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Official Number:                      133005 

Laid down:

Builder:                                   Wm Doxford & Sons, Pallion Yard, Sunderland

Pennant Nr:                             Y 8.101

Launched:                               21 November 1911

Into Service:                             5 September 1918

Out of service:                          3 December 1918

Fate:                                       Torpedoed and sunk 29 September 1943 


Official Number:                      119164

Builder:                                  Robert Duncan & Co, Port Glasgow

Launched:                              18 July 1904

Into Service:                           1915

Out of service:                        1916

Fate:                                     May 1916  sunk by gunfire



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Official Number:                      85810

Pennant No:                           Y 3.2260 / Y 8.115

Laid down:

Builder:                                   G K Stothert & Co, Bristol

Launched:                               1883

Into Service:                            WW1

Out of service:                         6 March 1919

Fate:                                      Capsized & sank 5 November 1919



24 October 1912 launched by S.P. Austin & Son, Wear Dock, Sunderland as Yard Nr 265 named COVE for Wm Cory & Son Ltd, London

November 1912 completed

4 August 1914 requisitioned by the Admiralty for service as a Mine Carrier, name unchanged. Lieutenant T Howard RNR in command and Engineer John W Smith RNR as Chief Engineer Officer

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