference Scheme to the Far East

23 February 1906 at Singapore Lascar Shaik Nahahawa discharged to the General Hospital with multiple injuries. He died there on 8 April 1906

15 May 1906 passed Malta on a voyage from Rangoon

19 May 1906 passed Gibraltar on a voyage from Rangoon

8 August 1909 at Han Kow Fireman Chan Fook discharged dead - cholera

7 November 1909 sailed Hull, via London to China

11 July 1910 at Singapore 2nd Cook Chung Po discharged dead - natural causes

1910 reverted to Ellerman Hall Lines, London ownership and name reverted to NETHERBY HALL

5 May 1913 the Scotsman Newspaper reported this day -

Scotsman 5 5 1913 Beri Beri

3 August 1914 requisitioned by the Admiralty for service as a Stores Carrier, name unchanged

6 August 1914 Commissioned as HMS Netherby Hall with Lieutenant R Jones RNR in command and Engineer James C Russel RNR appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

22 January 1915 returned to her owners

3 December 1916 sailed Calcutta for Cuba

10 January 1917 captured by the German Auxiliary Cruiser MOEWE, and after her crew of 58 and some of the cargo had been transferred, she was scuttled with explosives 300 miles E x N of Pernambuco (Recife) in Brazil.

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