as August Korff


Official Number:                       128022 

Pennant No:                     Y 7.247

Laid down:

Builder:                                    J.C. Tecklenborg A.G, Wesermunde

Launched:                                March 1894

Into Service:                             1917

Out of service:                           WW1

Fate:                                         22 June 1931 broken up at Rotterdam


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  One of a group of additional requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

March 1894 launched J C Tecklenborg A G Wesermunde as Yard Nr: 128 named August Korff for Deutsche-Amerikanische Petroleum-Gesellschaft, Hamburg

May 1894 completed

21 November 1902 sailed Philadelphia for Flushing

6 December 1902 sighted at 49.49N 31.16W having lost her rudder with the steamer Albuera of Liverpool towing astern to steer her

9 April 1903 the Scotsman newspaper reported -

Scotsman Press cutting 1903

8 January 1910 arrived Liverpool from Philadelphia

1910 acquired in exchange by Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd (J Hamilton, Manager) London and renamed Lackawanna

31 July 1910 at sea at 50.47N 14.58W Fireman & Trimmer Charles Williams discharged dead from heart failure

6 December 1910 arrived Philadelphia from Manchester

25 December 1912 arrived Liverpool from Philadelphia

9 February 1911arrived Liverpool from Philadelphia

28 March 1911 at the Anglo American Oil Wharf at Manchester

23 June 1911 on passage from Liverpool passed the Signal Station on Kinsale

4 December 1911 arrived Philadelphia from Belfast

27 December 1911 arrived Manchester from Philadelphia

28 December 1911 berthed at the Anglo American Oil Wharf at Manchester

24 March 1912 arrived Liverpool from New York

1 April 1912 sailed Liverpool for Philadelphia

8 May 1912 arrived Manchester from Philadelphia

12 May 1912 sailed Eastham Lock on the Manchester Ship Canal for Philadelphia

25 May 1912 arrived Norfolk, VA from Manchester

9 July 1912 sailed Manchester for Port Arthur, Texas

20 September 1912 arrived Norfolk, VA from Barrow

2 December 1912 arrived Dublin from Philadelphia

3 December 1912 arrived Barrow from Dublin

23 December 1913 sailed Manchester

8 January 1914 arrived at New York

10 January 1914 at Long Island College Hospital, New York Able Seaman Herman Gaertner discharged dead from a stroke

26 February 1914 radioed she was 245 miles east of Sandy Hook, New Jersey approaching New York

22 March 1915 spoken to by HMS VENUS which was on patrol out of Queenstown and allowed to proceed

6 June 1915 sailed Manchester for New York

18 June 1915 arrived at New York

31 October 1915 allowed to pass through the Folkstone Gate east bound by HMS LORD MINTO

13 August 1916 escorted by HMS JESSAMINE off Irish Coast

15 August 1916 arrived at Liverpool

13 February 1917 sailed London

8 March 1917 arrived at New York

19 November 1917 in a convoy of 10 vessels from Sydney, Cape Breton to Liverpool escorted by HMS ISIS

5 December 1917 requisitioned for Admiralty service as an oiler - name unchanged

27 September 1918 at Borough Hospital, Birkenhead 3rd Engineer Officer S Fairless discharged dead with burns

25 March 1919 arrived at Avonmouth from New York

9 September 1919 sailed Grangemouth for the River Tyne in ballast

12 August 1922 at Bellvue Hospital, New York Fireman George Hughes discharged dead from septicema

11 April 1924 at Ellis Island Hospital, Ellis Island,  New York Able Seaman John Aalst discharged dead - TB

23 November 1925 sailed New York for Avonmouth

23 July 1926 sailed Philadelphia for Avonmouth

20 July 1927 sailed New York for Avonmouth

15 June 1928 sailed New York for Avonmouth

11 June 1929 sailed New York for Avonmouth

22 June 1931 arrived Rotterdam for demolition by Dutch ship breakers

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