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Official Number:                     102117

Laid down:                              

Builder:                                    Harland & Wolff, Belfast

Launched:                              3 August 1893

Pennant No:                           Y 3.1679  /  Y 2.233

Into Service:                            15 May 1917

Out of service:                        25 July 1918

Fate:                                         Torpedoed and sunk


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Background Data:  One of several ships requisitioned by the Admiralty for service during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


3 August 1893 launched by Harland & Wolff, Belfast as Yard Nr: 273 named Magellan for Pacific Steam Navigation Co., Liverpool

23 November 1893 completed

16 January 1913 at La Pallice Trimmer Timothy Healy discharged dead having drowned

15 December 1914 between St Vincent and Recife received signal from the pre dreadnought HMS CANOPUS

2 February 1915 arrived at Port William, Falkland Islands

3 February 1915 in the South Atlantic spoken to by the light Cruiser HMS BRISTOL - allowed to proceed

5 April 1915 at Fortescue Bay communicated with the light Cruiser HMS BRISTOL by boat

7 February 1916 in the North Atlantic spoken to by the Armoured Cruiser HMS KING ALFRED - allowed to proceed

15 August 1916 Fireman James Rowe discharged dead from pneumonia

15 May 1917 requisitioned for Admiralty service with the Commercial Branch (Military a/c) as a Transport carrying nitrate until 13 July 1917

14 July 1917 re-deployed as a collier until 12 September 1917

13 September 1917 re-deployed as an Ammunition Carrier to Northern Russia for Russian Government a/c until 9 March 1918

10 March 1918 re-deployed as a collier

1 June 1918 at Corfu alongside RFA BACCHUS (1) supplying 116 tons of bunker coal

12 June 1918 at Corfu alongside RFA BACCHUS (1) supplying 111 tons of bunker coal

13 June 1918 at Corfu alongside RFA BACCHUS (1) supplying 70 tons of bunker coal

25 July 1918 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine UB50 (Heinrich Kukat) in the Mediterranean 53 miles N½E Cape Serrat, Tunisia in position 38.06N 09.08E on passage from Malta to the UK with the loss of one life


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