Requisitioned Auxiliaries - E

3 June 1913 launched by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson as Yard Nr 900 named EL TORO for Lobitos Oilfields Ltd (C.T. Bowring & Co Ltd, Managers) Liverpool

July 1913  completed

13 December 1914  requisitioned for Admiralty service as an oiler, name unchanged.


26 January 1914  launched by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Low Walker as Yard Nr 928 named EL ZORRO for
Lobitos Oilfields Ltd (C.T. Bowring & Co Ltd, Managers) London

February 1914 completed

29 September 1914  requisitioned  for Admiralty service as an oiler, name unchanged.

Official Number:                   164843

Builder:                                  Furness Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Haverton Hill on Tees              

Launched:                              4 October 1940

Into Service:                           February 1941

Out of service:                        18 April 1945

Fate:                                         Torpedoed and sunk


6 June 1893  launched by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co Ltd, Jarrow as Yard Nr: 673 named ERIVAN for Societe Anonyme pour L’Importation des Heules de Grassage, Antwerp

August 1893 completed as a tanker

1904 purchased by Societe Anonyme d’Armement, d’Industrie & de Commerce, Antwerp name unchanged.


26 February 1938 launched by Soc. Anon. John Cockerill, Hoboken as Yard Nr 657 named ESCAUT for Cie. Nacionale Belgede Transports Maritimes ( Armement Deppe, Managers)  Antwerp

May 1938 completed

26 April 1940 sailed Antwerp

21 June 1940 requisitioned by the Admiralty for service as an Ammunition Carrier, name unchanged.

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